Indian River RV Park

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5 Broad Street, Titusville, FL, 32796

Located in Titusville, Florida, Indian River RV Park features full hookup sites along with bungalows. Given our convenient location, we are literally on the doorstep of the major attractions in Titusville, only minutes away from beaches, casino boats, kayaking, National Seashore and more. Visitors can take advantage of popular nearby attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and more. Whether its for a short and or long term stay, we hope to see you soon!

Last Updated: 06/14/2021

RV Sites

If you are bringing a pet, please include the breed in the "Special Requests or Considerations" portion of this reservation.  ABSOLUTELY NO PIT BULLS, CHOWS, DOBERMAN PINCHERS, ROTWEILLERS, GERMAN SHEPHERDS OR AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Seasonal Monthly Rates: If you are inquiring about Seasonal Monthly Rates, please call Indian River RV Park directly at 321-267-3562. Seasonal Monthly Rates = any reservation over 27 nights. Thank you!

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
a. Waterview Sites (full hook up) $85.00 $500.00
b. 35' and up (full hook up) $75.00 $475.00
c. 25'-34' (full hook up) $70.00 $450.00
d. 20'-24' (full hook up) $65.00 $400.00
e. 12'-19' (full hook up) $60.00 $350.00
f. Electric Only Sites (110v) $50.00
g. Overflow Sites (no hook up - no concrete pad) $50.00 $300.00
h. Overflow Sites (full hook up - no concrete pad) $60.00 $400.00

Don't have your own RV?  Stay in ours!  We have redone this 1960s trailer to be a great little place to stay!  Self contained with working bathroom, this trailer is on a waterview site and loved by our guests!


If you are bringing a pet, please include the breed in the "Special Requests or Considerations" portion of this reservation.  ABSOLUTELY NO PIT BULLS, CHOWS, DOBERMAN PINCHERS, ROTWEILLERS, GERMAN SHEPHERDS OR AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Seasonal Monthly Rates: If you are inquiring about Seasonal Monthly Rates, please call Indian River RV Park directly at 321-267-3562. Seasonal Monthly Rates = any reservation over 27 nights. Thank you!

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Bungalow -- $500.00 $1,700.00 See More
Bungalow 2

2 bedroom and includes a daybed with trundle for extra sleeping options. Fully furnished and equipped and has a screened in front porch. Weekly and monthly rates available. $75.00 cleaning fee.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Bungalow 2 -- $500.00

Address Display

In accordance with Brevard County Fire Codes, all site numbers be visibly displayed on EVERY unit. This applies to all RV’ers as residents.


It is strictly forbidden to solicit or operate a business in the park or within their dwelling.

Extra Vehicles

There is room for 1 RV and one car/tow vehicle per site. There is additional parking adjacent to the park that is available on a first come first served basis.

Park Extras

We are in a great location with quite a bit to do both within and right outside of the park. Stay with us to see the rocket launch or hang around the park and ask the manager about availability of fishing tours!


Upon entry to park, all campers & guests must register at park office & provide photo ID. (Campers sign that they have received a copy of these rules) Rates are for two adults, one vehicle, and one pet. Extra vehicles can be charged an additional daily, weekly or monthly rate. There is a $10.00 charge per night for each additional guest staying one night or more. Fees must be paid in advance. (SEE GUESTS below)

Speed Limit

5 MPH at entrance, 5 MPH in park. Please use main entrance and follow road arrows. Please be considerate of pedestrians, dogs and bicyclists.

Quiet Hours

9:00 pm to 7:00 am. This policy is strictly enforced. Please be Courteous at all times. No loud music at any time.

Pet Policy

RV Campers are permitted to have one four-legged pet without any additional fee. There is a $15 fee per month for each extra pet. All pets must be registered with office. Pets must be attached to their owners at ALL TIMES. Pick up after your pet and DO NOT walk your pets through your neighbor’s yard. Under no circumstance can pets be left alone outside. Loud or unruly pets are grounds for removal from park. Management reserves the right to REFUSE any pet entry into park &/or continued residence in the park. Please note that we will not accept particular breeds considered as dangerous dogs under Florida Statute 767.12. (ABSOLUTELY NO PIT BULLS, CHOWS, DOBERMAN PINCHERS, ROTWEILLERS, GERMAN SHEPHERDS OR AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS.
) Classification of dogs as dangerous; certification of registration; notice and hearing requirements; confinement of animal; exemption; appeals; unlawful acts.


