Beaches Of Fort Myers & Sanibel

2201 Second Street, Suite 600, Fort Myers, FL, 33901

Are you looking for a campground in Fort Myers, FL? Then Beaches Of Fort Myers & Sanibel located on 2201 Second Street, Suite 600 might be the place for you. The site includes . It's open all year.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

General Policies

1. Use the outside ATMs during daylight hours, and when possible, use the ATM in a busy store or bank. Keep your card concealed and make sure you block the view of others as you enter your PIN number. 2. When using an elevator, if someone makes you feel uneasy, don't get in. The same applies if a person entering the elevator makes you ill at ease – get off! Trust your senses. 3. Shop with care. Don't display large amounts of cash in public. Be discreet about the money or valuables you are carrying. 4. At night, park in a lighted, visible place or use a valet parking service when available. 5. Lock up valuables and packages in the car trunk. 6. In theatres or restaurants, keep your purse on your lap. Make a note of emergency exits in case they are needed. 7. Always close windows and lock doors when you leave the car, even if you'll only be a few minutes. 8. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1. You do not need money at a pay phone to dial 9-1-1. 9. Carry your hotel name and phone number in your wallet. 10. "Label" your children. Put hotel information, names and phone contacts in their pocket should you get separated. 11. Do a security check of your room when you check in to the hotel. Make sure doors to connecting rooms are locked. Check all windows and sliding glass doors for locks. Make sure the phone works. 12. Never open your hotel room door unless you know who is outside. Ask for identification from anyone unfamiliar or call the front desk. 13. Do not leave money, jewelry or other valuables in your room while you are out. Use the hotel safe. Keep passports and airline tickets in the hotel safe as well. Do not carry them on you. 14. Make sure you get a map and directions to your destination before leaving the airport, auto rental, hotel, etc. 15. Don't leave your luggage in a rental car. When transporting luggage, keep it in the trunk so that it isn't visible. 16. Don't leave your hotel room doors open and unlocked for any reason. 17. Don't leave your valuables in the open where they can be seen either in your hotel room or in your car. 18. Don't leave your wallet, room key or other valuables unattended while poolside or at the beach. 19. Do not keep film, video tapes or electronic equipment in your car or trunk for extended periods of time. The extreme heat may damage equipment. 20. When traveling by automobile, Florida law requires safety belts for all front seat passengers, regardless of age. Children younger than age four and under 40 pounds are required to be in a child safety car seat.

2201 Second Street, Suite 600, Fort Myers, FL, 33901
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