Rock Ridge Campground

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7030-B Rock Ridge School Road, Sims, NC, 27880

Located on 7030-B Rock Ridge School Road in Sims, NC lies the Rock Ridge Campground. This campground includes electricity. This site is open all year.

Last Updated: 07/21/2021

100 Amps

50 Amps

7030-B Rock Ridge School Road, Sims, NC, 27880
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Cindy Pierce

I am sharing this in hopes that no one else is treated the way we were at Rock Ridge Campground in Sims NC!! This is my family’s experience at this campground. Do not stay at Rock Ridge Campground in Wilson NC. Advertised as a family campground but is far from it. I booked a site with them 2 weeks ago for a week stay and payed up front. I live in the mountains and wanted to stay back in my former town for my birthday week. I stated upon booking that it would be me and my children staying. I also asked about renting the pool for a birthday party but was told that was not an option and so l found somewhere else to have it. After arriving at the camp ground the manager greeted me by accusing me of not calling him before getting there though l did! Then said you didn't tell me you were bringing 12 D*** kids. I actually only had 5. He told me I'd have to pay for the extra people and l said that's fine. Then he started to complain about little things. I put up a canopy and had staked/weighed it down but was then told l couldn’t have it up as it would blow away and mess up someone’s camper. The next morning my oldest daughter and granddaughter joined us to swim and was there most of the day. Throughout the day the manager continued to complain about how many children l had with me and how the park didn’t allow children. At one point he complained because the kids were getting out of the pool and water was getting all over the concrete and he has to pay to fill that with his well water. He was rude beyond belief and cussed at me and children. He eventually told me that if he had known l had kids he wouldn’t have allowed me to book a site with them. At other times he said lady you can't bring 8 f****** kids up here and stay. Again l had 5!! He also stated that he spoke with the owner and she said he was in charge and if he asked me/us to leave them l had to. So after one night there l had to pack all my stuff, while it was storming, and leave. In his words “ this is his property and if he says to pack your s*** and leave then l need to pack my s*** and leave!” l asked for the owners information but was denied it. If I could give the place -100 stars I would. I’ll never recommend it to anyone. He did refund my the money for the week but only after cussing me out some more. He also sat at his window and watched everything me and my family did. Horrible person and place!!