Guests are required by Florida law to register at office upon entry to park. GUESTS must provide photo ID. Advanced payment is required. Registered Owner Campers are responsible for guest actions. Indian River RV Park reserve the right to refuse admittance of any guest onto park property whom management deems undesirable & any tenant entertaining such guest is in violation of park rules and regulations. Guests must park in City Parking designated areas. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Disorderly conduct, nuisance, nudity, intoxication, profanity, loudness, domestic violence, drug abusiveness, theft, illegal activity, vandalism, bullying, malicious gossip, disturbance of the peace or comfort of park or (of any person) on park property is grounds for immediate removal from park. PLEASE do not take “Short cuts” through your neighbor’s site for any reason. Campers are responsible for damage done to park property by themselves, their guests or contractors they have hired.

Site/Lot Conditions

By Florida law a sewer donut or screw in adapter MUST be attached to your sewer hose. Your site must be kept neat at ALL TIMES. Camper is responsible for home maintenance while residing in park to include pressure washing. YOU MUST do your own weed-eating and difficult to mow around areas. You must also tend to your own flower beds, etc. Under no circumstance will management be responsible to clear your lot of your personal items in order to mow. If managements finds that a lot/home needs attention, the resident will be given a written warning giving resident a fair amount of time to correct issues. If resident (s) do not take adequate steps to correct the problems in a timely manner, or untidy conditions are deemed habitual, resident will be forced to leave the park. NO EXCEPTIONS. DO NOT STORE refrigerators, bikes, chairs, cars, trailers, etc. on your site or empty sites. Patios, decks, sheds metal awnings or any other improvement MUST meet approval of park management. NO fences, sprinklers, extension cords, carpets, or any items deemed inappropriate for outdoor use are to be stored or left out on your lot for any reason. Any and all plantings MUST meet the approval of management and becomes the property of Indian River RV Park. A good rule of thumb is to get permission from management before altering site in any way to avoid any confusion. Generally, we encourage residents to put their personal signature on lots as long as the improvements are tastefully done, (yard ornamentation is allowed within reason) does not infringe on your neighbors, or managements/utility workers ability to perform routine maintenance. Resident shall be responsible for the cost of any repair should any park utility malfunction due to unauthorized improvements or negligence of resident. Unauthorized alteration of our electrical boxes is strictly prohibited. PLEASE NOTE: Every lot at Indian River RV Park is unique in size and dynamic. Every resident has a right to access both sides of their home without problems or ‘crowding’ from neighbor. In some cases, due to the size the lot, this space is minimal and only common areas (between two neighbors) are allowed for. PLEASE use common courtesy. Cooperation between neighbors is important in these communal areas between homes. Please respect boundaries and privacy of your neighbors. Keep plantings to a minimum in these areas and IF you want to make improvements in these areas, discussing it with your neighbor WILL go a long way in preventing disharmony in the community. PLEASE remember that you MUST get managements approval before sites are altered in any way. IF you have any question about these matters, your boundaries OR what is acceptable or NOT, please see a member of management. Storage under RV’s and patio’s need to be stored tastefully and not an eye soar to neighbors.


Sun rooms, screen rooms, & or any additions must be pre approved by management and county permits where applicable must be filed with office before any work is done.

Yard Debris

For the continued beauty of the park, leaves and other yard debris must be left at approved curb tied up or IN A BAG to allow easy pick-up. FYI – We are not responsible for supplying you with bags.


Refer to map for dumpster location. All trash must be placed in plastic bags before placing in dumpster. No furniture, mattresses, building material, etc. to be placed in dumpster. Boxes of any size should be broken down. Dumpster lids should be closed at ALL times. Please report illegal dumping.


Facilities are available for your convenience from 9am to 8pm. Do not leave laundry unattended. Please leave the laundry clean after use. Do not take any animals in the laundry room, bathroom or shower, other than registered service guide dog.


No open burning anywhere in park. Regulation above-ground fire pits are not permitted.

Recreation Facilities

Bathhouse, and other facilities are used at camper’s risk. Anyone using park facilities must leave them neat, clean & orderly absolutely no animals in bathhouse. Please conserve water. Please no washing vehicles on property or there will be a charge for $50.00 for RV washing and $20.00 per vehicle washing.


