M Bar H Lodge and RV Park

$35.00 USD per night, starting at.

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M Bar H Lodge and RV Park has sites available for Instant Book. When you select Instant Book, your reservation will be automatically approved.

Any non-Instant Book sites will still require campground approval.

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4329 US-67, Santa Anna, TX, 76878

Main Lodge

Bunk House

3 Rustic Mini-Suites

23 RV Sites

Last Updated: 10/04/2023


Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Lodge with 2 Bunk Rooms (Sleeps 15 People), 2 Full Restrooms, and Kitchen $350.00 $2,240.00 $8,040.00 See More Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
4 Rooms (Sleeps 8 people), 2 Full Bathrooms, and Kitchenette $250.00 $1,500.00 $5,200.00 See More Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook Ups, 30 & 50 Amps, Back In $35.00 $175.00 $450.00 See More Choose Your Site
Full Hook Ups, 30 & 50 Amps, Pull-Thru $35.00 $175.00 $450.00 See More Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Mini Suites $90.00 $450.00 $1,400.00 See More Choose Your Site
One Night Stay Mini Suites $90.00 $450.00 Choose Your Site

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 9:00 PM – 8:00 AM.

Water Pressure

Due to extremely high water pressure, a water pressure regulator is required.


67 South RV is not responsible for any US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, etc. letters or packages

Behavior and Children Policy

No loud or lude electronic devices, music, or talking outside or in common areas at any time No improper conduct or illegal activity of any kind at any time. This is prohibited and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The proper authorities will be contacted. / Please do not allow your children to be outside without adult supervision. / Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children under the age of 18 and are financially responsible for any damages to the park or other residents.

Pet Policy

Reservation holders are also responsible for all actions of their visitors, guest, and pets. / Pets MUST be on a leash, restrained, or kenneled when outside. / No pets are allowed in the laundry, restroom facility, or indoor campground buildings. / Please clean up after your pets immediately. / Please do not allow pets around Main Lodge, Bunk House, Restroom/Laundry facility, or other RV sites. / Pets are welcome in common gravel areas and fields. Please watch for rattlesnakes!

Damages and Injury Policy

Reservation holders assume all risk of loss or damage and are responsible for carrying their insurance. / Any damages to the property will be billed directly to the Reservation holder. / M Bar H Lodge and RV Park is not responsible for injuries of any manner that occur on our property

Sewer & Septic

Do not place hygiene products, chemicals, vinegar, or grease in plumbing to avoid damage to our septic systems

Fire Safety

NO OPEN GROUND FIRES, open flames, or fireworks within the park. Fires in firepits and BBQ grills only. Please supervise all fires at all times and use extreme caution! / Please place a can or something under your grill to catch the grease. Please do not dump ashes on the ground. / No smoking in the laundry, restroom facility, or any indoor campground buildings. / No cutting of trees or brush. Wood for campfires is not provided; please ask if any junk wood is available

Site Cleanliness

Please keep your RV clean, presentable, and in proper working condition. / No littering. Do not leave trash outside your RV at night. / Please do not throw cigarette butts, can tabs or bottle caps, etc. on the ground


No accumulation of trash or unsightly items outside, around, or under your RV. / Allowable items (must be in good and working condition): ●BBQ grill ●Propane tanks ●Lawn chairs ●Tables ●Pet kennels ●Bicycles. / Feel free to ask about other items not listed. This will be to the discretion of the owners who may also address any unsuitable situation(s) that may or may not be addressed here. / No tampering with electrical boxes. If there is an issue, please get in touch with our office. / No digging, erecting poles, or installing satellites without approval

Vehicle and Parking Policies

No non-working vehicles are allowed. / No changing oil, working on vehicles or other equipment except in approved areas, please ask where! / Please park within your designated site on the gravel pad only. / Please do not: ● Obstruct the right of way of current or future resident’s vehicles or RVs ● Park vehicles in un-occupied RV sites ● Park vehicles in Main Lodge or Bunk House parking areas ● Park on or drive over water/sewer connections ● Drive behind the Main Lodge or in the open fields (some areas contain septic systems)

City Trash pickup is FRIDAY MORNING.

Please have all trash BAGGED and placed in the dumpster inside main gate BEFORE 7:00 AM on Friday morning. Please do not place loose, unbagged trash in the dumpsters

Pets Allowed


Pull-Thru RV Sites

Laundry Facilities

Gravel Roads

Community Showers

Water Hookups

Gasoline Nearby

Community Restrooms

Back-in RV Sites

RV Hookup

Sewer Hookups

Pet Friendly

Trash Service


50 Amps

30 Amps

4329 US-67, Santa Anna, TX, 76878
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