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7-57 Blockhouse Run Road, Beaver Falls, PA, 15066

As the NEWEST lodging properties in the Tri-State area, we provide a fresh, fulfilling and satisfying take to any of your housing needs. Whether you are staying the night, the week, for a month or longer, Hotel RV has everything you need for a pleasant lodging experience.  We especially take welcome to our Gas and Oil workers, seeking an extended stay. At Hotel RV, we make sure that everything from our locations and property types, to our available amenities and extra comforts, are nothing but absolute lodging perfection.

If you are in the gas and oil industry, you know how complex lodging situations among the industry’s workers can be. From finding the right place, to tracking down the most appropriate lease-term length, in the right amount of time, can be difficult. Our staff at Hotel RV understands this frustration from their own personal experience with Gas and Oil housing which is why we are the perfect choice to help you make the decision for where you will spend your time at your home away from home. We welcome all gas and oil workers to each one of our property locations and know you will enjoy your stay with us.

Last Updated: 05/19/2023

RV Sites

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Storage $6.67 $46.67 $200.00 See More Choose Your Site

*Remote Office*

We currently do not have anyone on staff at the park. We can be reached by calling or texting 413-334-8436, or 724-822-1377. You can also email us at or

Hotel RV Park Rules and Regulations

Speed Limit: 5 MPH throughout the entire campground. Please keep each other safe! Quiet Time: 9:00PM to 8:00AM daily. Holiday weekends 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. All children must be with parents at the campsite by 9:00 PM. Please be considerate of neighbors. Radios and televisions should not be heard beyond your site. Campsite: Limit of One Camping Unit per site. Vehicles: Limit of ONE vehicle per Camping Unit (ask staff about additional parking) all violators will be towed. Camp Fires: must be in the rings provided. Never leave a fire unattended and extinguish before retiring for the night. Supervise children at all times. Children: Parents are responsible for children at all times. Please do not leave children unattended. Bicycles: All children under 12 years old must wear a helmet (this is a PA law). Children must have bikes back at the site before dark. Please do not park bikes in commons areas. Smoking policy: Camper’s are only permitted to smoke in the assigned areas in common areas. Please be courteous and clean up cigarette butts at you assigned campsite. Pets: are permitted at sites. All dogs must be kept on a leash. Please clean up after your pet. Do not leave animals unattended. Fire Wood: There is NO cutting of trees or branches permitted on campground property or neighbor’s properties. PA state law bans burning of pressure treated woods and moving any type of wood from other states due to insects. Trash: can be disposed of at the dumpsters. Water Usage: Washing of Vehicles, RV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, and Bikes are prohibited. Visitors: You are responsible for the behavior and actions of visitors at your site. Insurance & Theft: We are checking the campground constantly, but we are not responsible in the case of theft of RV or contents thereof; nor for any damage caused by natural causes (i.e., Tree falling); nor for spoilage of refrigerator/freezer foods due to loss of electricity. All activities in the campground are done at the individual’s free will and Hotel RV will not be responsible for injury to guests, or for loss of money or valuables of any kind. Fireworks: are prohibited in the campground. This includes ALL types of fireworks (including those sold legally in PA), etc. We must look out for the safety of all campers. Alcohol: PA legal drinking age is 21 and this law will be enforced. Disruptive Behavior: If the police are called by management due to disruptive behavior, the camper will be required to leave the campground. No Refunds to any person in this situation. Please do not put yourselves and management in this situation. Maintenance of Site: All sites must be kept neat and clean of debris and in an uncluttered state. Alterations to Site: Campers may not make changes to site without approval of management. Electric Heaters: No electric heaters are permitted. Insurance: We recommend that each camper purchase their own individual insurance. Hotel RV is not responsible for any damage caused by natural disasters, negligence, theft, or loss of electricity. All management of Hotel RV reserve the right to refuse service to anyone noncompliant with campground rules and regulations. We also reserve the right to change Rules & Regulations at any time to protect the safety of all campers. All activities in the campground are done at the individual’s free will and Hotel RV will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests, or for loss of money/ valuables of any kind. Hotel RV Resort Monthly Site Rules RV LOT REFUNDS ARE AS FOLLOWS. If you leave before the 15th day of your paid month you will be refunded half a month’s rent. If you leave after the 15th day of your paid month there will be NO REFUND.

Checkout refunds

If you are paying monthly, and you check out before the 15th of the month, you will receive a 1/2 month refund. Any checkouts after the 15th of the month will not be refunded.


All vehicles must be parked on road. Parking on grass is prohibited.

50 Amps

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7-57 Blockhouse Run Road, Beaver Falls, PA, 15066
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Convenient Locations & Satisfying New Rental Sites, Complete with Affordability! Hotel RV’s main location is conveniently located right off of Interstate 70 (Exit 1), in Pennsylvania. We are the ONLY RV site in the Tri-State area that offers a 6-unit apartment complex, tiny-homes rentals, RV parking sites and storage, and more, all at a variety of convenient, beautiful areas. Each of our RV sites are easily accessible for up to 40 foot trailers, and we also offer RV and truck storage for your convenience. Not only is Hotel RV unique, secure and overflowing with amenities for all of your lodging needs and desires, we are also completely affordable!

