Orchid Lake RV Resort (55+ park)

8225 Arevee Drive, New Port Richey, FL, 34653

Orchid Lake RV Resort (55+ park) is a pet friendly RV park located on 8225 Arevee Drive in New Port Richey, FL. The site includes WiFi, water, sewer, electricity, laundry facilities. You can also do activities such as Shuffleboard, swimming outdoors, and wildlife viewing.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

Pet Rules

1. Feline House pets (Cats) are permitted and welcomed but the following rules must 1. be observed: 2. Only house cats are permitted. A maximum of two (2) cats are permitted per 3. home or RV. All cats must be registered at the office. (If available, a pet photo 4. may be submitted to the Park office to aid in the return of any lost pet.). 2. Pets must be properly inoculated, licensed, and cared for. A copy of inoculation 5. report for each pet must be provided to the Park Office. 3. No pets are permitted to run at large or otherwise be a nuisance or endanger other 6. residents, guests, or other pets. 4. Pets must be on a leash at all times when outside the unit. No pet may be tied up 7. outside the unit for a prolonged time. 5. Pets are not to be left alone for any long period of time. 6. Dogs under any circumstances are not allowed. 7. You must pick up after your pet and dispose of waste properly. 8. The Park reserves the right to prohibit any resident or guest from keeping a Feline 8. pet in the event that said resident or guest fails to observe one or more of the 9. rules. 10. Park residents must advise their overnight guests who may have pets that the pet 11. rules must be followed. Applies to cats only. Dogs are NEVER allowed. 12. No park resident is permitted to bring in and/or board pets from outside the park. 13. No pets are allowed in common buildings. 14. Residents are responsible for damage to other property caused by their pets. 15. Guests may bring in pets subject to the rules of the park set forth above

Pool Rules

1. No glass in pool areas. 2. Children under age of 16 must be supervised by an adult. 3. Positively no suntan oil or lotion allowed in pool. 4. No horseplay or running. 5. No animals in pool. 6. No food in pool area. 7. No cut-offs or shorts in pool. 8. Stay off railings. 9. All guests must be registered to swim. 10. Pool capacity is 26 people. 11. No children in diapers in pool.

General Policies

1. Residents shall maintain the safety and beauty of the grounds. Residents are responsible for the overall appearance of their unit and lots. This includes the washing of the unit and expenditures. Lots are to be kept orderly, neat, clean, and free of litter and shall be weeded as needed. General care of the lawn, shrubs, and trees is the responsibility of the member or resident. Residents must obtain management prior written approval of the type and location of any trees or shrubs to be planted before any planting occurs. No tree shall be removed from the site without the prior written approval of management. 2. Any residents desiring to make any changes on their site, alter it in any way, such as addition or improvement (including utility sheds-size, placement, roofovers, siding, painting of driveway, etc.) must have prior approval by management. The Resident must submit a written request to management and management will then answer such request in writing within ten (10) working days. 3. All units in place six (6) months or more per year must be tied down and skirted. Tie downs must comply with all applicable government laws and regulations. 4. Residents may not repaint or install siding of a color other than the existing color without prior written approval of management. 5. In the event that park property is damaged by a resident or a guest or invitee of a resident, that resident shall be responsible for cost of labour and materials to repair/replace damaged items. 6. Collapsible umbrella clothes lines are allowed and shall be located at the rear area of your site, if there is room on your site. It cannot infringe on your neighbors’ property. No other type will be permitted. If you mow your own lawn site, the umbrella may be left up. Otherwise it will need to be removed for lawn mowing and nothing should be left above the ground. Hanging of clothes on awnings, carports, screen rooms, etc. is not permitted. 7. Recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked on a mobile home resident’s lot for loading or unloading for a period not to exceed 48 hours, providing they are not blocking a driveway or the street right of way. 8. No fences of any kind (wood, wire, shrubbery, etc.) for privacy or boundary dividers are permitted. Those now in existence are to be grandfathered in as of this date, but cannot be replaced. Upon sale of home or RV, the grandfather clause becomes null and void and the fence must be removed. 9. Major repairs, overhauling, or painting of vehicles, is not permitted in OLRVR. No commercial-type vehicle is permitted to be parked on the site except when an outside service is temporarily rendering a service. Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles will not be permitted in OLRVR. and will be towed at the owners’ expense to the extent permitted under Florida law and (if applicable) the rental prospectus. 10. Residents Occupied Units are allowed to store only the following on their lot: 1. Two (2) passenger vehicles, i.e. cars/trucks 2. One (1) golf cart Residents Unoccupied Units (with carports) If you are not occupying your unit, you are allowed to store under your carport only. Unoccupied Units (without carports) are not allowed to store anything on the grassy area. 11. Parking is not allowed between units if it encroaches on a neighbor’s site except by mutual written consent with the adjacent neighbor’s No parking is permitted on vacant lots or common areas except where specifically indicated. 12. Residents are strongly encouraged to carry his/her own liability insurance policy and provide a copy of that liability insurance policy to the office. 13. When you leave your unit for the season make sure to turn off your water at the house shutoff and store ALL loose items, such as lawn furniture, flower pots, ladders, bikes, etc. 14. No Park power tools shall be loaned to residents for any purpose except as provided in #15 below. 15. Volunteers are permitted to use power tools when working on common ground. 16. Freestanding carports, gazebos or tents are not permitted without the express written consent of management. 17. If a home or RV is removed from the lot, the owner must remove all other structures, including tie downs. The lot and cement must be left clear and with no damage to the utility hook-ups when the unit is removed. If a home or RV is destroyed by a natural disaster, the Resident will have four (4) months to clean up the lot. The resident will pay to have the damaged home or RV removed as authorized by these rules, and (if applicable) the rental prospectus.

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8225 Arevee Drive, New Port Richey, FL, 34653
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