Whispering Hills Jellystone Park

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8248 State Route 514, Big Prairie, OH, 44676

Whispering Hills Jellystone Park is a campground located on 8248 State Route 514 in Big Prairie, OH. The site includes .

Last Updated: 11/02/2021

8248 State Route 514, Big Prairie, OH, 44676
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Jason Corsi

Whispering hills jellystone claims to care about having a SAFE family campground,  but they will not enforce their rules. They allowed speeding golf carts to escalate to the point that my wife got assaulted and the sheriff had to get involved. A child on our row nearly got struck by a speeding golf cart 3 times,  the speeding golf cart was reported several times by several campers to security and staff and nothing was done.  Eventually the golf cart was witnessed rolling onto its side by campers and even a staff member and still nothing was done.  When we first became seasonal we were told our camp site extended across the road and stopped at the corn field.   We were told that we could have a shed over there and store our wood over there. We have cut the grass and maintained that area and parked our vehicles there for the last two years.  (They do not maintain that area so if we don't it looks terrible,  I'm sure if we didn't maintain it they would let us know that we need to.) We recently almost had our vehicles hit by golf carts a couple different times over there and instead of making sure nobody drives through there they are now saying that it is a common area for all campers to use. (They change the rules in order to avoid confrontation with weekend campers) The owner does not have the guts to confront anyone if he has a problem with them.  They are heartless and only care about making more money,  two traits that don't go well if you really care about having a family friendly campground.  We have camped here for at least 3 years as weekenders and we were treated very well, but it is night and day difference between being a seasonal and being a weekend camper.  (They will also find reasons to scold seasonal campers) a staff member accused someone in our group of using vulgar language at them, even though there were several witnesses to verify otherwise, they scolded him for it.  They sent an email to all seasonal campers on Monday October 11th with nearly a $700.00 increase for the next year.  They say it is for improvements but we have been camping here on and off for at least 5 years and they have done very little to nothing to improve the place.  It's too bad better people aren't running this place because  it is has a lot of potential but they lack the intelligence to make it a nice place. They are requiring a $250.00 deposit by Friday October 15th or we loose our site for next year. A lot of seasonal campers are definitely leaving because of this and several others are considering leaving,  but 4 days is not enough time to decide and there is no time to get into a different campground for next year because they are all booked and have waiting lists for seasonal.