Leisure Resort

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1 River Lane, Fentress, TX, 78622

The Lesiure Resort is located in the Texas town of Fentress, and is a great spot for an authentic southern vacation. Travelers can look forward to a peaceful, scenic terrain along the San Marcos river where travelers can picnic, swim or play. Visitors can also go river tubing, hiking, biking, sunset viewing, volleyball, horseback riding and stargazing. Onsite, management holds various activities such as cookouts, group dinners and market days. Many visitors also take day trips to nearby cities like Gruene, Austin and San Antonio for a complete and diverse Texas experience. Among these cities are caverns to explore, more water sports to enjoy, fine dining, live music and plenty of outdoor spaces. The park has a variety of camping sites available, tent camping, cabins, picnic tables with barbecue grills and fire rings. Hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 07/16/2022

1 River Lane, Fentress, TX, 78622
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Mary Mika

See face book review this place is terrible. Rude, used toilet paper outside our camper door, sites are so small you have to arrange with you neighbor how and where to park so that both can open their awning and not hit the other. We had the choice to hit a tree with our awning or run into a dirty falling down rusty grill when we stepped out of the trailer. the pet run is full of fleas, the play area pic is photo shopped it does not look like that. If you want a shower u pay .25 for 3 min. If you wash your hands after using the toilet you have pay 25 cents. Anything over two people you pay 10 for the car and 5 for each person. If you buy a day pass you have to pay by 7 pm to stay because there is no one there that can take your money. And they escort you off the premises. If you try to tell them that your family member cannot drive back to Austin because they have been drinking you are told that they should be more responsible. Then you offer to pay extra for them to stay they still cannot pay and stay. Even if you offer more money. Then you are told to take them home and you cannot because you where drinking all day as well i was told that i need to be more responsible😩😩we where camping and floating for petes sake. And the staff that ride around harassing everyone should stop and pick up dome trash or clean the pool that has poop a dirt in it. And a scum on top of it. Not to mention the manager dies mot call you back nor send you s survey to address these issues she criticizes and belittles you on the review , the explains away everything snd states what a terrible camper we are. Not sure what happened to the customer is always right.

Alexandria Newton

This campground had it all! The wooden cabins, the many activities, the kids playground and a pet park. I was able to take my little pups out and let them run in a enclosed area. Oh it was great to watch my kids chase them around and let them all run some steam out from sitting in the RV for hours. It was so relaxing I kind of didn’t want to leave in the end. The whole camp was warm and inviting and brought me back to my childhood days when we would camp at places like this. Camps don’t need lavish amenities we just need the basics and this place is more than that. It’s simply the best. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group