Recreational Springs Resort

11201 US Highway 14a, Lead, SD, 57754

Recreational Springs Resort is a park located near Lead, South Dakota. It features spacious, 42 full hookup campsites that are big rig friendly. Many of them are pull through accessible. The park provides free WiFi, allows pets, and has a dump station.


Amenities & Activities

Campsite amenities offered include a restaurant, a pavilion, a gift shop, picnic tables, fire circles, and grills. It also includes basic amenities like restrooms with hot showers and laundry facilities. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.



The campground is close to nearby attractions like:

  • Custer State Park
  • Badlands National Park
  • Crazy Horse Monument
  • Mount Rushmore

11201 US Highway 14a, Lead, SD, 57754

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Overall Rating: 1.0

To. Prewitt

Recently I had the worst accommodations and shockingly poor customer service that I have ever experienced. When I arrived at the Recreational Springs Resort lodge I was issued a very dated room with no working air conditioning. I unloaded my things not realizing that it was not cooling the room. The toilet was also loose in room 12 allowing raw sewage to seep out the base on the floor. After about an hour of waiting for the room to cool down I went to the office for the 2nd time and was moved to room 13. It was a little trouble to repack my items and move rooms but I am not much of a complainer so I remained polite and understanding. I took a shower to clean off the sweat that was burning a recent area that a surgery had been done with fresh stiches. I noticed that the drain in the shower was very slow. During my short shower it was up to my ankles. When I rent a room it definitely bothers me to be standing in ankle deep water that is backing up from something from prior customers. Of course I imagine the worst. However I again went to the office and mentioned it to the a staff member Anita before meeting with a large crowd of friends that were also staying in the camping area and rooms. The next morning when I went to by a bag of ice. The same staff member asked in a sarcastic way if the air conditioning was working good enough and if my shower drain was working good enough for me, as if I had been overly picky. To which I answered "yes mam thank you so much". I was actually just fine with things through all of that , and excited to be in South Dakota enjoying my vacation. We experienced a down poor of rain and hail mid-day Friday and lost power. My friends and I were waiting for the power to come on. We had a small above ground propane burning fire that we were all around. I tried to contact the resort by phone and email. I found the phone mail to be full and I couldn't leave a message. I also emailed the resort. A lodge employee pulled up friday night a began to yell at us for having the small propane burner and threatened to call the sherriff on the majority of customers that were staying in the RV sites and motel. I am on a Bipap machine for sleep apnea. My sleep apnea is a very serious problem. Without the Bipap machine it is very dangerous for me to sleep. When I asked Anita what I could do about this medical issue at about 9pm Friday night, I was told to find another place to stay. I was beside myself at the lack of hospitality I received. At that point I returned to my cave like pich black room and took a completely cold shower by the light of my phone which shortly ran out of power and I had no way to charge it. I was forced to pack up all my stuff into my truck late Friday night. I was fortunate enough to have a small flashlight in my truck to pack up my stuff. The staff was threatening us by calling the police instead of helping her customers. She didn't offer me a battery, generator, glowstick, or even a candle, she just yelled at me from inside her truck. Even making me feel guilty that she was forced to drive from her home to yell at our group. Moments after that she sped off leaving us back in the dark. This was the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I am very upset about the resort putting my safety at risk as I pressed on friday night looking for a place to spend the night. I found myself dozing off many times at the wheel nearly wrecking my truck and trailer. I never found a place to stay that Friday night traveling through east Wyoming. I finally fell asleep in my truck until I stopped breathing and workup in a panic with chest pains that lasted almost as long as the 4 days that it took Recreational springs resort to respond to my email about what to do about my medical condition that same Friday night. I have reached out to Recreational Springs Resort about this terrible experience. I was only answered with nasty comments and complete resistance even with many pictures that Anita asked me to send her. Thank you for absolutely nothing. Not even a candle.  Tom