Kofa Wildlife Refuge

Palm Canyon Rd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85365

The Kofa Wildlife Refuge is understandably a great camping spot for the nature enthusiast. Located in Quartzsite, this refuge is home to a thriving ecosystem of various species of trees and desert flora, as well as a vast array of animals. From small ground creatures like hedgehogs, lizards and bats, to large animals like the ringtail lion, bighorn sheep, mule deer, there's no shortage of wildlife at Kofa. The park is also popular for its abundance of caves and crevices, and trails for hiking, biking and mountain biking. Many campers also take advantage of the wide open skies for sunset viewing and stargazing. 

Amenities at the park are spare and are limited to laundry facilities and a dump station so be sure to pack everything you'll need for a comfortable and distraction-free stay. See you soon!

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

Laundry Facilities

Dump Station

Palm Canyon Rd, Quartzsite, AZ, 85365
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