Pine Grove RV Park and Campground

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23403 Mynard Road, Greenwood, NE, 68366

Located on 23403 Mynard Road in Greenwood, NE lies the Pine Grove RV Park and Campground. This RV park includes electricity.

Last Updated: 02/12/2022

100 Amps

50 Amps

23403 Mynard Road, Greenwood, NE, 68366
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Overall Rating: 2.5

Ray Robertson

If I could give this place a more negative star review I seriously would. We came here on August 1st 2021 with plans to stay for the Winter. The sites for big rigs are not 3 axle friendly. The site provided was not long or wide enough. The electrical box, water and sewer are placed too far to the rear of the site for a big rig to make a wide enough turn to miss a tree that really was planted in the wrong place. To make a long story shorter the tree damaged our roof and rear awning. The lady owner is very unpredictable. She came driving over on her golf cart and threw our electrical cable over our swamp drain hose breaking it.. She yelled at me stating that these need to be off the grass. Didn't say she was sorry for damaging the hose.. My wife and daughter were yelled at by her for no apparent reason(Daughters van was parked in back of our rig). I've heard from other people in the park that she has an alcohol problem and apparently enjoys yelling at her customers while she's drunk. I think the women that work in the office are afraid of her. This place is way overpriced for what you get. The showers are not cleaned regularly and the drain is constantly clogged. The RV park that we stayed at in TX was way better priced and had better service. At the end of September we had to take our rig in for repair. My wife went into the office and informed Jan. She let her know that we would like to have a different site to alleviate damaging our rig again. I informed another one of the ladies in the office that we would like a different site because we don't want to damage the trailer again. I came in approximately October 3 and paid my overpriced monthly bill and was charged a electrical deposit again. I asked the lady in the office why we were and she had no idea. I reiterated the moving to a different site again and asked where the owner was to discuss it with her and was told that she was not available. She was cutting the grass and could not be bothered. The very next day I got a call from Jan telling me they refunded our money for the month and was not welcome back. When I asked her why the hell we were kicked out of the park the gave me this totally lame excuse. They said my wife was argumentative. Really? My wife hates conflict. I never heard such a stupid thing in my life. We just wanted a wider and longer site to put our rig on and this is how we're treated. All I can say is you people are a piece of work. I told my wife I wouldn't use profanity in this review but you can screw yourself and the horse you rode in on. Feel sorry for the horse

Harold C Kangas

Its fine for an overnight stay. Very level (we stayed hooked up) site on gravel. Have grass between and distance between sites (picnic table too). Roads were gravel inside the campground. You can hear the trains all times of night even with the windows closed. So they had to be close by. Good Sam - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group