Green Acres RV Park

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4812 Westside Road, Redding, CA, 96001

Green Acres RV Park is secluded and peaceful. Located in Redding, California, it features spacious, full hookup campsites. The park offers free WiFi and allows pets.

Amenities & Activities

Campsite amenities offered include a clubhouse, koi pond and waterfall, swimming pool, shuffleboard, and horseshoe toss. It also includes all your basic amenities like restrooms and laundry facilities.

Visitors can enjoy on-site activities such as biking, golf, historic sightseeing, hunting, and more. 

Local Attractions

  • public boat ramp on Sacramento River
  • Win-River Casino
  • Shasta Lake

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

RV Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Premium Back-in Full Hookup $30.00 $165.00

Laundry Facilities

Water Hookups

Propane Refilling Station

ADA Accessible

Dump Station

Cable Hookups

Sewer Hookups

Pet Friendly

20 Amps

30 Amps


Historic Sightseeing







Scenic Drives

Swimming Outdoors


Wildlife Viewing

4812 Westside Road, Redding, CA, 96001
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Douglas Bamlett

I stayed here in 2018. I felt that the new owner was dishonest as I'd asked him if I could stay a day at a time for a couple days to determine if I wanted to stay a week. On the 3rd day of my stay I asked if I could pay the remaining 3 days and advance to the weekly rate. He responded by saying yes and continued to talk about how it was his business and he could make the policy however he wanted it. At no time in that discussion did he say anything that didn't support his answer to my question which was a clear "yes". So I paid the remaining 3 days on the spot for a total of 5 days. He then came to me after the 5th day demanding that I pay for 7 days at the full rate though he'd already agreed to the weekly rate and that was the reason I signed up for it was due to his answer. When I reminded him of our discussion (nobody else in the room and me only 2' away from him) he denied having that discussion at all. I knew I'd been had right at that moment. This is the first time I have encountered such a sleazy operator who seems to be quite deliberate in confusing his communications. I don't like to deal with people who will take advantage of an undocumented conversation as a basis to swindle. I will not return to this park unless someone else is running it. Also I'm giving my testimony to warn others who might also get swindled.

Campground Response

This reviewer visited the park in November of 2018, interesting that he waited almost a year to post his review. We have 3 rates at the park, daily, weekly and monthly. The longer you stay, the lower the daily rate. The customer decides which rate they would like. When he arrived at the park he did say he was interested in staying a week, but did not want to commit to the weekly rate. He paid for the first 2 nights, and on the third day came in the office and wanted to negotiate a rate where he paid for 5 days at the daily rate, but was able to stay for 7 days because in his mind he was paying the same amount of money as the weekly rate. (It was actually $20 less than the weekly rate.) I said no, and he became visibly angry when I would not agree with his rate plan. There was never an option to "advance" to the weekly rate with retro-activity. Why would I agree to this, he did not want to pay the lower weekly rate when he arrived and now wanted to benefit from it. You can draw your own conclusion about who the swindler is. This is a great example of how anyone can write a review of a business, make statements that are not true, which I now have to defend. 99% of my customers are great people who enjoy their stay at my park, unfortunately there is also the 1% who are trying to work an angle for their own advantage.

Evelyn Smith

This park was really nice and serene. The staff was not only super helpful and friendly but they were really accommodating. The campground was nicely maintained and they had many amenities and activities that would appease anyone. I liked how quite often there was a different activity that was hosted, and a lot of them were gathering people together to have a great time. I liked the location a whole lot as not only was everything in the park just beautiful to look at there was a lot of great places to visit that was only a short drive away. Overall this was a really nice place to stay. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group