Zephyr Palms RV Park

35120 State Road 54, Zephyrhills, FL, 33541

Zephyr Palms RV Park is a big rig and pet friendly RV park located on 35120 State Road 54 in Zephyrhills, FL. The site includes WiFi, water, sewer, electricity, laundry facilities. You can also do activities such as Shuffleboard, and swimming outdoors.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

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General Policies

1. Check‐In: 12:00 Noon, Check‐Out: 11:00 AM. The daily rate is charged for anyone extending beyond their agreed reservation unless other arrangements have been made in advance. 2. Office Hours: Hours change throughout the year due to occupancy, and are posted outside the office door. For special needs or emergencies please call 813‐782‐5610. 3. Reservations: To guarantee a specific space for a specific time period, a deposit is required. Otherwise, you may call or come in anytime to see if we have space for you. In the busy season we usually fill up, so it is recommended to reserve your space in advance if you desire to come stay with us and all your friends at Jim's. Lot rent and / or deposit(s) are non‐fundable but may be exchanged for alternative dates. 4. Parking: Only one RV may be parked on each lot, centered and straight, similar to all the other homes in the park. All cars must be parked on your lot. Overflow parking is provided by the office and in approved areas. Any towing trailers or over‐sized storage units not remaining on your lot may be placed in the storage area at a small fee. Please only drive on the paved roads – no “cutting thru” or crossing vacant lots or grassy areas. 5. Pets: Rules will be in accordance with Florida law. All pets need to be on a leash at all times and cleaned up after. Please do not allow your pet to run loose or be on anyone else’s lot. No excessively loud or unruly pets. See the “Pet Policy “card for further guidance. 6. Maximum speed: 10MPH. This is a safety issue that we take very seriously and will enforce. Please obey all one‐ way streets as marked. Quite Hours: Please be courteous to your neighbors and adhere to quite hours from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Grills: Charcoal and propane grills are allowed for cooking. Do not dispose of hot coals on the grounds. 7. Amenities: Clubhouse, doublewide, showers and bathrooms are open 24 hours. No Smoking in these facilities. Please keep these areas clean, turn off all lights & fans, and close the doors if you are the last one leaving. All residents and registered guest are invited to use all facilities and participate in park activities and functions. Use of amenities is at your own risk. Inform the staff if you have any concerns on the cleanliness or safety of any of the amenities. 8. Laundry Facility: Please use machines responsibly by not overloading or putting items inside that may damage the washers (i.e. ink pens, etc). Turn off lights and close door when you leave. Notify staff of any washers or dryers not working properly and to request a refund due to a machine malfunction. A change machine has been provided for you in this area. 9. Pool: Hours are from dawn to dusk. Please do not bring any glass containers anywhere near the pool. Wear appropriate swimming attire while in the pool. No smoking, drinking or eating while sitting on the wet deck or in the water. All guests must be accompanied by the resident of the park. For everyone’s safety there is no running on deck, or jumping or diving into the pool. No lifeguard on duty ‐ swim at your own risk. 10. Trash Dumpsters: There are several trash dumpsters located in the front of the park. These are for normal use, household garbage only. Large, bulky, excessive trash should be taken directly to the landfill close by ‐ see staff for directions. Please recycle all paper, plastic and cardboard in the recycle dumpster up front. Come to the office for further guidance on recycling program. 11. Recycle Program: We have a very rewarding recycle program that pays the park well for all our recycled materials. It also helps to protect our natural resources and reduce the impact on our landfills. There is a large blue recycle container located near the regular trash dumpsters. You can place clean cardboard, paper, and plastic jugs/bottles in there. Aluminum cans are to be placed in the designated receptacle. Please see the office for a complete list of acceptable recycle items. 12. Mail Delivery: Mail is delivered to the park by the post office and sorted into personal locked boxes. If you desire to receive mail at the park, let the office know and they will assign you a private mailbox and key. 13. Site and Home Cleanliness: We strive to keep the park clean and attractive all year round for everyone. Please do your part by keeping the exterior of your home clean and your lawn neat and free of excessive items. Yearly residents are responsible to maintain and cut their lawns all year long. Seasonal residents are responsible to maintain and cut their lawns while they are here. The park will maintain common areas, vacant lots, and seasonal resident's lots while they are away. Lawns with excessive items or extensive landscaping / flower‐ beds may be billed a small fee for the additional upkeep, as it requires significantly more man‐power. 14. Proper Sewer/Water Use and Connections: Please ensure you use a “donut” between your sewer line and the pipe going into the ground. Also regularly check for water and sewer leaks and promptly repair any issues. 15. Grey Water: Approved pop‐Up campers or vans, which are not connected to a sewer line, must collect grey water in approved containers. Grey water should not be released directly on the ground. There is a dump station located in the front of the property for disposal. 16. Use of Blocks and Levelers: Please use boards or blocks under your levelers and / or tires as necessary to prevent making holes on the lot. We may have extras available for your use if necessary ‐ please ask the staff. 17. Generators: Use of factory‐installed generators on your RV permitted. 18. Vehicle Repair: Any type of auto maintenance, repair, or body work are not to be performed on the property. 19. Vehicle or Unit Washing: Seasonal or monthly renters can wash units once upon arrival and before leaving. Cars may be washed once a week. 20. Exception: During water crisis, rules of the water district must be followed!! Guests are not permitted to wash cars or units belonging to them. Daily and weekly renters cannot wash units. Clotheslines: Umbrella type clotheslines installed behind your home are the only acceptable type allowed. No hanging of clothes between trees, poles, buildings, homes, etc… 21. Improvements and Digging: For your safety, please speak with management prior to installing any improvements to your home / lot or doing any digging on your lawn. There are pipes and wires running under ground that need to be identified and protected for your safety. Major damage or injury / death may occur if you hit anything in the ground. You will be held financially responsible for any damage you cause. There will be no reimbursements for expenses you incur through improvements to your lot. 22. Damage to the Park/Property: Please let management know if you discover or have caused damage to the park facilities, amenities, or utilities. We have skilled people on the property who can fix most issues quickly to avoid any further problems. 23. Sale of Permanent Unit: Please notify the office of your intent to sell your home. All potential buyers must be approved by management before the transaction has been completed and your account must be made current. We cannot assist in the sale; however; placing a small “For Sale” sign on your home is permitted. 24. Returned Checks: A charge of $35 will be billed. This helps to defray the bank fees and additional administrative charges we incur. 25. Telephone Messages: We will gladly accept and deliver messages in the case of an emergency. Non‐emergency messages will be placed in your mailbox or delivered to you as soon as possible. Please do not use the park phone number as a personal contact number due to the large volume of calls the office receives. 26. Seasonal Rent: Due upon arrival, but no later than November 1st. Seasonal rates are between Oct. 1st and May 1st. Anyone wishing to stay longer will pay $5.00 per day per person not to exceed two weeks. 27. Liability: The management and owners assume no responsibility for any damages or theft to your home or property. Use of all park amenities and facilities are done so at your own risk. Management may amend these park rules as necessary and to evict anyone who refuses to comply with these policies.

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35120 State Road 54, Zephyrhills, FL, 33541
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