Citrus Grove RV Park & Apartments

Overall Rating: 3.0

Tim Cline

staff is very helpful.. tenants look out for one another the area isn't very nice but the staff and the tenants keep inside the park nice

Martha Rangel

This is the worse place to rent at. We moved in before signing contract we were told by landlord the work we did on trailer will come off rent well owner said they dont do that.. Then when the water heater went out they left it like that for 2 weeks literally ruining the carpet the walls and paperwork.. No money was refund for anything we had to pay water bill..After that a electric post line fell over our storage on to the neighbors house we literally had to get the fire marshall involved just so they can fix it ... Then when we had to move and the ac went out they wouldnt fix it and they went thru all our stuff .i got pics of it all even of the mold in the walls

1007 W. Main St, Mesa, AZ, 85201