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840 N Horseshoe Lake Rd, Gwinn, MI, 49841

We are private family owned campground located centrally in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with onsite party store, showers, laundromat, canoes, kayaks, boats and more. We feature full 20/30/50 amp water and electric hookup sites along with tent sites and cabins for those seeking something a little more different. Visitors are able to enjoy a various amount of outdoor activities such as biking, boating, kayaking, hunting, jet skiing and scenic drives to list a few. Whether its for a night or two, we hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 04/16/2021

RV Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook Up $40.00 $600.00 See More Choose Your Site
Water and Electric $35.00 $400.00 See More Choose Your Site
1908 Log Homestead

Sleeps 12, 6 double beds, bathroom, jacuzzi tub, full kitchen, original log fireplace

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin $150.00 Choose Your Site
Honeymoon Cabin

Sleeps 2, 1 double bed, bathroom, full kitchen

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin $100.00 Choose Your Site
Stewart Cabin

Sleeps 6 people 3 double beds (1 loft), bathroom, full kitchen

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin $100.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Electric and Water $20.00 Choose Your Site
Primitive $15.00 Choose Your Site

Dogs must be on leash

All dogs must be on a leash and owners must pick up after pets.

Parents responsible for children

Parents are responsible for children at all times.

Quiet by 11 pm

All quiet by 11 PM and children must be back to registered camp site by 11 pm

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840 N Horseshoe Lake Rd, Gwinn, MI, 49841
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Overall Rating: 1.9

Mary Boyle

My family of 4 plus our dog spent three nights in the "stewart" cabin. I'll start with the positive: the lake is nice and they do have a canoe, paddleboat and kayak to paddle around in (but bring your own paddles); the campground is about 40 minutes away from Marquette; the cabin has a pretty nice screen porch off the back that overlooks the lake and is a nice place to sit (but I recommend bringing your own camp chairs). For us, this place was way too filthy: the campground itself was half dump, half campground - there was garbage everywhere, including under our trailer/cabin and in our fire pits; the cabin was not clean at all (in fact, we spent the first evening cleaning it, since we had no place else we could go) - the wood floors were all disgusting, the toilet, sinks and shower hadn't been cleaned, and I put sheets over the sofa, recliner and bed before we would sit on them. I don't even think the two bath towels they left were clean. The place reeked of cigarettes and really only one of the three full size beds they list are usable - the one in the actual bedroom; the "loft" has a ceiling height of about 3 feet, at best, and you climb steep steps (more like a ladder) to get up; I wouldn't even let my kids sleep on the ancient mattress covered with a dirty sheet - we just covered the whole loft with blankets to keep them off the filthy carpeting and they slept in their sleeping bags there; to be honest, we didn't even try to open up the sleeper sofa - the outside of it was scary enough. The stove, fridge, toaster and air conditioning did work, thank goodness. The deck around the cabin had some really iffy spots. It's a shame - with a bit of work the place could be really nice. If you go, bring all your own linens and lots of paper towels and cleaning supplies. It was nice to not be cramped in a tent, but the extra cleaning made for a lot of work and the dirt made it feel not very comfortable to be in.

Joseph Holman

Our trailer was there for a week and nobody verified our reservation. I stopped by the office 4 times in the first 2 days and nobody was there. I tried their phone number and the mailbox was full. Quiet hours start at 11pm but the first night a band played until 1:30am and only stopped when the police showed up. The second night, a 4-wheeler kept riding back and forth til 11:30pm. The drinking water tasted like iron and dyed our water hose red. We had a full hookup but I had to do a work around on the sewer as something was broken off in the opening. Would have told the manager but couldn't find him. The lake is very nice for swimming. That was the one redeeming feature.

Campground Response

That and no one bothered you but if you need your hand held like this ass hat, probably not the campground for you 😁

Cynthia Eilber

The campground was disappointing. Electrical connection kept powering off and had to be reset. The site was dirty. The fire pit was an old tire rim full of garbage. There was no quiet hours so people were riding 4 wheelers and splitting wood in the night. The bathrooms were unkept and had no toilet paper even after management was informed. All this cost us 47.00 for the night.

Katherine Beard

Our site was clean, right near the lake, and actually ended up having an open site next to us where my family in town could come stay close to us! Dave was great, very attentive and helpful! The kids had a blast! A few noisy nights but it was a weekend so, duh. Use common sense lol overall, we enjoyed our stay, my grandparents enjoyed their stay, and next time we pull the camper from North Dakota, we'll stay there again! These negative reviews don't show the true colors at all! We'll be back, Dave! Thanks for a great time!

