Lake in the Forest RV Resort

19115 South East 44th Street, Ocklawaha, FL, 32179

Located on 19115 South East 44th Street in Ocklawaha, FL lies the Lake in the Forest RV Resort. This RV park includes WiFi, water, sewer, electricity, laundry facilities. You can also enjoy activities such as Basketball, shuffleboard, biking, volleyball, and canoeing during your stay. This site is open all year.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

Rv site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
full hook-up $40.00 $180.00
Tent Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Camping $30.00

General Policies

1. ACTIVITIES: Any activities will be listed outside the Rec Hall. Some planned activities are: golf lessons, ceramic pouring, ceramic painting, ceramic glazing, jewelry making, glass fusing, glass etching, t-shirt design and painting, glass fusing, etc. All activities with supplies will have a cost which will be due at the beginning of the class. 2.ABUSIVE LANGUAGE: Please refrain from abusive and foul language in public parts of the park where other guests can hear you, especially the playground, the dock, the pool and Rec Hall. 3. BEARS: Please read Bear brochure provided at check-in. Garbage left out, dog bowls, dirty grills, coolers will attract Bears. There is a fine for feeding the BEARS. 4. CANCELLATIONS: There is a 14 day before arrival cancellation notice for nscabins and sites. Weekend Families need to give a 30 day notice but can only occupy their spot during their commitment time which is arranged with the park in advance. Snobirds need to cancel by before the Season (no later than October 1st) for a refund. 5. CAMPFIRES: We sell firewood for $5 a bag which is located behind the rec hall. If office is closed, please slip money under the door with name and site #. Please keep all fires in the fire ring and under 2 feet high. All fires need to be attended and put out before retiring for the evening. No gathering of wood or cutting wood from the park or woods. 6. CHILDREAN: All children under 12 need to be accompanied at pool, lake or by animals. All children should be back at site or cabin or with adult over 18 at 10pm. Please talk to children about NOT running through others' sites or cabin areas. Damage to and/or Stealing of Camp property or others' property will have the entire group or family asked to leave without a refund. 7. DOGS: They are welcome to stay. Please keep them on a leash. Dog walk is behind the boat trailers across from the entrance by the canal to the dock. Please do not let them run free or walk them on others sites or on our golf course. Excessive barking dogs should be brought inside and not left alone. Dogs are not allowed in playground, rec hall or pool area. We do not allow mean or aggressive pets and all pets should be current with their shots. A $25 cleanup fee will be charged for holes and waste left by your cabin or sites which are not cleaned up when you depart. 8. FIREWORKS: Fireworks are not allowed in the park except sparklers. See office for details. 9. GARBAGE AND BEARS: Please drop your garbage in the dumpster frequently to avoid having garbage around. The dumpster door needs to be relocked after every use. Because of occasional unwanted Bear and other animal and rodent traffic, please do not leave garbage on your cabin porch or around your site or cabin. Bears are attracted to open pop cans, wrappers, garbage, dog food bowls (even empty) and food scraps on grill (leave grill top open after grilling). PLEASE REVIEW ALL BEAR mpster. 10. Quiet Hour is at 11pm. Children need to be back at site or cabin or with an adult over 18 for their safety at 10pm. 11. Office Hours: 10-4 Monday -Sat., Sunday 10-1 unless posted on the board outside Rec Hall. Emergencies: Debbie 352-454-9353 or Omi 352-553-6393 12. RV and Vehicle Parking: Because of pipes running under the sites, please park only on the allocated lime rock site area. If you are buddy parking, please clear it with the office so you know where not to park to avoid cracking water pipes. This also applies to vehicles, boats and trailers. 13.SECURITY: Gates are closed from 5pm to 6am. Please close gates when arriving or departing during those hours. Only registered guests are allowed in park during those hours. 14.SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in the Rec Hall, Bathrooms or Cabins. 15. Speed Limit: Because of children, please drive 15MPH in the park and do not drive across sites or off the roads (because of water pipes). Sublet for Snobirds or Weekend Campers: No sublets allowed. This campground is privately owned and is not responsible for accidents or deaths and has the right to turn away business.

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19115 South East 44th Street, Ocklawaha, FL, 32179
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