Oak Forest RV Park

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8207 Canoga Avenue, Austin, TX, 78724

Located in peaceful, level, shaded Hill Country, Oak Forest RV Park is 12 minutes from the Capitol, UT, LBJ Library, TX State History Museum, downtown Austin and 3 minutes from Lake Walter E. Long & golfing. Onsite, campers can expect shuffleboard games, golfing, swimming outdoors, boating, and horseback riding. Near the campground, travelers can expect a long list of excellent attractions. For the history buff, there's the Texas State Capitol, Mexic-Arte Museum, Blanton Museum of Art and the Texas Memorial Museum. Nature enthusiasts will fall in love with this city for its abundance of green spaces such as Zilker Park, Lady Bird Lake and swimming in the beautiful Barton Springs Pool. McKinney Falls State Park, the Zilker Botanical Gardens, Lake Travis and Mt. Bonnell are popular spots for locals and visitors alike to go hiking, boating, paddle boarding, canoeing and swimming. Known as "The Music Capital of the World," Austin is a lively city where campers can look forward to live music playing somewhere in the city each night of the week, a rich culinary and performing arts landscape as well as a thriving night life. There's something for everyone! This big rig park includes WiFi, water, sewer, showers, electrical hookups, spacious pull-thru sites, a pool/hot tub and fenced-in dog run. Hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

RV Sites

Rv sites feature big rig access, WiFi, water, sewer, showers, electrical hookups, spacious pull-thru sites, a pool/hot tub and fenced-in dog run. Premium site plans feature concrete pads are available for monthly stays only. Sites are just a short drive from local conveniences like laundry facilities, gas stations and small town eateries.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Premium Pull-Through Site -- $700.00 See More
Premium Rate Back-In -- $445.00 See More
Regular Site $47.00 $415.00 See More

Pet Policy

Dogs MUST remain on a leash. Under no circumstances are dogs to be tied outside the RV. Owners MUST clean up after their pets, even in the dog run area. No fences or cages outside are permitted.

Vehicle Policy

The speed limit for vehicles is 5 MPH.

30 Amps

50 Amps

Big Rig Friendly

Cable Hookups

Community Restrooms

Community Showers

Fitness Room

Laundry Facilities

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8207 Canoga Avenue, Austin, TX, 78724
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Overall Rating: 2.7

David Miars

Just learned today that there is NO security for the park after staff leave for the day. That includes weekends. When I asked if the sheriff Department at least patrolled the park at night, I was told that no arrangements have been made for that either. This is disconcerting. Under the old management there was security.

Lady H.

First off I'd like to say that Jason the maintenance manager is a great asset to Oak Forest RV Park.  He always goes above and beyond.  I have lived here a year and I don't have plans of moving anytime soon. There have been some changes after management changed but I blame that on the owners. Recently, children we're unsupervised and causing mischief in the park they would ride their bicycles in the middle of the street fast with no lights and one  time got tangled on a small puppy's leash and hurt that dog as it got tangled up in the tire.  This is one of those times that they actually were supervised. so imagine what they did when they weren't.  There were so many complaints from families in this RV park about those children and as long as children continue to be unsupervised we expect management to take care of the problem. To the bad review poster:  Jason is not creepy for looking out for the safety of everyone in the park you're creepy for saying those things and for thinking that while your children are alone they are Saints.  Get real.

