Green Meadows Campground

30 Amps

50 Amps

Dump Station

General Store

Propane Refilling Station

Pets Allowed


Swimming Outdoors

4880 Hwy 350 W, Clarksville, OH, 45113

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Overall Rating: 1.7


The owner of this campground helps people out and let's many stay for free who can't afford anywhere else. And this seems to upset the people around them who make fun of those who can't afford anything. Prime example would be Andrea longenecker who claims the owner lets people use his truck to steal things. She's nothing but trash who makes fun of poor people.

Concerned (LC) Citizen

Trash just trash!! Kids living in filth and parents not caring!! I would be ashamed to admit I own this property. If anything you should not let children live like this! They didn’t choose this life! Their parent have just ridiculous!!!

A Longenecker

I've lived in the area over 30 years. The campground is a well known place to live if you're a junkie, always mentioned in the newspaper for squad calls to revive. Or if you're a thief, the owner will even let you use his truck! The community is in constant fear of the people who are permitted to live there. Stay far away, that's the best review I can give.