Kyle Hawn

We should have left as soon as we arrived. 20 minutes of searching for an employee to check in with, a young girl with far too little clothes on came and said she would try to find someone. Someone ended up being a 15 yr old kid on a 4 wheeler who said to go ahead and pick whatever site we wanted. We went through and found the grounds to not only be a trailer park, but also a dump with garbage strewn all over the place, broken down vehicles and 4 wheelers tucked into every nook and cranny. Signs posted everywhere warning of Neighborhood Watch and quiet times starting at 11:00. We found a site that actually had a fire pit, water, and electrical hook up and made camp. Took a walk around to find their "beach" area was as disgusting as the rest of the grounds, water was nasty, half of a boat sat underwater there. Confined to our site, we watched the characters roll in throughout the day. There was something being set up across from our site on top of an old truck bed, along with a bonfire pile. Jokingly, I told my wife that was the evening's entertainment. As we sat at our fire later that evening, an old man and a woman on a cart rolled up and explained that "There's gonna be a couple guys jammin' tonight." This was near 9 p.m. They started playing rock over the PA around 10, with young girls and old men pouring into the "general seating" in front of the truck bed. Most of these young girls couldn't have been more than 15, with each one wearing less than the last. All of them seemed to follow Dave, the owner and the old man who rolled up on his cart, until he slipped each of them something, telling them to enjoy and have a good night. The live music and bonfire started around 11p.m. when two brave souls attempted to put a heavy spin on some Pink Floyd and The Doors. This went on until almost midnight when the cops showed up the first time, at nearly midnight. Dave went on a telling tangent, yelling about how the " G.D. cops don't want us to have ANY fun!!" All the while, more and more young girls and old men filed into the party. Cops left, music started back up and went on until nearly 5 in the morning, quieting down only when the cops would drive back through the area, only stopping the one time to stop the music. Shady doesn't even scratch the surface of these dumping grounds. I will never go back to this hell hole, and I will loudly tell all about our experiences here. Don't come here unless your plan is to party all night with little girls. Gross.

Jodean Jones

We camped there for 25 years. The last year the septic was backed up and bathrooms were dirty. It's now under new ownership. Drove through the campground last week and shocked at how it looks. it is a cluster of people that appears they live there. We could hardly drive on the concrete b/c so many vehicles at each site. It was dirty and full of crap and stuff spreadout everywhere.

Thomas ORourke

Not Big Rig friendly No quiet time enforced...loud music all night long...No enforced speed limits, quads speeding running through the gears at 11:00pm. Trucks blocking roadways.

bob brazier

Owners were nice. Campground it self was like a third world country. We will not go back!!!

Campground Response

We are sorry you had to witness the horrors of this third world country as we are sure it shook you to your great and wise core but we enjoyed being visited by such royalty and can only aspire to some day become a first world country and suck the life from the planet while looking down from our high horse like you. Long live the queen 🤮

Megan Duke

1.0 we stayed in what we referred to as “murder cabin” for 4 days...that I will never get back...ever...this cabin was supposed to sleep 12 it had 2 queen beds that were stained...with something...on the sheets AND mattress. There’s 2 twins upstairs that were horrendous. The smell. The carpets. Everything. Just bad. It’s LITERALLY a replica of any bad in a cabin murder movie set...the dock was forget using that...the cabin had a trash looked like a shed tipped and was set on fire but never cleaned up. There was a mattress thing rolled up but was in no condition for use. There were excessive amounts of bugs inside the cabin. There were like 800 chairs...but not enough beds. Deliverance vs. the hills have eyes. That’s the vibe I got.

Jeffrey Schulist

If I ever hear anyone refer to this dump as a campground consider yourself slapped! We deserve a full reimbursement for what we paid! It would have been cheaper at a high end resort like Mackinaw Mill Creek!

Eric Cunningham

Let me start with this is only bad review I have ever given a camp ground. Between our family group we rented the 1908 cabin and two full hook up sites. I paid for a full hook up site that I did not get, I had to share with the “site” next to me, which happened to be in the side yard of the cabin. This however was fortunate because the the actual campground would have been worse, half of it is a nasty trailer park, the other half crowded camp sites with a lot of late night traffic and parties. We took our kids to the beach area which was ok once we got past the animals, junk trucks and men cussing and yelling at kids over using the hot water in the showers.. The cabin was very dirty, smelled bad, the bedding that was supposed to be included was not there, it did not sleep 12, in fact we had eight people staying in the cabin from our group and two of them slept in my camper, it was overgrown with old shrubs and had garbage at both doors. Garbage was everywhere around the site, including a falling down barn that was partly burned in the driveway. The dock was falling down, half of it was under water. The add was misleading, I wish I could include photos with my review, if not for prepayment online I would’ve turned around once I got there. If you like a loud dirty place to party and you don’t like cleaning up this might be a decent place to stay out of trouble. This wasn’t the trip I was after and I was very disappointed, I do not recommend this for any type of family vacation.

