Frontier Campground

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9580 Collett Road, Waynesville, OH, 45068

Frontier Campground is located near Waynesville, Ohio and spans 11 acres. It features 75 shaded, all full hookup campsites that are big rig friendly. Many of them accommodate slide out and pull through RVs. The park provides free WiFi, allows pets (with a large, fenced in dog park), and has a dump station. It's also within walking distance of the Spring Valley Wild Life Area as well as the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail for biking, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.


Site info

  • All campground sites (Tent, Cabin & RV) have electric, a picnic table, and a fire ring
  • All RV sites are full hookup, and available in 30 amp or 50 amp!
  • For those who enjoy camping (but do not want to pitch a tent), we have rustic log cabins available which include electric, air conditioning, and heat!

Campsite amenities offered include a camp lodge, nature trails, a playground, picnic tables, fire circles, and grills. It also includes basic amenities like restrooms with hot showers and laundry facilities. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as basketball, billiards, air hockey, darts, ping pong, horseshoes, hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.



The campground is near attractions like:

  • Cedar Point 
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 
  • COSI
  • Zoombezi Bay Waterpark

Last Updated: 11/19/2020

RV Sites

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook Up $40.00 $250.00 $500.00 See More
Full Hook-Up $40.00 $250.00 $500.00 See More
Cabin Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Deluxe Cabins $80.00 $500.00 $1,000.00 See More
Large Cabins $65.00 $400.00 $800.00 See More
Small Cabins $40.00 $250.00 $500.00 See More

Check in / Check Out

*RV - check in 1 pm, check out 12 noon *Tent - check in 1 pm, check out 12 noon *Cabin - check in 3 pm, check out 12 noon


*This is a family oriented campground - please refrain from cursing and public displays of affection *The speed limit in camp is 5 mph…no faster! You will be asked to leave, without refund, for breaking this rule *Do not bring firewood into the campground! This may put out trees at risk! Firewood is available for purchase in the office *Any vehicle without a parking pass is considered to be trespassing! *You are responsible for the actions of your children and your guests. EVERY guest must be signed in and given a parking pass *Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. We prefer “cemetery quiet” here…this means, stay up all night if you wish but, keep the noise to such a level that only your site is affected *Parents: You are responsible for the safety and welfare of your children while they are staying at the campground, including but not limited to, at the playground area, swimming pool, or in the Lodge Please throw garbage in the dumpsters…not in the fire rings! *Do not put rugs on the grass unless you speak to the owner first. You will be asked to remove it otherwise and may incur a fee to your account *The “creek” isn’t a creek…it’s an overflow of rain from surrounding farms. This is private property, no trespassing!

RV Age Restrictions

*No age restrictions, we just ask that the unit be in good repair *Units that are determined to be in poor repair will not be admitted for long term stays, while units in extremely poor repair will not be admitted at all


*Understand you’re responsible for your own actions *Please use a koozie when walking around camp *Keep “hard liquor” at your site *Anyone who has had too much to drink and is causing problems will be asked to leave immediately without refund!

Pet Policy

*All pets need to be kept on a leash at all times! (unless enclosed and supervised in the dog park area) *No pets are allowed in the office, pool area, or the Lodge *Cabin reservations carry a $25 pet cleaning fee *Keep them quiet, especially if you leave the campground and the pet is left unattended in your unit *Anyone found not cleaning up after their pet will be asked to leave without a refund **Restricted breeds: Pit Bulls, Rottweiler's, Doberman Pinschers, Wolf Mix, German Shepherds, or any breed that shows overly protective or aggressive qualities. If you lie about what your dog's breed is and show up with a restricted breed you will be asked to leave immediately without refund! No exceptions! *All service and/or therapy dogs are permitted on the property (regardless of breed but provided proper documentation is provided)


*Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day *3-night minimum stay *No refunds will be given for holiday weekend reservation cancellations


