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5 Tips For Planning An Amazing Road Trip4 min read

 With a little bit of planning, your vacation can avoid the classic pitfalls of road tripping and be the best experience possible. Here are five tips to make sure that getting there really is half the fun.

1. Plan Your Route

Book RV parks or hotels and estimate how long it takes you to get from point to point in advance so you can set a pace that won’t wear you out because road trips are more about the journey than the destination.
  • A service like Roadtrippers can help you plan your trip by showing RV parks, hotels, and points of interest along the way and even estimate fuel costs.  Heading to Aspen from Austin this winter to do some skiing?  Roadtrippers makes sure you don’t miss the RV Museum in Amarillo, TX along the way!

2. Save Gas Money

Try these money-saving tips to refuel for less:
  • Use a gas price tracking app like to find the cheapest gas in the area.  Even just a savings of 18 cents a gallon can make a big difference on a 100+ gallon tank.

  • Gas up at exits that feature multiple gas stations. The competition will ensure that you get a cheaper price than exits with only one.
  • Try to keep your luggage as light as possible, which will make your vehicle lighter and help with fuel economy
  • Use cruise control and obey the speed limit. Safe driving can actually help you save fuel

3. Keep Everyone Happy

Sure, a road trip can be a blast, but there can also be slow points. Kids get bored, and scenery can become monotonous. Here are some ways to pass the time:

  • Check out some of best movies currently on Netflix or find out what’s new.  Between Aziz Ansari’s new comedy and David Cross’ new show, the family will be too entertained to ask “are we there yet?”  Think you’ve seen it all? Then strap in for Kung Fury, the tale of an 80’s cop who goes back in time to hunt down Hilter with the help of some dinosaurs (one of which is also a cop) and a Norse god.
  • More of a mobile phone game family?  Here are some of the best game apps of 2015
  • Need something a little less mind-numbing for the little ones?  How about some classic kids road trip games
  • Catch up on some of the NY Times Best Sellers

4. See Some Weird Stuff

Biosphere 2, a Stonehenge replica made from old cars, giant roadside dinosaurs, the world’s largest tree, a gorilla holding a VW Beattle; the U.S. highways are awash with oddities that will make your family say, “huh.”  These 50 weird landmarks will make great family Facebook pictures.

5. Eat Healthy

Unfortunately, it’s easy to pig out on fast food while you’re on the road. Here’s how to stay healthy on the road:
  • Pack your own food in a cooler
  • Use the Around Me app to find healthier choices around you.  The app will pull up restaurants close to you through your GPS and gives distances and directions.
  • If you come across a healthy option but the family isn’t hungry yet, stop anyway and buy something for later.  By the time everyone’s ready to eat you could be in Taco Bell territory.

Planning an amazing road trip does not need to be a headache. With these simple tips, your family can have memories that last a lifetime.

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