No parking of boats or boat trailers on sites. See manager for suggestion for storage spot.

Storage Fees

Indian RV Park reserves the right to charge storage fees for camper’s personal property (cars, boats, RVs, etc.) not located on camper’s site at any time.

Transfer of RV Ownership

All prospective year-around, monthly & seasonal residents MUST apply at office and pay for background check before admittance to Indian RV Park property. For Sale signs are not allowed in your yard. Signs with contact information must be put in your front window and posted in the office. No renting of your unit (or subleasing of lot) allowed without management approval.

Seasonal Hours

A member of management is generally available for regular business from Monday-Sunday 9-5, for reservations/ pre-arranged after hours check in or by appointment. All check ins must check in before dark. We are AVAILABLE after-hours for PARK emergencies ONLY. (fire, broken water pipes, electrical issues outside your unit, etc.) Emergency numbers are posted. For Emergencies that require medical assistance or law enforcement, please DIAL 911 and then notify park management as soon as possible.


We reserve the right with sole discretion to refuse admittance to any person or guest to Indian River RV Park property for any or no reason. A background check may be required for all year- around, monthly and seasonal campers before entry is allowed. Any person or persons who do not abide by our rules will be asked to leave the park without further notice. Anyone refusing to leave the park, RV, cars, trucks and all personal belongings will be towed at their expense and Indian River RV Park is indemnified from any damages in the process.


All Camper’s Guest agree to indemnify Indian River RV Park from any claim, injury and any suit. Any claim by Camper or it’s Guests shall be against the Camper or it’s Insurance Carrier and fully exhausted prior to having any claim with Indian River RV Park.

Revision to Rules and Policies

Indian RV Park MANAGERS and/or OWNERS reserve the right at its sole discretion to REVISE/CHANGE the existing rules or regulations deemed necessary for the safety, convenience and enjoyment of ALL campers and /or residents OR for the preservation of its own property. If any changes of these park rules occur, campers will be notified, and changes will be posted in office. These RULES apply to ALL. Abiding by them and using consideration for your neighbor helps make our park a pleasant place to stay. Indian RV Park Management thanks you for your cooperation. By signing these rules, you agree that you have been given a copy of these rules and fully understand them. You also agree to abide by rules as they are conditions of residency in this park.

Attorneys' Fees and Costs

Camper shall pay all costs incurred by Indian River RV Park in collecting sums due under this Agreement including reasonable attorneys’ fees. If Indian River RV Park or Camper sues to enforce this Agreement the prevailing party in any such proceeding shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in the proceeding (including those incurred in any bankruptcy proceeding or appeal) from the non – prevailing party.


Rent must be paid in advance before occupying site & is due on the 1st of each month. It is considered late if not paid by 5pm on the 3rd day of each month. Rents not received by the 3day of each month will accrue a late charge of $50.00 and $10 per day retroactive from the 1st day of the month until paid in full. There is a $50.00 return check fee on all return checks.

RV, Boats, Vehicles

Private property that is on Indian RV Park property is the owner’s responsibility and should be properly registered and covered by insurance. Indian River RV Park, LLC is indemnified from any storm, accidental, flood, tree, hurricane, tornado, theft, fire, damages to Campers cars, vehicles, personal property, and or recreational vehicles.

Nightly Agreement

This Agreement is not a Lease. Both parties agree that this agreement is a hotel motel one-night Agreement.

Rental Rates

Rental rates are subject to change and determined by views, lot size, RV size, vehicles etc.… and determined at the sole discretion of the Management without prejudice.


You agree that you will not make any defamatory or disparaging comments or remarks, in writing, orally or electronically, about any and all current, former or future tenants, employees, directors, officers, investors, products or services of the Company. This includes all social media any violation of the term will result in immediate termination of this Agreement.


All vehicles MUST BE parked on your own site or where assigned by management. All vehicles, including RVs must have current tags and license plates. Year-around and seasonal campers must file current registration of RV in office. Additional fee of $50 per extra vehicle, one car maximum per site. Motorcycles MUST be approved by management before entering park. Additional monthly fees also apply. Only one car per Site unless approved in writing by Management.

