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7 Essential RV Kitchen Accessories5 min read

7 Essential RV Kitchen Accessories

7 Essential RV Kitchen Accessories

Most motorhome kitchens are much smaller than a standard sticks-and-bricks house. So when it comes to setting up the kitchen in your motorhome, it can be a chore determining which RV kitchen essentials make the cut and which ones you can live without. Not only do you have to consider cabinets, countertops, and the fridge, but you also have to think about overall functionality, efficiency, and safety. With those considerations in mind, here are my top 7 essential RV kitchen accessories as part of a fifth-wheeling family of five.

Top 7 RV Kitchen Accessories

Bialetti Coffee Maker#1 Coffeemaker

Before we purchased our fifth wheel, I planned to stock it with a stovetop espresso maker that makes great coffee but won’t take up a lot of space. But after our first family trip, I changed my mind. Using the gas stovetop with my rowdy boys a few feet away was much too precarious. Instead, we purchased a standard 12-cup, auto-shut-off coffeemaker. It does take up precious counter space, but coffee is a crucial start to our mornings since our kids wake up ready to go just one of the 7 essential RV kitchen accessories.


#2 Disposable Plates and Cups

On our first RV trip, I spent as much time hand washing dishes as I did enjoying the outdoors—or so it seemed. Three meals a day for five people resulted in a sink packed with dirty dishes. So I learned my lesson and purchased paper plates and cups. It drastically reduced post-meal cleanup and gave me more time with my family.

Corelle Dishware

#3 Break-Resistant Dinnerware

Sometimes you need dinnerware that’s a little more sturdy. Paper plates blow away on windy days and a paper bowl with oatmeal is too hot for my kids to handle. I purchased an assortment of Correlle’s break- and chip-resistant glass dinnerware just for our RV. The pieces stack great in our small RV cabinets. Also, they hold certain foods better, like soup. And sometimes we just like using real dishes for family-style meals.

#4 Dish Drying Rack

Apart from washing the durable dinnerware, we also hand wash coffee mugs, water bottles, cutlery, pots, pans, and utensils. So a compact drying rack is a must.

Outdoor oven

#5 Portable Oven

We have yet to use our RV oven while traveling. It’s not that I’m against the idea, but we love our portable electric oven and know exactly how it cooks. I feel confident taking a walk for an hour while the sweet potatoes and chicken pot pie cook. On the other hand, I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the RV oven on without being nearby. Plus, our portable oven (which includes conduction, convection, and infrared features), is more efficient and emits less heat, which is crucial when it comes to keeping our RV cool during the summer.

essential rv kitchen accessories

#6 Electric Griddle 

For our wedding, we were gifted a reversible electric griddle. And though we have used it from time to time in our house, we use it once or twice a day when we’re RVing. It’s great for cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast in the morning, but we also use it at night to roast veggies or even to grill hamburgers and hotdogs, especially when we’re out of charcoal.

#7 Lidded or Enclosed Trash Can

We began RVing in early summer. It was peak bug season. The five of us go in and out of the RV dozens of times a day, providing ample time for bugs (especially flies) to slip inside. After our first day RVing, we learned to use a trash can with a lid to ward off insects. We keep the garbage can at the bottom of the enclosed pantry, but a lidded trash bin would also work well. Not only does it keep bugs away, it also helps to contain the aroma—which the small space intensifies.

drinking cup

Bonus Kid-Essential Item: Leak-Proof Cups

At home, we have a strict rule that all food and drinks stay in the kitchen. Spills and stains are much more manageable on a non-porous surface, like the kitchen floor. In the RV world, the majority of the flooring is carpet, including the area below the kitchen table, making it a catch-all — for everything. Though it’s nearly impossible to keep food off the floor, using spill and leak-proof cups makes a huge difference. We couldn’t live without them. We hope you enjoyed these 7 essential RV kitchen accessories.

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