Wonderland RV Park

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44 South HWY 12, Torrey, UT, 84775

Wonderland RV Park is a park located near Torrey, Utah. It features shaded, full hookup campsites that are big rig friendly for RVs of up to 60 feet long. Many of them are pull through accessible for RVs of up to 75 feet. The park provides free WiFi and cable TV, allows pets, and has a dump station.


Amenities & Activities

Campsite amenities offered include a sheep camp, picnic tables, fire circles, and grills. It also includes basic amenities like restrooms with hot showers and laundry facilities. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as mountain biking, hiking, badminton, basketball, croquet, fishing, volleyball, and more.



The campground is near attractions like:

  • Capitol Reef National Park (3 miles)
  • Fremont River
  • Waterpocket Fold
  • Capitol Reef Visitor Center

Last Updated: 10/18/2022

RV Sites

75' X 26' Pull Throughs 60' X 31' Back-Ups

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Back In $40.00 $240.00
Pull Thru $42.00 $252.00

50 Amps

20 Amps

30 Amps

100 Amps




44 South HWY 12, Torrey, UT, 84775
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Overall Rating: 3.3

Sean O'Scanlon

Our 5th wheel was hooked up and ready to leave and we had some battery problems, so I told both my kids to go use the campground bathrooms before we left. My 7 year old son was wearing a dress that day. They are a boy and uses a boys bathroom, though they like to wear dresses sometimes. An employee named Jason stopped them and says they are using the wrong bathroom, and that the girls restroom is next door. My son tell them they are not a girl, but the employee still kicks them out of the bathroom and blocks the door so he cannot go in. My wife approaches asked the employee what was going. The guy replies, She is wearing a dress, and looks like a girl. She cant use the boys bathroom. My wife tells him my child is not a girl, they just like to wear dresses. He replies to her pointing at our child, You know what that is? That is a mental problem, that's what that is! Your son has a mental disorder! All of this right in front of my 7 and 9 year old children. My son stormed off crying and my wife told him he was extremely rude and followed our son away. The man, Jason, shouted that she was the one being rude and went about his business as if nothing happened. As we were leaving the RV park, that same man (Jason) was using a weed whacker in the driveway. He turned towards my truck and shot up a handfull of rocks at our truck. Our truck now has several dings and scratches on the driver side. I rolled down the window and yelled at him, Hey, you just shot out a bunch of rocks at my truck! He told me my truck was already scratched up and he didnt do anything. I took out my phone to take a picture of the guy (Jason) so we could file a complaint later. He got extremely upset and started charging at our truck with his weed whacker in hand yelling What, you want my picture now! Ill make it easier, my name is Jason! He was looking to start a fight (in front of both of my children), so I quickly drove away. I came back shortly after to complain to the owner of the park. He tried to brush it off as if his employee was just having a bad day, and that he was really a good guy. I told him, No, a good guy doesnt treat a 7 year old child that way. He claims the weed whacker damage was an accident, (though he made no attempt to fix the damage), clearly the employee had it out for us and thought he was being clever. We are lucky our windows were closed and he didnt send one of us to the hospital. It is hard to describe the anger we felt towards this RV park and their employee, Jason. I fear that my complaint to the owners of the park fell upon deaf ears and the man who verbally assaulted our brave 7 year old child will still be working there tomorrow as if nothing happened. The best we can do is share our story in hopes that other families can avoid people and businesses like this. If you have LGBTQ family members or support LGBTQ people and their families, please do not stay at this park. We camped at Wonderland RV Park in a Fifth Wheel.

Falon Gray

My family had a great time here. The staff was very nice and helpful. There were a ton of great sites to choose from that had a lot of amenities. They included: full hookups, 30/50 amp, all sites had shade and grass, showers, restrooms, laundry, cable, and wifi. They had a lot of fun and relaxing activities to do, they were: basketball courts, croquet, horse shoes, volleyball, badminton, and fishing! The location was gorgeous as there were so many beautiful and stunning sights from all around the campground. There were also a lot of great places in the surrounding area that was easy to get to. This is well worth the cost! - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Franklin H. McCormick

Small quiet park on main road in and out of Capital Reef National Park. Pull-through and back in spots. Not a place to stay for weeks but a great place to explore Capital Reed National Park, Bryce Canyon and parts in between. A drive down the 12 to Boulder, UT to Burr Trail was probably one of the most breathtaking drives I have ever made. It was the road less traveled but the red rocks and scenery just exuded energy. $28/night. Good Sam. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Christine Andrada

Visited 5 National Parks in Utah. This was the best place I stayed throughout the whole trip. Loved it. The owner was a quite respectable young man who takes great pride in his ownership. If I am every up that way I will stay again.