Lake Shore RV Resort

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1418 Q Avenue, Oelwein, IA, 50662

Lake Shore RV Resort is a campground located near Oelwein, Iowa. It features full hookup campsites that are big rig friendly. Many of them are pull through accessible. The park provides free WiFi, allows pets, and has a dump station.


Amenities & Activities

Campsite amenities offered include a swimming beach, picnic tables, fire circles, and grills. It also includes basic amenities like restrooms with hot showers and laundry facilities. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as frisbee golf, canoeing, basketball, horseshoe toss, biking, hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching.



The campground is near attractions like:

  • Hickory Grove Golf
  • Fontana Nature Cente
  • Oelwein Performing Arts Center
  • Oelwein Railway Museum

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

RV Site

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1418 Q Avenue, Oelwein, IA, 50662
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Overall Rating: 1.7

Pat Smith

FOUR DAYS IN HELL Our Lake Shore story mirrors all of the negative reviews you can find. Enforcement of their ridiculous rules is Joyce and Craig Hansel's (owners) most joyful function. We witnessed Joyce driving her golf cart, with the lights out at 10:10pm. When she found a couple of guest's children outside their trailer she swooped, sped up, turned on her lights, and angrily approached the children. Two adults came out of the trailer and harsh words were exchanged. The next morning at 6:10am the camper was gone. Don't know if this was a demand by the Hansels or the guest's choice. In another instance Craig approached a new guest at their campsite. An argument ensued. These people must have decided to leave as they began packing up and left within an hour. While these people were putting away their equipment, preparing to leave, Craig 'hid' behind a tree, then a shed, watching them. So weird. Promised activities were cancelled for a variety of reasons. Grounds are poorly kept; facilities and equipment are falling apart. Enough said. Until these idiots are out of business, BEWARE! Pat S.

Mark Litchfield

If I could leave a zero I would . Look for the 1 star reviews not the 5 star ones the owners write ...

Shawna Worthington

Very unfriendly owners ! Do not camp here unless you want to sit at your campsite and not do anything . We are at a new campground that a lot of people left Lakeshore to go to and everyone’s experience has made interesting conversations around the campfire .

Wanda Heidebrecht

Quiet, well kept campground. Nice spacious and level sites with green grass. Rates very reasonable. Plan to return for a longer stay.

Sammie Goldberg

Very unfriendly campground with pages and pages of rules . The owner rides around in the dark on her golf car enforcing the rules which are very strict . You can’t walk behind your camper to get to another camper . So much to say but also want to mention the owners are very good review writers😉

Bonnie McDonald

Our family of 3 loved our 4 month stay at Lakeshore in 2019. The owners, Joyce and Craig, work hard to keep the campground immaculately clean and inviting for those who are looking for a quiet retreat for camping. There are a ton of activities to keep kids and adults entertained, including miniature golf and swimming/boating in/on the lake. Joyce and Craig are super-friendly and accessible, going out of their way to make everyone's stay pleasant. They have created a family-first getaway that has annoyed some who didn't play by their rules. But, if you are looking for a peaceful retreat, it doesn't get any better than this. We cannot wait to return!

roy hann

my wife and i stayed at Lake Shore RV resort for several days on a trip west from NY in August 2019. this was by far the neatest, best kept camp grounds that we stayed at. I saw a lot of bad reviews but not to be believed as they seem to be from disgruntled seasonals that were removed for noise, late nite drinking parties and ignoring park rules. It was quiet and restful. I would highly recommend this campground over any in the area. Prices were low,laundry and bathrooms were neat and clean.. Compared to other campsites we stayed at on our trip I would give it a 6if possible. Owners were helpful and friendly A great family or older couples campground. Enjoy!!!!

Layne Eggena

Before you go there ask RV dealerships what they’ve heard about Lakeshore Resort . They ALL have heard the stories of what a joke this campground has turned into . Go to Other local campgrounds and ask around . Many late night discussions around campfires of people comparing stories of how terrible the owners are. The only ones that go there are the ones now checking reviews . The owners are pretty computer savvy and have written some great reviews about themselves 🙄. There were so many wonderful people that camped here and they have all been run off with just a few left .... bullies.... they tell people they are Christians ...true believers don’t act this way .... the legacy that previous owners left have been tainted ... it’s sad the way they have treated some of the nicest people you would ever meet ...

Dazed And confused

Absolutely the most unfriendly campground we have ever been to . The reviews are true . Something is the matter with people that want to run a campground the way they do. They have gotten into so many verbal alterations why in the world do they continue to cause so many issues with people . Every year people come not knowing and they leave in droves . People pay money for yearly passes and never return and their money is lost . Google the names of good reviews left ....hmmmm don’t seem to exist .... It so sad how they continue to hurt some of the nicest people . It won’t stop until people choose to not go there .