5 Broad Street, Titusville, FL, 32796
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Overall Rating: 4.7

Stephen Batson

Awesome Park ! We will definitely be going back ! Terry and Cindy are great ! Quaint little park that is very well maintained and in a great location over looking the Indian River. They definitely keep an eye on your rig whenever you are away for the day and will call if there’s any kind of issue you need to be aware of.

Bonnie Miller

Quaint little park would be could use some picnic tables at the sites

Yanya Mcreynolds

Nice little site. Close to downtown

Diane Slater

What a fabulous day we had. We came only to go to Kennedy space Center which was right across the water. We were met by The manager who showed us to our site and then went on to help us with our hook ups! Never ever has that happened. And then on the day we left we were ready to pull out and he came over and said I was going to help you get unhooked! it is a very shaded park that has concrete patios. Not much room for large rigs. It was perfect for us with our class C. There are lots of spaces for class A’s but not super spacy. We love this place and we would definitely stay here again it’s back in the area!

David Ferguson

Just completed a nice two week stay and Terry and Cindy are great hosts. When we checked in we went to Pier 220 for lunch and left the windows down in the RV. It started to rain and when I came back from lunch Terry had put garbage bags over my windows so my cab did not get wet! I saw two SpaceX launches by walking across the street to watch it from the river. Pier 220 and Playalinda Brewery are within walking distance. I jogged in the mornings of my stay along the river in the large park next to the bridge that is within walking distance. The park has a splash pad for the kids. The park is 15 minutes from one of the prettiest undeveloped beaches in Florida... Playalinda Beach. This is a nice little park in a great location.

John Sproules

Cindy and Terry are fantastic! We had a great stay. Our first day we were heading out and Terry was slipping plastic bags over the windows of a guests RV whose windows were left open when they went to dinner. All week we watched him do this all week. Great host!

Walter Whitaker

Nice people, very small sites


Beautiful little RV park in Titusville!!! Park hosts were super cool and accommodating! Great info for us where to see the launch!! We will be back

David Speaker

Indian River is a Quaint little Campground in Titusville Florida , Reserved a spot for this last Launch it was Fantastic !! Convenient to Everything in the area !

Becky Sterling

Interesting location. Nice landscaping for a tight little spot. Staff and other campers friendly. Would return in a heartbeat.

Jon Pierce

Great little park overlooking the Indian River. The grounds are very clean, well manicured, and very nice landscaping. The campground staff was very helpful and great to work with. I give it 5 Stars, we will be returning.

Leah Cunningham

One of my favorite campgrounds. Small, cozy and well shaded with easy access to the ocean and downtown. Will definitely go back again!

Michael VanLaan

As another review writer stated, this is "old Florida". That seems to be a great way to describe this place. Very tight spots. Terry, the camp host, did an awesome job directing us to our site and helping us get situated. There was a sewer line back up the day before we left. It didn't impact us because they took care of the issue before we had to leave (and dump), but I think this is reflective of the age of this campground. Nice little area. One of the prettiest parks we've stayed at.

D Nelsen

Great location in downtown Titusville. Close to the water and multiple parks. Sites are tight. You hear trains at night. Staff is outstanding.

Charlotte Garner

Such a fabulous place to stay. Small, beautiful, well kept & great managers. Walking distance to shops & restaurants and a perfect location for watching space launches!

craig Eason

Nice park. we would stay there again. Well kept and clean and Very nice care takers. Great location.

Charlie Hall

Its an easy to find, quaint RV park with view of St. John river and Space Station. Grounds are well maintained with each site nicely landscaped. There are local restaurants, and a grocery within walking distance. The Manager was very pleasant, guided us into our site and made sure we were comfortable. We're looking forward to our next trip there.

Art Lami

Cable TV did not work, and a crazy man was walking around outside the park screaming. Other than that, nice site with lots of shade.

Campground Response

Art I am so sorry to see you had problems. The reason your cable TV did not work is because we don’t have cable tv offered here. Typically our park is very quiet but if you experienced a disturbance coming from the outside perimeter of our park we always make ourselves available 24 hours a day to assist our campers with any issues that arise. We hope you will visit us again.

Juan Kimbro

Friendly, helped us get parked , set up, good WiFi. Clean, neat. Water view site. Had missile launch 45 min after we arrived.

Brian Thorn

Great hosts, very welcoming and helpful. Campsite very clean and presentable Thanks for a fun stay