Indian Hot Springs Spa & Lodge

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302 Soda Creek Road, Idaho Springs, CO, 80452

Indian Hot Springs Spa & Lodge is located near the breathtaking city of Denver, Colorado and is an amazing spot for a relaxing camping trip in the midst of breathtaking mountains. 



Campers can look forward to onsite activities to keep every member of the group engaged and having fun. There's opportunities for boating, hiking, swimming, golfing, wildlife viewing, soaking in the onsite hot springs, fishing and scenic viewing. Plus, there's plenty of opportunities for sunset viewing and stargazing. Amenities at the park include: full hookups campsites, big-rig access, pull-thrus, mineral swimming pool and one of a kind geothermal cave baths, showers and laundry facilities.


Travelers can take advantage of a number of attractions just beyond the campground, including: 

- Denver Botanic Gardens

- Denver Art Museum

- Downtown Aquarium

- Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

- Elitch Gardens Theme Park

- Molly Brown House

- Larimer Square


The area is also home to a number of excellent eateries and pubs to sample local flavors. Hope to see you at Indian Hot Springs Spa & Lodge for your next Denver camping trip!



Last Updated: 10/25/2019

Pets Allowed

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

50 Amps

30 Amps

Swimming Indoors

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Family Friendly

302 Soda Creek Road, Idaho Springs, CO, 80452
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Danielle Huddy

Please, don't waste your money!! It saddens me as a long-time and devoted patron to write this, but Indian Hot Springs has become disgustingly despicable over the years and its time people know the truth and avoid this toxic environment. These people are not there to make your experience a good one, they are about the money and sticking together as an unhealthy pack of heartless individuals. I don't say this lightly, I've been going here since I was 4 years old and it is supposed to be a place of peace, happiness and healing. I have fibromyalgia and use hot springs as a regular therapy, but I can no longer bring myself to come here. I received, hands down, the worst treatment EVER, entirely unprovoked by me, and never once did I engage, and I had to endure a near tantrum level exchange, to get into a room I had booked and clearly indicated I was checking in for. Upon talking with the manager about his employee, he stuck up for her, no compensations were offered for the most inhumane treatment from no provocation I have ever had to witness. Just having to go through that, then getting blown off by the entire establishment left me in great fibro pain for days as I tried to process the injustice, the disgusting and uncalled for behavior of the woman serving me. I have seen this sort of treatment, all though not as bad as I witnessed personally, happening throughout the Indian Hot Springs for some time now, and to know that they will excuse it and promise training exercises right after excusing it is ominous to me and makes me think I will just continue to see this abuse happen to their patrons. Please, beware before you take your precious and beautiful psyche to this place, and ask yourself, "Do I really want to risk going through that kind of mistreatment and pain when I am looking for a place to heal?" You should come up with a HUGE "NO!" Please, heed this warning, there are such much better places around Idaho Springs to experience true healing and peace. I sincerely hope this helps others avoid pain.