Goodnight's Lonesome Dove

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180065 W. Highway 160, South Fork, CO, 81154

Are you looking for a big rig friendly campground in South Fork, CO? Then Goodnight's Lonesome Dove located on 180065 W. Highway 160 might be the place for you. The site includes WiFi, water, sewer, showers, electricity; and can host activities like Basketball, biking, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019

RV Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
RV Site #1 $27.50
RV Site # 10 $27.50
RV Site # 11 $27.50
RV Site # 12 $27.50
RV Site # 13 $27.50
RV Site # 14 $27.50
RV Site # 15 $27.50
RV Site # 16 $27.50
RV Site # 17 $27.50
RV Site # 18 $27.50
RV Site # 19 $27.50
RV Site # 2 $27.50
RV Site # 20 $27.50
RV Site # 21 $27.50
RV Site # 22 $27.50
RV Site # 23 $27.50
RV Site # 24 $27.50
RV Site # 25 $27.50
RV Site # 26 $27.50
RV Site # 29 $27.50
RV Site # 3 $27.50
RV Site # 30 $27.50
RV Site # 31 $27.50
RV Site # 32 $27.50
RV Site # 33 $27.50
RV Site # 34 $27.50
RV Site # 35 $27.50
RV Site # 36 $27.50
RV Site # 4 $27.50
RV Site # 5 $27.50
RV Site # 6 $27.50
RV Site # 7 $27.50
RV Site # 8 $27.50
RV Site # 9 $27.50
Cabin Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin Blue Duck $59.50
Cabin Captain Call $79.50
Cabin Clara $79.50
Cabin Dry Bean $100.50
Cabin Duke $87.60
Cabin Gus $79.50
Cabin Laurie Darlin $79.50
Cabin Newt $82.50
Cabin Pea Eye $82.50
Cabin Texan $68.50
Tent Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Primitive Tent Sites $10.00
Tent Site # 37 $15.00
Tent Site # 38 $15.00
Tent Site # 39 $12.50
Travel Trailer

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Site # 27, Capri Perm $57.50
Site # 28, Ecklund Perm $57.50

Laundry Facilities

Community Showers

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

Sewer Hookups


30 Amps





Horseback Riding

White-Water Rafting

180065 W. Highway 160, South Fork, CO, 81154
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Overall Rating: 1.0

amanda C

Last year I want a honeymoon getaway from the owner owner Tanya Jairus which we were so excited to take just last month after our wedding. After being in contact for months weeks and even the week before in a couple days before our check-in everything seemed fine. We drove from Texas all the way to South Fork Colorado where the cabin site is located to find the campsite pretty much closed and abandoned. Are cotton was completely ransacked leaking propane, the fumes were really strong in the cabin. Bed was torn apart towels on the floor in the bathroom and trash and debris left everywhere as if somebody had just left. On the way to the cabin Tanya had sent me a message which stated that she had to run it for an emergency out of town it would not be there but my cabin would be ready to go and then locked for us to go in that was not the case. After spending on food for our stay at the cabin that completely ruined and the gas we used I attempted to call her multiple times and never got a call back. we try to get a hotel nearby but everything was booked we had to drive back about three and a half hours until we found available Hotel at about midnight in the dark which is when I attempted to contact Tony again and ask her what was going on and to see if the cabin was going to be ready she completely blocked me. When we did get to the campsite we couldn't find our cabin so all the cabins were actually unlocked and open and actually found one person staying there that stated they found their cabin in the same shape not only was this a horrible way to spend a honeymoon but the fact that somebody would do that to anybody is horrible. Never at any point did I disrespect on any of my messages so still don't understand why she will not respond to me. Would not recommend this place nor do any business with this person go somewhere else there's tons of other cabin areas in the area.