Loren Syrjala

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how discussing this place is. Service from the staff is nonexistent. It took an hour to check in because Dave wouldn’t get out of bed at 1:30 pm. Finally his girlfriend took us to our cabin which was discustingly dirty after supposedly being cleaned. There was no water pressure or hot water so no shower , things we paid for. The bedding was filthy , the sinks were filthy, the fridge was filthy, basically it was a pig sty. The entry road coming in is littered with junk. The campground and beach are not maintained. The whole facility is a piece of crap. It could be and was at one time, a nice place. But, the present owners don’t pay any attention to customer service or maintenance. Also, the trailer park that’s there is an eyesore at best. It’s a loud party atmosphere and not a place for children. No rules are enforced. This was not a good experience and won’t stay there again, nor will I recommend it anyone else.

Merete Mace

This was not the campground for us. But if you like partying all night with screaming kids and loud music, no space in between sites, disgustingly filthy bathrooms, and picking out a full bag of garbage from your fire pit before using it - then this is the place for you! The lake is beautiful- unfortunately my kids didn’t want to swim since showering wasn’t an option - there was poop in the showers. Part of the grounds seem to be part trailer park with free running dogs and part junk yard, seriously - junk everywhere. The manager seems real nice, but none of the rules posted on this site are upheld and the pictures are deceiving. Not a place for my family, we will never come back.

CJ Barron

This is a very unorganized campground that doesn’t give people what they paid for. I paid for a tent site that had a water hookup and electric at the site. It was more money for a site like this, but I wanted those amenities. When I made the reservation, the message said that I’d be given a site upon arrival, so I took this as being assigned a site that had the amenities that I paid for. I was mistaken. When my girlfriend and I arrived at the campground, a boy had to go wake the manager up from inside his trailer and then preceded to point me in the directions of the tent sites and said he wasn’t sure what was still available, but made sure that I knew of their apparent “over the top” firework show later in the evening. The manager didn’t even look at my reservation code to double check that I wasn’t lying about the reservation or even to make sure there was an electric and water hookup available. I drove back to the tent sites and was very disturbed by the close in proximity of all tent sites. They were practically on top of each other, and there was no electric/water tent sites available when we got there. When I went to ask the manager about the lack of sites, he looked troubled and said, “now I have to find out where to put ya.” I want to know to why they have an online reservation capability if they are not going to honor online reservations. This campsite is not tent-friendly, unless you come in a big group that doesn’t mind being stacked close together. I am going to demand I refund as my girlfriend and I left immediately after the manager offered us a spot that was sandwiched between two site, had a small divet for a fire pit, electric outlet was behind a broken down Pepsi machine, and the water that he would’ve provided us was in the laundry room. So, he first off didn’t have the site for us that we paid for and then tried to put us in a spot that had no electric and water that was in a laundry room. I decided that I was not comfortable for my girlfriends safety or mine after being out in this situation. I will not be going to Horseshoe Lake at any point in the future and suggest others to take a closer look at the campgrounds because they don’t have barely any of the amenities that their site says they do.

Amy Teachout

Horseshoe Lake Campgrounds provided me and my three children (13, ,9, and 7) the greatest experience of our lives! This was our first time camping and our first time in the UP. We felt so comfortable upon arrival on the first night; we were there an entire week and could have lived there FOREVER!! It was a complete blast especially with the fireworks show and our tent being in the best location for the ultimate viewing of the festivities. This was really an amazing place along with what seemed like instant friends upon arrival with the super cool vibes from around the entire campground. Our site was THE BOMB with nice shade, a grill, fire pit, water, and electric! The bathrooms, showers, and campground store was close by as well. My kids love the souvenirs we bought and I loved that they always had tons of ice and ice cream at the camp store available to purchase. Plus the firewood is at a great price- if you don’t know what a square of wood is just ask bc it’s a lot of wood at a wonderful price. I saw campground workers cleaning the bathrooms and showers daily and if you want to make sure it’s extra sanitary there are cleaning products literally next to the door of the shower/ bathrooms, which I thought was very thoughtful. Tons of swimming, fishing, tubing, boat rides, dune buggies, beautiful hiking trails and all sorts of things to do. The extracurricular activities were all included. Dave was very thoughtful, nice, and works very hard for everybody to have a great experience at The Horseshoe Lake Campground. He went the extra mile for lots of different families and my kids and I think he rocks! A special thanks to Katie for taking my kiddos on the dune buggies and especially to Dave for doing all that you did to help accommodate us. We will be back soon!

Michael Manor

Very disappointed! Half of the park looks like a junkyard, boat launch is unusable, bathrooms were filthy

Nicole Lemay

This is our favorite place to camp! Dave is so caring and helpful. (The owner) he does his best to accommodate you. He lets you take his personal boats out and kayaks. The beach is perfect for kids. Even the little ones like to swim out and jump from the floating dock! I could seriously spend all summer here

Kyle Beauchemin

This campground was laid way back off the main road. Quiet and comfortable setting. Music was played on the weekend and everyone treated people like family. Very Welcoming, Good Stay.