Camping World Of Berkley

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137 Myricks Street, Berkley, MA, 02779

Camping World Of Berkley includes amenities such as . This campground is located on 137 Myricks Street in Berkley, MA and is open all year.

Last Updated: 09/04/2022

137 Myricks Street, Berkley, MA, 02779
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Overall Rating: 2.3

Kelly Alves

Great experience buying our first camper,friendly and helpful.

Ruben Neto

Campers world on Barkley ma. They’re all a bunch of liars, and the service section is one of the worse I have see . In my experience if anyone looking for a new camper try avoid the one on Barkley Ma.

Garrett Crehan

Brought my RV in for service last month. They refuse to update me. They don't return my calls, texts or emails. They have effectively stolen my RV.

Danielle LaPointe

We are coming up on the second full week since purchasing our camper from Camping World in Berkley...and we still do not have the camper in our possession. My husband found the unit he wanted online, worked with sales over the phone, said there was no need for a test drive, and ended up paying the cash price in full - Wednesday April 29. He couldn’t get plates from Camping World because they only provide that service to customers who finance their purchase. We were supposed to take possession the next day after CW gave the camper a full cleaning. Thursday went by waiting to hear from CW that it was ready to go. Then it needed a table re-installed, and something for the leveling system. Friday afternoon rolls around and they now have to wait for a battery to charge to see if that’s what’s wrong with the leveling system. Spent the weekend waiting to hear back and on Monday I called CW myself twice - the first time our customer liaison was not at her desk, the second she was busy with an orientation. Monday May 4 - nothing. Tuesday May 5- nothing. Wednesday May 6 - oh, we need a part for the leveling system which will take 2-3 days to arrive. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday..... Here we are Monday and we are still not receiving return phone calls or updates. CW was more than eager to do everything that was needed to get the sale and money before the end of the month. But now there is absolutely no customer service whatsoever - and we haven’t even taken possession of our camper. I find the lack of communication completely unacceptable, and would not recommend Camping World of Berkley to anyone. In fact, I would actively steer potential customers away.

John Cabral

Stay away for sure. I bought an RV from these guys and the rv had a slide out topper that was missing that they wanted me to purchase. I was able to get it using credits accumulated from the purchase. Now when I went to the demo showing there was a huge dent on it that they said was previously there. I showed them their showroom pics and it clearly shows that it wasn’t there prior. So they would get it fixed with a plunger and never worked. Now I go to pick it up which was dark everything was done as suppose to awning was on and dent was fixed. It’s very hard to inspect at night. So I brought it home and parked it. Next morning I can see the roof from my deck and it clearly needed to be re done. I was told that the roof passed their inspection and I could not climb up due to insurance reasons. I contacted them regarding roof they said it was still fine. I took pick showing all the cracks where water can seep in. I noticed the dent still there and gotta deal with it. I bring it to the campsite and extend the slide out and the awning topper rips off the side of where they installed it leaving large screw holes. I called corporate and they apologized and passed the buck to these idiots who clearly don’t own up to their mistakes. They even insisted that I still owe them money because the topper wasn’t paid for. The topper was never installed right the bill was paid from the credits worst place ever a 💯 stay away they will take a sale make it look great and not own any mistakes. Oh yes and the fridge needed repairs needed a thermal fuse on day one. Their 110 point inspections or whatever it is is clearly done by novice minim wage employees.

Kevin Magazu

Dealing with Robert Cuseo was a pleasure. He was very helpful in finding the right camper for us.

Gilbert silvia

A real pleasure to deal with everybody was so good

Richard Brambilla

This Camping World is NOT a Campground, it ia s Dealership. Sales and Service of Motorhomes, Travel Trailers and Pop-ups. Sales Dept. Is OK, the Service Dept leaves a lot to be desired.