Mountain Cactus Ranch

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10667 S Avenue 10E, Yuma, AZ, 85365

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

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10667 S Avenue 10E, Yuma, AZ, 85365
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Margaret Hopper

This park has been sold and in a very short time the new owners have done an amazing job cleaning up the park. It looks amazing now according to the pictures posted on their website. No weeds outside against the wall. The spots are cleaned up and weed free. The office picture looks amazing. No clutter etc on the counter . From the pics the park looks like it use to a few years ago. Amazing how a little bit of work can make the park look great again. From what I’ve heard from some of my friends it sounds like this park and the new owners and manager are doing everything in their power to bring the park back to how it should of been. When I lived there most of the people were very friendly. If this park is under new managers and owners I would highly recommend this park . I’m so happy for the residents of the park. It looks like once again they can be proud of the park they live in. I can hardly wait to go visit there

Margaret Hopper

The park has since been sold and it looks like things will go back to normal Thank God. My post is from before the park was sold. Now that the old managers are no longer there casing all the bs things should be great with the new owners. My Post Keeps Disappearing for some reason. I do have documentation of everything I’ve posted. I Was told by a few friends in the park that the park did sell and the new owners are suppose to of taken over Monday . Was also told their bringing in their own crew to run it so if that’s true thankfully the BS will be over with 😀 I bet now the Mail will be forwarded like the post office mandates when residents leave the park permanently or just for the summer. Postoffice and cops are involved once again because mail wasn’t being forwarded on to quite a few residents . The one lady who works in the office said she knows when I left there was address labels in my file but amazingly she said they were all of a sudden gone Hummm guess they crawled out of the file into the garbage can huh? Not only mine but other residents also. The post office said it’s a felony to screw with peoples mail so that’s still being investigated. According to the post master a letter was sent out to the past manager again about not forwarding mail and the penalties. Also it was nothing but lies when he previous managers said the post office won’t deliver mail on Sat. They just didn’t want to do their job and put it out Saturdays. Just like last year when we went 8 or more days with no mail delivery. Residents didn’t get their meds and mother’s day cards etc. Lazy managers in my opinion . Residents are entitled to their mail Hopefully No more letting certain people get by with not following the park rules while others are suppose to abide by them. No more BS court stuff because of vindictive BS. Which by the way it all got thrown out of court. In fact the managers were escorted out of court because of her threat hung actions to a park resident . I was told in court what they did was nothing but harassment and I should file on them . Have three years to decide. Hopefully there will be no more walking in on someone playing feel—- feel. and swamping spit because there are quite a few residents that walked in on that previously and then his wife gets pissed off at everyone who walked in on that. Be pissed off at your hubby not us that innocently walked in in that. . Hopefully the trees will be taken care of and if they fall over they will be cleaned up right away instead of them letting it lay there for weeks on end. Hopefully the weeds will finally be gone. Hopefully the park will go back to the beautiful park it was before when the other managers were there . It’s a shame so many people left the park because of the way it was being neglected etc . Good luck residents of Mt Cactus Ranch in Yuma I honestly hope things will be like they should be and I hope the new managers don’t have WHITE HAT SYNDROME and they treat everyone equal and they don’t tell other residents the personal business of someone who lives in the park. I miss all my friends there but I don’t miss the lying conniving BS. I will be back to visit Thank god things have been investigated and they according to what I was told by the owner were let go. There is a GOD. You would think they would pack up and sell out of embrassment wouldn’t you?

C. L. Moritz

This park certainly deserves more than one star. I do not understand someone posting a low rating unless they were either asked to leave or had big personal issues. I have lived full time in this park for a few years now. It is a very nice park and economical. It is as nice or nicer than 90% of the parks in our area. I am proud to claim this park as my home. I think anyone looking for a nice park, community activities, etc. would love it here.