Andrea M

I cannot put into words how horrible of an experience we had at this rv Park. They treated us like scum of the earth. Firstly, Jason the maintenance manager is an absolute creep. He rides around all day every day on his golf cart spying on children to make sure they’re not doing anything wrong. He was constantly harassing families. A few days ago he informs my family and another family that we need to leave, and have us FOUR days to get out at the peak of RV season. We were always pleasant and everyone there, even the staff members said how polite and well-mannered my children were. Everyone who has kids is an automatic target. We were told the kids could not skateboard. We were told the kids could not lean against a wooden fence. Another family was told their kids could no longer ride their bikes. They gave her a final warning without even giving her a FIRST warning and Jason says “well I told your kids”. Telling children is NOT considered a warning buddy. He is also going around telling other residents that we were told to leave bc of multiple infractions. Tell me, what were these so called infractions? My kids skateboarding? Leaning against a fence? Also, where was my warning? I have no papers or documentation of anything which I’m pretty sure is illegal my friend. In the office the day we were told to leave he blamed it on my kids saying they were “knocking on people’s doors”. I said “my kids knock on two peoples doors and they are our friends”, then he back pedals and blames it on our 11 year old American Bulldog, which they knew we had from day 1 and approved him. He said “he is a Rottweiler right?” I said “ummmm not even close”. Now, don’t be mistaken, this conversation got heated, but I’m sure you can understand why. On top of all of this drama, as far as the grounds go.... filthy. The shower houses have bugs, clumps of hair everywhere. Laundry facility is garbage. You often times have to dry your clothes twice and if it takes your money the office won’t refund you. The pool had cigarette butts in it. There were three days in a matter of a month where they turned people’s water off for the entire day. Their sprinkler system shoots water into people’s campers. I came back to a huge mess after doing laundry one day. I cannot say enough bad things about this place. We are now at the rv Park we were at before and when we got here the manager and staff literally came from around the counter and hugged us and said “welcome home!!!” THIS IS HOW AN RV PARK SHOULD BE! Please beware of Oak Forest. Go to the KOA around the corner if you need to stay in Austin. The treatment we received at Oak Forest was despicable. So much so that another family left based on the way our family and the other families were being treated. They were begged to stay and said nope we’re out. Beware, and keep your kids away from Jason.

Elliot Meyers

How bad can a rv park get? The managers husband jason is a creep he stares at the children. And they are basically kicking every one out with kids and leaving them 3 days! The bathrooms have roaches and also the last day I saw human waste on the floor! The managers husband is a creeper watch out for him. Highly reccomend the koa around the corner.

Elliot Meyers

How bad can a rv park get? The managers husband jason is a creep he stares at the children. And they are basically kicking every one out with kids and leaving them 3 days! The bathrooms have roaches and also the last day I saw human waste on the floor! The managers husband is a creeper watch out for him. Highly reccomend the koa around the corner.

Dan Melton

Beautiful resort! Wide concrete roads and wide concrete lots. Now the bad news: I called in advance about rates and was told on the phone $600 per month period. When we checked in Feb 2nd was told "oh no sir $700 per month .... $600 per month is long term". Also told the staff that day that we may want to stay another month. Six days later went to the office and said "yes another month". Were promptly told "I'm sorry but we've already rented out your lot ....if you want to stay you'll need to move". Now wouldn't you think this staff would have contacted us first??? We were charged a months rent from Feb 2nd to March 1st. Do the math ....27 days. It wasn't until we discussed this with management that they adjusted. There is is a really nice rec room with billiards table but the door code is not available. I went to the office three times asking about this and when I finally got the code the manager had to ask a maint man what it is ....really? In the two months we were there, the water was shut off three times with no advance warning. The last time was March 27th and when I called the office I was lied to twice in the same ph conversation. The water was off for almost nine hrs. I was told by the young female desk clerk that a water main broke. ....that was a lie as I found out later this was a scheduled water shut down to tie in service just down the road. I was also told in the same conversation that text was sent out to everyone in the resort about this. ....i didn't get a text and everyone I spoke with that day said the same. ....no text. At one time the landscaping in the new section was beautiful but when we left April 3rd the grass was 2 feet tall and the landscaping was being overgrown with weeds. Most of the time I saw only one person working the yard and he left the impression of a really disgruntled employee. Never looked, waved, or spoke. Understaffed and office employees are asleep at the wheel.

Crystal Ignacio

Great rv park. A lot of pull through sites, our spot was shaded by a tree, spots are a little closer than I'd like, but overall nice. Very clean bathrooms, small pool. Looks like they are expanding and putting in more sites.

Raleigh Jarrell

Clean, spacious, quiet. Neighbor had stayed at Midtown and liked Oak Forest better, thought it was in a better area. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Molly Abbott

This campground was very warm and welcoming we had to try it out. I am very glad we decided to stay here. The price is great and within range to a lot of other parks. They also had a great selection of activities to choose from. I know my family and I spent a good time discussing what we all were going to do that day, it helped with the awesome staff members who were very knowledgeable about the area. The new large pullthru spaces they have added were awesome sauce! It is a great new addition that really adds a nice touch to everything. Overall it was a great stay and worth going again. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group