Overall Rating: 2.6

Linda Burke

The people living here in the park are very friendly. Currently there are only about 10 sites taken out of about 70. It is quiet and feels rural although it is not far from shopping. I would rate it higher but all the lots open for use are right in the hot open sun and about 8 feet from a busy road. There are no amenities such as picnic tables or fire pits, no playground or pool. About 80% of the lots are "not available". So, although I like the people here and the area I will be looking for someplace with a little shade and off the busy road.

Kurt Maier

This place is joke. Save your money. Trash everywhere. Electric pedestals damaged at plugs or burns marks on them. I looked at several. No response from owners. Can’t get ahold of anybody. Worst campground I’ve ever seen.

Donna Kirsch

Not what we expected. Seemed more residential than RV campers/ vacations. The full hook up was great!

Rodney Parmley

Definitely not a regular camping spot. More a RV park for longer term people. We parked next to utility pole and tree. Sewer hookup in the back and because we were avoiding ruts left by previous occupants to be able to level it was too far away. You end of being parked at the side off the road although spacious Was ok got the purpose (was late booking a spot for Holiday WE). No one on site - luckily we called ahead and got clarification on location (2 parks) and assigned lot nr Cell reception for ATT and Verizon goes in n out T mobile did not work for us

Brian Gust

First; This is an incorrect address for the park. Should have told me something right there. Second; There is no office to check in at and the number listed goes straight to an answering machine. Third; This is not an RV park. Its a trailer park. The sites are unimproved, no gravel just grass and dirt. The picture listed is very misleading. It had rained the entire day we traveled to the park. upon arrive it was a mud hole. No way I was going to park my 18,000 lbs. coach there. I wasted $166.70 as we did not stay at this dump. Do not waste your money. Find a different campground. Hopefully my CC company can help me get some relief from my error in judgement. I should have looked harder on Goggle earth.


This rv site does not look anything like pictures. It is a mess. If your staying over night and need hook ups this will do but anything longer than that, go elsewhere. This park has no other amenities and needs tlc in the worst way. No parking unless you park on the street. The parking for the campers are just grass. All of the hook ups are located in the back of the spots. There is motor home on grounds that is a dump and needs cleaned up. This campground need real tlc and maintenance.

Campground Response

We are so sorry that you feel this way about our RV Park. However please keep in mind that this is PA and it's coming up to the rainy months. So yes the lots will be muddy but we maintain them the best that we can. We are sorry that you had a bad experience staying with us. Thank You,

Cristy Crider

Close to plant and that's what we needed. This place does not, "right now", look like pictures. For one, it's winter, so that always looks dreary anyway, but the grounds are in rough shape. They are grassy, or, they were... Only one area of this park provides a parking area. The other sections you're suppose to park on the road in front of your RV. That doesn't work as road is not wide enough in certain sections. We pulled into a muddy mess. People like to park close to their RV and so they just pull onto the grass. Grass doesn't remain grass after plenty of rain as well as HD trucks rutting it all up. I know when we pulled in, our RV left tracks as did our truck. No way around it, we have to get parked. Grass lots in RV parks do not ever work. And I refused to woller in muck or park my truck in it, so I took pictures of the park and sent them to Mngmnt. I was shocked when I received a txt "threatening to hold tenants responsible for damage done to their grass." They also said they had signs posted not to park on grass. Those signs only exist on one end of the park. It's where they have a parking lot. I for one was not worried tho, I have pic's proving I had not damaged their mud anymore than it already was! ;-). I guess their txt was an auto response. Anyway, I called an ask Mngmnt if it was okay that I have rock delivered myself, the answer I received was w/o hesitation. Two weeks after we arrived I had 4-ton of mixed rock delivered and spread in front of my RV. Freezing temps kept ground frozen which helped but when thawed? YUK! Someone at some point prior had already had rock down, this I could easily tell from what was left in one area in my lot. Now exactly almost to date after my report about the mud, this morning, seven tandem trucks fully loaded with rock started dumping piles in the park. An hour later they returned w/second load of smaller size rock, which is a top layer. They are doing a great job, already has made a big difference in the way the park looks. Response time might seem slow to some but I disagree. I am a camp worker in some parks we stay at across the US, so I know how long it takes when you are dealing w/board members/Owners not on site. Red Tape much!!! I was very impressed w/the response time. Nice job! Now if people would just clean up after their Pets! Way to go leaving dog crap all over. Just ruin it for the rest of us why don't you?! Ya know, the responsible pet owners? This park has great potential but guests have to put forth effort to help keep it that way.

Erica Flannery

Had a couple small hiccups in the beginning, but the management resolved it quickly. Very fair on pricing. Nice quiet park.