Gulf Breeze RV Resort

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19800 Oak Road W, Gulf Shores, AL, 36542

Gulf Breeze RV Resort includes amenities such as WiFi, water, sewer, electricity. This RV park is located on 19800 Oak Road W in Gulf Shores, AL and is open all year. Basketball, shuffleboard, tennis, golf, and mini golf are some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay here.

Last Updated: 07/27/2023

Water Hookups

Cable Hookups

Sewer Hookups


50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps






Mini Golf

Swimming Outdoors


19800 Oak Road W, Gulf Shores, AL, 36542
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Overall Rating: 2.4

Mr B

Well we’ve stayed full time for many year’s. Decided not to stay this year and we have NOT received our deposit back and it’s been 3 months. Still nothing but excuses. Pretty sad for a $50.00 deposit and new ownership. I don’t care who owns the park now it is still Gulf Breeze Rv and you owe us our deposit back simple as that.

D Sumerlin

I have been staying at gulf breeze rv park about 6 weeks, so far every time I have a issue about the park the women that are in the office shoot it down! There’s no restrictions! Loud barking dogs day and night, extremely noisy people with kids screaming, golf carts that go all over up until 10:00 or so at night, people park on the grass anywhere they desire.. some of the sites have junk piled all over the place,there’s one near me that is such an eye sore, it’s falling apart, very old rv with an ac hanging from front window, well I addressed it to the women in the office, and they said there’s nothing they can do. They also let the rvs come in late hours which doesn’t seem right.. I was in bed trying to get to sleep and 10:00 an rv pulled in right next to me. Most parks there is check in and check out times scheduled. I really would like to continue staying for the summer in this park if some drastic changes were made.. its a great location, and you have nice size lot, some of them really big.. a swimming pool I haven’t gone to yet as it’s been closed and their clubhouse due to the covid19. I hope improvements will be made soon!

My wife and I stopped for information regarding a four month layover and I found stopping at the office to be a total waste of time. Not sure if the person I spoke with was "Margret" as mentioned in a previous review posted (Sept 2019) but I may as well been trying to get information from a wet cat. Having gotten permission to tour the park, first impressions were good until we saw the sights with standing water. Honestly, if I were to be assigned one of those sights, I'd want my money back. No way would I attempt connecting to submerged electric utilities let alone connecting to a water hydrant buried and surrounded by the same water. Not talking a few sights folks so I recommend taking a tour before setting up housekeeping. Honestly, if you read other reviews, including other sights, making comment of 'long term' standing water.... believe it. So unless you're certain of your sight being high and dry.... do not forget your boots. Also, if you are a Snowbird, good luck trying to figure out when you can or can't make a long term reservation. If I understood correctly we could reserve a sight for Dec. 2020 but need wait till Jan 1 2021and hope we could get a spot for Jan - March and the same spot is not guaranteed each of those months. My overall honest opinion, the resort is booked and the office staff could give a crap if we ever came back. Also, seeing the same issue with standing water, as has been reviewed over several years, the owner(s) could give a crap about your safety or comfort. Again just my opinion folks but be aware, the problems exist so take a tour before paying for a sight.

Mike Smith

Great place to stay, Margret in the office is shady. Believe me she will take money if you want to get on her call list when someone else cancels!

Belinda R Bivens

We stayed 5 nights at this RV "resort" over New Years. The sites are large enough but not spacious by any means. Concrete pads and patio with picnic table and grill but no fire ring. Utilities were good. Facilities are clean and well maintained. This park is 98% full of snow birds. They have some scheduled activities but we didn't partake since we are shortimers in the park. They advertised a bon fire for New Years Eve but the staff didn't seem to know anything about it. We looked for it, but never saw anything but heard the next day that they did have it and only a few people showed up. I Wonder why? The park is close to the beaches and lots of shopping and restaurants. The biggest issue I had with the park was the lack of drainage. Yes it had rained hard before we arrived but 5 days later with no more rain, there was still water standing in a lot of places. You would actually sink up over your shoes if you got far off the pavement. The second biggest issue is the "map" they give you when you arrive. It is a copy of a copy of a copy of a map that was printed professionally at some point but is now worthless. The streets are laid out strange and you can't read the street names on the map. This is a little thing but driving a 40' motorhome around the park looking for your site is not fun. We finally dropped the toad and used it to locate a usable site ( remember the standing water). This is an OK place for $35 a night but I would rather stay at the state park down the road. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group