*Cancellations made 7 or more days before your arrival date will incur a $20 cancellation fee (per site/reservation that is canceled) *Cancellations made within 7 days of your arrival date will not be refunded *Reservations can be rescheduled one time without incurring a fee (excluding Holiday weekends) *For more information please refer to the website,, or the Customer Guide located in the office


*Camping is an outdoor experience, there are no rain checks, reschedules, and/or refunds due to weather! *You must be 21 to make a reservation (and be in the reservation party) *All reservations require a credit card on file *Credit card transactions are processed with a 3% fee (even refunds) *The credit card on file will be charged the full amount 7 days prior to your arrival *30 nights = 1 month

Pets Allowed



Hike / Bike Campsites

Laundry Facilities

Gravel Roads


Community Showers

Drinking Water

Fire Ring / Grill

Big Rig Friendly

Water Hookups

Gasoline Nearby

Propane Refilling Station

Community Restrooms

RV Hookup

ADA Accessible

Dump Station


Sewer Hookups

Fire Pit

Pet Friendly

Slide Outs

50 Amps

Picnic Table

30 Amps



Kayaking & Canoeing

Historic Sightseeing







Scenic Drives


Table Tennis

Wildlife Viewing

Big Rig Friendly

Family Friendly

Pet Friendly


9580 Collett Road, Waynesville, OH, 45068
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  • Clifton Mill
  • Ozone Zipline Adventures
  • Camp Kern
  • Bella Balloons Hot Air Balloon Co.
  • Skydive Cincinnati
  • and much more!

Overall Rating: 3.1

Melani N

My husband and I have stayed many nights over the past 3 years at Frontier Campground. We absolutely love the beautiful trees, quiet atmosphere and the perfect location of this gem. We have full-timed in our RV for 13 years now and this is one of our favorite places that we have stayed over the years. It is a small RV Park full of mature trees that gives almost every site shade during the hot summer months so your air conditioners don't have to run all the time. Just a short walk from the Campground is the Spring Valley Wildlife Area with fishing, wildlife viewing, eagles nesting and is just a wonderful place to have so close to where you also has a connection to the paved bike trail there as well. You are only about a 6-minute drive into the town of Waynesville and about 10 into Xenia so you aren't right in the thick of things but not far either. The owner, Walter, is helpful and provides a safe, secure environment with CCTV cameras throughout the grounds. We also appreciate the fact that they ONLY take weekly and monthly reservations as this weeds out the "weekend party" crowd and helps to keep the atmosphere relaxed and quiet. It is sad that people would badmouth this gem of a place to stay....we will happily spend many more weeks/months at this wonderfully beautiful little Campground in the future!

