Dolan Closed Seligman Arizona Boondocking Close 2 Grand Canyon

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10700 1st St., Dolan Springs, AZ, 86441


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Seligman, AZ

Fuel Your Story at Boondocking Near Grand Canyon Ranch. Your adventures will leave you re-energized. Remember boondocking is In its simplest sense, boondocking is RV camping without water, electric, or sewer hookups. While RVing without utility hookups is completely possible at a undeveloped campground, The Best time to set up and visit the property  is doing the day time. Boondocking typically describes camping at a dispersed campsite without any amenities. Undeveloped land, often called raw land, is a vacant area without any public utilities, buildings or even driveways. Often, undeveloped land is in rural areas found off county roads and could be the place to build your forever home. It can be used for many other purposes as well, including: Recreational use.  Two Miles of County DIRT ROADS Jacobs Landing Ranch is located in Seligman, Arizona, Jacobs Landing  is located just minutes from famous Route 66, In Seligman, Arizona. 1.88 acres. Also a great place to spend the night or two and fuel your story!

Jacobs Landing Ranch, our mission is to connect people to the outdoors and each other. That’s why our two scenic Skyline views located at  Campgrounds are strategically located across Northern Arizona, to help make it easy to enjoy the beauty of nature and share adventures with family and friends and visit popular locations like Joshua tree, Kingman Arizona, lake Mead, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Our wide variety of family-friendly campgrounds provide the perfect place to get away, unwind and enjoy camping in the great outdoors. Boondocking and dry camping at its very best, enjoyed nature spectacular views.

     Whether you need a perfect site to pull into on your next RV road trip or a cozy spot where you and your kids can pitch your tent for the weekend, Jacobs Landing Ranch is sure to have the ideal campsite for you. At Jacobs Landing Ranch, we help people get outside because we know it changes them on the inside.

If you have further questions, please call the campground number listed on your Reservation Confirmation Page. We hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 10/12/2022

ALL RV Sites $10

Group RV sites available. Please call for inquiries.

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Primitive Tent Sites $8 $10.00 $60.00 Choose Your Site
Overnight Parking

Just OVERNIGHT Parking. No hanging out or sleeping in VECHILE!

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Please call and book your spot first. Then go into General Store Store on website and pay for your spot.

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A2 $10 $10.00 See More Choose Your Site

Put Everything Back

If you moved the picnic table, or other items on the site, move them back. And, if you created holes or trenches fill these in, they can be dangerous for new campers.

Leave Extra Wood

If you have no use for it at home, leave your extra firewood. With fewer things to pack, this is one of the camping rules that benefit you and those who use your site after you.

Use Lowlights

When driving through the campground or unloading your car in the dark, turn off your headlights and use your lowlights. For those around you, the bright lights can disturb sleep. Once you arrive at the campground, use lanterns and flashlights.

Respect Quiet Hours

Nearly every campground has quiet hours, usually from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. These are put in place for those who need to get a good night sleep or are camping with children. Voices carry in the still of night, so be respectful of this time. Be mindful of your early morning routine, as well, which can be just as disturbing.

Don't Cut Through Campsites

Unless you know your neighbors, avoid cutting through anyone's campsite. People pay to be at the campground, making the site their personal space for the duration of their stay. Don't intrude just to save a few minutes on your walk to the bathrooms.

Don't Wash Your Dishes in the Bathroom

Most campgrounds have specific rules about this. Not only does dishwashing take up the small space people have for bathroom use, but it's unsanitary; dirty dishes should not be in the sink where people clean their face and hands.

Pet Restrictions

Whether you're at your campsite, walking through the campground or hiking on a nearby trail, always clean up after your pets. Be sure your pet doesn't go to the bathroom on someone else's campsite, either. Camping rules for pets differ at each campground, but with food, little kids and animal allergies most people will agree that they don't want your pet wandering around their campsite. Keep your pet on a leash at the campsite, on the trails and around the campground.

Clean Your Site

Don't leave a dirty site for the next campers. Leaving trash in an otherwise pure, natural space is frowned upon, and most campgrounds will charge you for leaving garbage or other items behind. Remember the motto: take out what you bring in.

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10700 1st St., Dolan Springs, AZ, 86441
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Taking your views of the sunset and the sunrise at Boondocking@GrandCanyonRanch. Best place to stay if you're going to Grand Canyon we are 94.4 miles from the Grand Canyon. We are nestled in between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Bulls head City, Lake Mead and much much more.

Overall Rating: 5.0

Carter Covington

Whar a find! We boondocked here and it was amazing! The views are breathtaking, and we had them all to ourselves. At night we climbed to the top of our RV and watched the most amazing stargazing show. After watching a spectacular sunrise, we drove an hour to the Grand Canyon skywalk and beat the crowds. The owners are great and very responsive. We're a queer family, and sometimes RV parks can be less than friendly, but these guys were great! We are already planning our return. If you're looking for privacy and unbelievable views, this is the place!