Becky Jean

Craig & Joyce Hansel, owners of Lakeshore Resort, created such a hostile environment at their campground that I’m so happy to be done with it. I typed up an extremely long novel describing how they were on a power trip & bullied their paying guests. I’ve spend roughly 6 hours at our new campground, sat with the owners around a campfire, and finally feel like I’ve found my summer home away from home. I will summarize Lakeshore like this: Quiet time means no laughing is allowed. No radio or TV on even if it can barely be heard at your site. Groups of 10 or more are unacceptable. More than 2 beers all day means you are intoxicated. As we approached 10p we were all dreading what’s to come. I think the best way to summarize it would be to say it’s just flat out depressing!! I’m mad about the money that I already paid to camp that won’t be refunded. I’m mad I won’t get to spend the rest of the summer with my camping tribe. But I feel a sense of relief knowing I won’t have to be treated so poorly every weekend. And I’ve found a new place where the owners genuinely try to get their campers and become friends. Also check out other reviews out there. We aren't alone in our concerns. Thanks for listening & happy camping 🙂 ~Camping with Perspective~ *Family*Friends*Fun*

Jim Miller

I would say 1 of the worst top 5 campgrounds in Iowa Joyce the warden likes it to be like a prison so many rules you forget them, all lights must be out by 10 she even sneeks around the campground before 10 in black to make sure you are following the 10 o'clock curfew if you like camping and walking on egg shells this is the place for you just for information last season and to the end of this season with all the rules there has been at least 24 seasonal campers that have left.

jeff decaro

I have to say, after traveling the country for 3 years these are the most unfriendly park owners we have met. Like other reviews, when 1st arriving Craig & Joyce were somewhat friendly…but be aware…they live in the middle of this small park and watch every move you make. Unless you are here to bird watch good luck. Father’s Day weekend 2pm we were playing cornhole with friends we are traveling with. Keep in mind, no one is in the park except empty campers. We had no neighbors. We were not loud. Joyce came over and told us to turn down the music which we did. Then Craig comes over and told us that no music or talking should be heard by your closest neighbor “My Park-My Rules” thumping his chest. I’m all for rules, but a little common sense goes a long way. So we turned off the music. I’m giving 2 stars because of the pretty grass which they care more about than enjoying the company of people passing through. They are so uptight, I’m not sure why they bought an RV park. They were aware a few days later when my wife and I ended up in the hospital from a car accident while visiting nearby Amish country. Not once did they ask how we were or if they could do anything for us. Maybe I’m expecting too much or spoiled from all the other parks in this beautiful country.

Hollie Morey

If I could leave a zero... Their Facebook page & website say they are family friendly, I disagree. If you have kids this is not the campground for you. They advertise that kids can use their water activities, LIES, parents MUST be in a canoe right there in the water with them, if they want to use a kayak. Why I am so upset about the watercraft issue: We met the owner of Lakeshore at the Sports Show in Cedar falls, talked to them about the water craft, gave them our kids ages, verified again when making reservations in March & again last week when I called to check on another topic, each conversation was the same answer, kids 14+ can use them, they did not elaborate on the rest of their policy. Also when making our reservations in March, each site was told we were allowed 2 visitors as it was Oelwein's town celebration, ok that is fine, get there on Friday, we were informed no visitors allowed. BUT the worst part is that rule from what we observed, is it was only for the weekend campers, as cars were coming in before the fireworks & afterwards. Waited 2 hours for a picnic table to be delivered to our site, which in the end was miscommunication between the 2 owners. Quiet hours are said to start at 10 which is when kids need to return to their site, by 9:55 ours were told to go back to our site, they were within 20 feet of us, playing quietly, and should have been given the chance to follow the rules. Joyce is not customer service friendly. I do not recommend this campground. I wrote the majority of this review while angry after confronting Joyce & in that anger, I did call Joyce a bitch to her face. While I should not have done that, I still feel the same way. Her better half spent time with us Saturday, answering our issues, so I do see where they are coming from, however one question went they really want weekend campers....we were trying to support local business close to home. While the sites & amenities are beautiful, its how a person makes you feel that counts & what you remember.

Jason Engelhardt

If I could of left a zero I would have , these people are mean and controlling . Pathetic how they treat people and honestly I think they really think they are being reasonable . I don’t know how they look themselves in the mirror everyday how terribly they have treated some of the kindest people you would meet . Beware!!!!

Suzanne Akerson

Would never ever recommend this place . The owners say they are Christians but I have never seen a couple act more unchristian like . No grace no compassion . Just deceit and greed . So puzzled why they chose to buy this campground and so horribly hurt so many people . .... what a waste of such a beautiful place ..... Im Sorry for who else is left there .... just baffled by the horror stories . How can so many people be wrong but they are right . ....

John Doe

Pretty sure Jane Doe is the owner , such a joke

Jane Doe ;)

Love the new owners and the atmosphere. So much more peaceful than last year. There is a more friendly crowd here too.

Jane Doe

Camped here a number of years... After new ownership things went down hill fast. We were not allowed to use picnic facilities in fear that trash would not be thrown. Permanent camper was asked to move one spot over because someone wanted his spot and furious when he refused. Would not allow walking in between camper in one row only, had to walk around which made it dangerous for the little ones. Told campers usually call it a night at 930 PM on weekends. Police called on occasion when the owner felt you arrived too early to prepare camper or change camper tire. Just felt like walking on egg shells. Felt bad that We actually recommended this campground to anyone.

Camped there for a number of enjoyable years until new owners took over and turned it into a concentration camp. Took all of the fun out of camping with their asinine rules. Fortunately we got into a nearby campground after being on the waiting list for 2 1/2 years. What a blessing. So sad for all of the weekend friendships that were lost.

Horrible campground with new ownership. Have no idea why current owners acquired it unless they purposely want it to go out of business.