Trudy Hopkins

There are so many reasons you should avoid this campground, its hard to know where to begin. We spent nearly 4 years at Frontier Campground as full-timers and spent most of it wishing we could leave due to the lack of courtesy and deplorable service. Waiting to earn enough for a truck and the lack of other year-round campgrounds in the area kept us there long enough to experience the full impact of abuse that an unbalanced person can render. We could hardly be described as “impossible” people, as a previous reviewer suggested. Anyone who knows us would describe us as friendly and easy-going people, not hard to please. We count it a privilege to help wherever needed. We keep a clean site, live quiet lives, and don’t have pets because our passion is birdwatching. We pay our rent on time, have been married for nearly 50 years, and in our seventies, with careers as Special Education specialist, writer, pastor, and chaplain. Husband continues to work for a hospice. Our neighbors always tell us they appreciate us. There was no contract to sign. That should have been a red flag. We will refer to the owner/manager as W. There are exceptions to every concern listed here, times when he behaved responsibly and inoffensively. However, the exceptions were far outweighed by repeated violations of normalcy and decency that became predictable patterns. Unavailability. It immediately became obvious that W. was never easy to contact, either by phone or in his office, regardless of posted hours. He is typically not available when needed and makes no effort to be otherwise. If you suggested that you tried to contact him without success, he would launch into a long diatribe of how busy he is, how you obviously expected too much, a litany of all he has suffered, ad nauseam. It’s all about him. The door often remained locked even though the sign said “Open.” Sometimes he would park his jeep or cart right in front of the doorway which meant you had to climb over it to get to the door. The quickest way to get his attention would be to violate one of his many rules - a very long list. He seemed to enjoy studying all his cameras and dealing with “lawbreakers” - usually telling them to leave. He often bragged how he saw everything that was happening at the camp because of all his cameras. If we were able to actually locate him, he frequently seemed incapable of decent conversation. He was often argumentative, defensive, rude, and unreasonable, demonstrating zero interest in actually providing satisfactory service or resolving any concern. Irresponsibility and Poor Service Although the website indicated a well-run campground, yet in reality he failed to meet even minimum expectations. The campground is run-down. Walter does make improvements, but then clutters it up. When we first arrived we were shocked at the run-down condition of the playground that looked unsafe. He has since tried to fix it up a bit, but it’s not what we would call a safe place for children to play. I checked out one of the cabins, thinking I would rent it for our daughter and her husband to come visit. I could not believe he was charging $100 a night for what I saw. It wasn’t worth half that. The website describes them as “rustic and cozy” which really means old and bare minimum. We arranged for our kids coming from out-of-state to stay 20 miles away at a very nice Hilton for the same price. The bathrooms were typically unserviced, dirty, unheated, and lacking toilet paper, except for a few months last summer when he hired a woman who kept it cleaned and supplied regularly until she left. At times it was so bad, we were embarrassed for any of our visitors to use them and would warn against it. Mail delivery was a sad joke. W. failed to sort or deliver mail regularly, then blatantly denied that any of our mail was delivered for a couple weeks and blamed the postal service. Then suddenly he’d present us with a stack of mail with postal dates three weeks old. This happened to us many times. Christmas and Birthday cards were delivered sometimes two months late, several checks disappeared, issued credit cards vanished. Once we received a court notice regarding jury duty three weeks late! He would constantly criticize us for getting too much mail. We finally had to pay the added cost of $120 to rent a PO Box. There is a recreation room. To get to it you have to make your way past piles of equipment, which always looks like a cluttered mess, as does his office. The website map still indicates a swimming pool but it’s gone. There was a pool there at first, but it was often dirty. After it sprung a leak, he filled it in and covered it with a sun deck. The deck looks nice but not many people use it. However, there’s so much junk around the recreation room entrance next to it, that it creates an unsightly environment to relax in. Passive Agressive Behavior He exhibited deliberate disregard to refill the propane tank on request in winter weather and made us anxiously wait 2-7 days several times. while he promised us every day he was going to do it. This would force us to rely on the costly electric heater to keep warm. Later he would ask why we were using our expensive heater so often, with a smug smile. Each autumn he would use a big machine to blow leaves from the front two rows of the campground, then perversely blow them onto our property in the third row in nearly knee-deep piles, then just stop and walk away, leaving that mess there all winter. The previous winter he stored a