Margaret Hopper

, Dead trees,weeds everywhere, office not open hours stated, Lived there for years and its gone to hell. We had no mail for eight or nine days and the manager either wasnt bright enough or just didnt care enough to go to the post office and find out why it wasn't delivered because we are a drop off box ,it's supposed to be delivered by the mail man then they disperse the mail. This happened right before Mother's Day so a lot of mother's never got their Mother's Days cards. Come to find out the post office could no longer punch in a code to get into the room and leave mail , the managers had to be there to accept the mail but they weren't smart enough to go find out why no mail was delivered. There were people that had bills missing ,people were waiting on their medicine one man that had a heart problem was out of his medicine and had to wait for it to come in because once again the manager couldn't be bothered with checking with the post office to find out why there was no mail delivery Managers talk about other people and tell others personal business to residents.Managers lied in court and were escorted out of the court house due to their threating actions in court.Owners have been telling residents to just hang in there things will change and the only changes are the park is going more and more downhill. The office is not open the hours stated,on the door nor on the advertisement, our mail is being tampered with. My medicine was stolen ,damage is done to my coach by a resident ,they're good friends with so of course nothing was done. Then they have the audacity to talk that Resident into going to court and filing a restraining order against me yet she was the one doing the damage to my stuff, which it was thrown out of court. Prior to this at a meeting that was held with the owners and numerous residence the one owner said if anybody gets the courts involved in any way they might as well come back and pack up their stuff and leave ,they will be evicted, maybe because the one that filed a restraining order also work for the park she wssnt evicted. Imagine that. but of course that never happened. Our once beautiful Park now has leaves laying all over it all the time, weeds everywhere trees that are dying and or dead . And some trees dying and the manager went and cut one side of the tree and left the other side there or cut out some of the dead so that looks real good besides the fact that the tree is now unbalanced so it's just a matter of time before it blows over in the wind. If he doesn't like you then your dead tree is going to stay where it's at, he's done that to another friend of mine. I guess he's not too bright because if the trees dead it will eventually fall over and cause damage to the people's RVs and guess who's responsible but of course all he's doing is being vindictive and not cutting the tree out because it needs to be done. One tree was left laying on the ground for aprox 5 1/2 weeks after it had fallen over because the manager I guess didn't want to do his job and pick it up. He thought it would irritate the residents that the tree was down by but all It did was prove that he's not doing his job. Once again the owners did nothing to him after leaving the Dead tree lay there for that long. In fact he went on vacation and after roughly 5 and 1/2 Weeks one of the owners was notified and it was finally taken out of there . Why would they keep somebody that does things deliberately like that , that doesn't follow through with doing their job ? Our Park was beautiful when the other managers were there these managers decided not to do anything they don't have to. I do have pictures to back my statements and I do have the court stuff to prove my statements. For some reason the owners will not get rid of them and because of that a lot of people have left the part. It's sad the park used to be beautiful now it looks like a dump. Water lines to the trees are still up above the ground where they've been forever management knows this but he has never fix them. I just somebody actually has to trip over them and Sue the hell out of the park before they'll be fixed That would actually be having to do some of the work he's paid to do, we very seldom see him getting dirty all he does is ride around in the golf cart and play mr. Macho Man. Its obvious he does very little work for the park because the park would not look like it does. Would you believe they hired a separate maintenance man to do things. Amazing I guess you get paid for doing nothing and they still hire other people. When Richard work there our Park was beautiful and there was only him doing the maintenance .He actually took care of the Park by himself, now they need two maintance people, wonder why, but I guess you can't ride around the golf cart running your mouth to people and work at the same time. Office manager spends more time talking about people's personal lives and spreading gossip. People's personal lives should not be discussed by the manager and we should not know how many times someone have been to drug treatment or how many times someone have been separated from their wife. Good luck if you stay there they don't lead you into your spot when you check in at the office if in fact the office is open for you to check in with. And most likely you will find weeds and gravel and the dead tree leaves laying all over your spot because they can't be cleaned up that would actually be work to be done. I have had friends of mine that came in to be annuals and of course their lot wasn't ready for them ,massive rocks ,piled up leaves everywhere, weeds everywhere eventually they decided to move from one spot to another and that spot they moved into was just as bad if not worse it hadn't been touched for over a year with half of a fence up weeds everything everywhere. I have another friend that just moved into a spot became an annual and the park knew about it and her spot was full of leaves and weeds, there's no reason that shouldn't have been cleaned up and ready for her when she moved into it but of course that would be work again that the manager should be doing but you can't work and stay on your golf cart at the same time. Like I said I have pictures, I have court records I have things too back my statements. Hopefully the owners will wake up and get decent people as managers like we used to have and bring the park back to Something Beautiful. I decided to leave the park after I believe eight years there because I got tired of the backstabbing and paying rent increases when the park is gone downhill so bad. Like I said I have damage to my RV ,mine turnbuckles on my gazebo were loosened by a park resident and it was damaged in a windstorm and yet nothing was done to the person that did this because things were going on. Good luck staying there you'll have to find your own place ,where to park because you won't be lead into your spot, you'll most likely have to step over weeds and leaves and very possibly water lines that are going to the trees that are sticking up out of the dirt. Don't expect management to say welcome to the park and come by and check and make sure everything's okay because that doesn't happen wih these managers. Like I said our once beautiful Park has gone to hell and the owners are doing nothing about it. If you become friends with the manager you get away with anything ,hanging clothes lines hanging bags of garbage out the front of your fifth wheel Etc because as he says it's all in who you know.