Valley View Mobile Home Park

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441 Corral Rd, Duncan, AZ, 85534

We are a large RV park located in the Duncan/Morenci are of Arizona. We have recently been bought by new owners, and are renovating our park this year! That means better spaces. We still have all of our amenities, so no worries there!

WE offer all of our tenants use of our recreation area during the daytime, and into the evening if they give notice and get it approved. Our recreation area includes a pool table, workout equipment including workout bikes and weights, a sitting area, color pages, books, and free wifi!

We have a shower room that is free to use, and laundry facilities that are available to tenants 24/7. If you need quarters for your washer and dryer, just ask management! 

Did I mention that you should bring your pets? We love animals! All we ask is that you let us know what kind of animal, and its size. We cannot allow livestock, so it is limited to housepets, please. We encourage people to walk the park, so we ask everyone to do their part to keep it clean, including cleaning up after pets. We have a few big rules with dogs:All dogs must be on leashes when they are out of their fence or house, they must be taken in at dark, no animal is ever to be left outside at night, for any reason, and do not keep an animal tied up all day in your yard either! 

We have plenty of places to check out in our area, and we are surrounded by mountains. The evenings are beautiful here, and some of the best sunsets around! You can walk the park, or travel around town!

Last Updated: 05/15/2020

RV Sites

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RV Sites $30.00 $150.00

No driving across spaces, us the road at all times

We have gas and water lines that can break if driven over, we ask all tenants to always use the road or sidewalk to travel. Never walk or drive across spaces!

No dogs outside overnight

All animals must be taken in at dark. It is strictly against park rules to leave animals outside at night for any reason! This is for their safety and yours! We are in the desert, wildlife roams nearby!

Speed limit 10MPH

There is a speed limit of 10 miles per hour in the entire park.

Pets Allowed


Laundry Facilities

Water Hookups

Gasoline Nearby

Fitness Room

Picnic Area

Back-in RV Sites

RV Hookup


Sewer Hookups

Paved Roads

Pet Friendly

Trash Service


50 Amps

20 Amps

30 Amps

Scenic Drives

Family Friendly

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Extended Stay

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441 Corral Rd, Duncan, AZ, 85534
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We have a gas station that pumps the gas for you just down the road called "3-Way", it's on the way to Morenci/Clifton from the park. If you go towards Duncan, there is a cute little restaurant called Gimme's, definitely, give them a try! There are all kinds of cool places to go in Clifton, such as the train station, and the jail in the side of the mountain. So many beautiful sites to see, all over.

Just be sure to know where you are going, and if you don't, gas up in advance. Many places out here shut down at 8pm. But no worries, Circle K is always open, and its not too far of a drive!

Overall Rating: 3.0

Bill Helm

Stay away from this place! Terrible management, terrible people. I was sent there by the company I work for supposed to get a good rate. First i showed up and reserved a space. I brought my travel trailer in and found that the space I had reserved was occupied. So I had to take another space. Then the mailbox thing was another ordeal. Joyce the "manager" I use that term loosely, would not respond to calls or text messages. Then my Amazon packages were getting delivered to someplace else. Never figured that out, no help from Joyce once again. I made up a sign and got that taken care of. I worked a lot of hours and things were running along smoothly. Then all of a sudden my electric bill went from around $50 a month to over $100. I brought it there attention and they said my meter was bad so they replaced it. Then the weeds were getting pretty bad and I contacted the manager and she informed me that the weeds were my responsibility. What construction worker carries a weed eater and a lawn mower? Just another attempt to get into your pocket. I borrowed a lawn mower and cut the weeds myself. Then one month my rent was due, I paid it with a check, I had been there 9 months, never had a problem. First Joyce contacted me right off the bat and came at me hard, said my check came back insufficient funds which was not true and I showed her my bank account Information. I told her it was a bank screw up. She didn't care , she began hitting me with late fees and insufficient funds fees right off. I told her she needed to contact her bank and find out what the problem was. She then came back and told me that the check was rejected because I stopped payment on the check. I didn't stop payment, it was a bank screw up. I moved my trailer out and they hit me with all of the fees, my last month was $546.00, rent is $199, plus electric. These people are some sorry inconsiderate scum. Oh and they make you cut your weeds but the weeds are knee deep in the spaces they the park owns. Some real losers here, their only concern is a dollar. Real scum of the earth. That is Walter the owner and Joyce the " manager".

Jessica Brown

Easygoing, happy people here!, Its a great place to go RVing!