high 40 foot RV next to us. We have the smallest site - only 6 feet from our slab to the next driveway and there was this white wall blocking our entire view for 7 months - there were dozens of empty sites around all winter but he chose to place it there even though we kindly asked him not to. A few days after that objection, he threatened us with eviction if we didn’t like it. Lack of Empathy He will never admit to being wrong, so don’t expect an apology. You will typically be suspect in any situation. If you dare to express a need or a concern you will immediately be subject to a litany of excuses that can frequently morph into a rant that states you are the problem. In the end it is all about how you are imposing on HIS busy life. Obviously narcissistic and unable to empathize with other people, he would typically blame anyone who presented him with a legitimate need or a problem. Instead of trying to help resolve it, he would argue with you and deny it was a problem at all. In the end it seemed to be all about him. Easily threatened and extremely defensive, it was difficult or impossible to reason with him effectively since he always had to be right and invariably cast himself as the victim. Just look at the google reviews. When people complained about the various problems they encountered, W. and his assistant would then respond defensively and blame the victims. Speaking of reviews, you will also find glowing accounts of W. and the campground. I’d like to have whatever they are drinking! Either they have a pollyanna syndrome or they were lucky enough to experience W. on his best behavior. They must have closed their eyes to the clutter and have never seen the bathrooms. As one woman noted, they have often looked like someone “washed livestock in them.” Paranoid. His selfish suspicious nature led him to distrust nearly everyone. Apparently there were some exceptions. He bragged about carrying a gun and how he has cameras all around the campground and can see everything people are doing. It’s nice to know we have security. However, when security is in the hands of an unstable, paranoid person, it’s threatening. We choose to be kind and considerate, without provocation, yet W. has belittled, intimidated, and offered thinly veiled unprovoked threats even to us on several occasions about evicting us if we aren’t happy. We avoided him like the plague. If you have any sense, you will, too. Dishonest. He stole something from us that he coveted. A previous camper had built a nice, sturdy wooden box cover to protect the well head he was hooked up to during the winter. When he moved a couple months later he gave it to us and we thanked him. However, after he left, W. told us it was promised to him instead (it was not) and my husband kindly objected. W. came to our site and confiscated it without our permission while we were gone for the weekend. Behavior like that, along with the mail issues, and all the denial regarding other services, made him untrustworthy. Unpredictable and Heartless. When we first moved in we had very nice neighbors two lots away who were full-timing. He was knowledgable about RV living, while we were clueless, and appreciated how helpful and considerate he was. The following winter he got a job offer and gave W. advance notice they were planning to move in a month or so. W. suddenly insisted they would have to move immediately, in spite of the weather, in spite of the fact no one else would be using that site for months to come. It was mean-spirited. They had to scramble to relocate since W. refused to negotiate. Sadly, we wished them well as they drove away. We heard the following account from three other campers: One wife was very sick in bed during a frigid spell in November. While her military husband was off on duty for a few days she requested a propane tank refill. Walter left her for 3 days without heat as she, too sick to do more, huddled under the covers. When her husband returned, he angrily confronted Walter for such callous gross negligence and immediately moved out. Religious Fanatic. W. hung a large banner in his office about the 2nd coming of Jesus. He said he was having Sunday morning Bible Studies. We love to study the Bible so we decided to attend one nice morning. However, it was not a Bible study at all. The Bible wasn’t even involved. Walter showed us an online video on his small-screen tv of some Scandenavian zealot teaching Pentecostal doctrines with an emphasis on healing anybody he met on the street. How sadly ironic, that W. wants to spread religion, but has no clue how to treat other people with kindness as Jesus did. He spends more time driving people away rather than attracting them. Unpleasant Campground Water. As if W. doesn’t pose enough risk, the water at the campground is very hard, loaded with sediment which poses a risk to RV systems. We had to run filters at the source, a set of three at the sink and one in the shower. In spite of all that, the sediment was a constant issue. Filters had to be changed more frequently than normal. There was sediment in the cooking water and on the counter, on the water glasses, wherever water is applied, requiring that we clean frequently with Lime Away and strong vinegar. They say knowledge is power. We trust you can benefit from our experience and save yourself a lot of grief. A friend with a truck finally helped us and hauled our RV to the much nicer Olive Branch Campground, closer to Cincinnati, where my husband now works. What a relief!


If you are working in or planning on visiting the Cincinnati area this is a great place to camp. It's located close enough to the city but maintains a country feel by being located near State Parks and wildlife areas. It offers a lot in the way of outdoor activities. The owner, Walter, is very nice and friendly to deal with. Chelsea who works in the office is also personable and helpful. Don't judge this beautiful place by a few bad reviews by impossible people.

Family Missions

This is a great place to camp! It has a very peaceful atmosphere, even when the campground is full! We stayed a few weeks in June this year and had a wonderful time. The sites are spacious, we've parked in a few different sites on our visits that accommodated our 42 ft, very tall, trailer. The hook-ups are good too! They also have cabins and a rustic tent area. The bathrooms are very neat and tidy and the showers are great! The playground is brand new and was lots of fun for our kids. There is the Little Miami Scenic trail nearby that is nicely paved and great for walks or cycling. The whole area is surrounded by beautiful nature and lovely scenery. It's right on the edge of a wildlife area that has good opportunities for boating, fishing, or hiking. If you camp here be sure to take a visit to the nearby Cedar Creek state park! If your good on a bike it's about 5 miles or so.

Steve Steinmetz

They do not fix things as needed have a sewage opening with sewage coming out hasn’t been fixed yet no Pool is under repair No Wi-Fi from my camper have to go to clubhouse

Brande Watson

I've read all of the reviews, on all of the various sites, and it seems Walter gives us all the creeps, and is a less than stellar business owner. I wish I had read the reviews before I gave this man my credit card number. I called in July, and inquired about reserving a full hook up space for 1 month, for my employee. I asked about their pet rules, and I asked if they had any age restrictions on units, as my employee's trailer is an retro trailer, that's been a labor of love to be restored over the years. We discussed that their pets were ok, and that there were no trailer age restrictions. I called back the next week, happened to get Walter on the phone, and paid for the month in full, and a receipt was emailed. A month and a half later, my employee showed up, after driving 1000 miles, and called me to say he'd arrived at the campground, and that Walter was denying his entry. He said that Walter did not like his trailer, and was basically insinuating that he was a drug dealer. I asked to speak to Walter. Walter said that he did not like the appearance of the trailer, and I reiterated that I had asked about trailer age restrictions, and that there were none. He said, again, that there weren't, but that he just thought it was ugly. I said, "sir, this is an old trailer, that is being restored, as I mentioned when I made the reservation. They're not moving in, they're staying for 1 month, and I've already paid you $515 in full." He said "the money was not a problem, I'll get you a full refund. They just can't stay here." He then went on to say they're "just kids." I said they're 20 years old, and they manage my company, and do an amazing job." He refused to let them stay. I found them a different local campground, and after 1000 miles and this frustration, they towed to a place where they were more welcome. A while later, a credit showed up on my account, not for the $515 I paid, but for $485. I called and asked for Walter. I explained who I was, and he remembered. I told him the discrepancy over the refund amount, and that it was missing $30 and asked if there had been some sort of mistake. The next five minutes proceeded to be a bizarre conversation of him telling me that he had "fees to pay and whatnot" and that he had been "put out." I asked what fees and he said "credit card processing fees." He said the fees are $15 per $500. I explained that I was also a business owner, and that you don't charge your customers additional credit card fees ESPECIALLY when they never stayed there, and ESPECIALLY when issuing a REFUND due to discriminating and not allowing someone to stay there! He debated me on credit card processing fees some more, and I again told him that I wanted my $30 back, as no services were rendered. He refused. I told Walter that I was holding off writing my reviews, in hopes that we could resolve this situation, as horrible as it had already been. He refused again, then proceeded to tell me "I don't care. Give me a 1 star review. See if I care. I'm packed in here. No one cares what you have to say. I'll deny everything." Then things got downright creepy when he said "If you write a bad review, I'll post pictures I took of that trailer and your employees." Um. They were there for 30 minutes and YOU TOOK PICTURES of them and their trailer!?!? Oh. My. God. How insane and creepy ARE you?!?! I told Walter "good luck." and hung up. I then called my bank, told them this story, and asked if I could please open a dispute. They said "absolutely." They said that what he had said was not accurate, that they would be refunding our $30 today, and they were opening up a fraud case against Frontier Campground, and would recoup their money that way. Moral of the story: no. And also, customers matter. Not respecting your customer is a sure fire way to lose them. Good luck, Mr. Creepy.

Mary D. Stanton

Will be fine for your overnight. It is somewhat small, but owner are nice and when we stayed there, it was not expensive. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group