Emerald Springs RV Park

15422 51st Avenue, Arlington, WA, 98223

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Overall Rating: 1.8

Randy Bergquist

I just left Emerald Springs after a 18 month stay (I was working near by) The park is quite, clean, fairly priced and very close to shopping of all kind. I would stay with them again any time.

Rich Junkins

We didn't have a good experience with this RV park at all, they have rules but they don't pay attention to them at all.the management they are very rude and not very helpful, we had problems with a gentleman that hit our motorhome and also there a person that came close to our motorhome and I told him about my concerns and all l got was his wife and him yelling at me tell about his truck. They dogs that aren't on leaches and one time we went for a walk and a dog came out and bit our toy poodle he wasn't on a leash and there are a lot of them that way. They don't pick up after them so you have to watch where you walk. They have cars that speed and the speed bumps don't stop them at all . We went to talk to the managment and they weren't any help at all. Then on Monday morning we received a letter saying that they wanted us gone. My husband went talk to them to find out why but they said it was a privacy act so they can't.

Rich Junkins

We were not happy with them at all. They don't go by the contract at all. They speed in the park they don't put their dogs on leaches and one of bit my little dog. They don't pick up after them so you have watch where you walk. the managment, we don't care about 4 pages rules. . They want you to police the park, and report the people that break them. Management dosen't police their own policies.

Glenda Comeaux

I initially called Emerald Springs RV Park to make a two week reservation but after a great conversation with Jim, I decided to book a month. Jim gave me a monthly rate quote + electric. Jim told me they required a background check at $40 to stay a month to help keep the riff raff out. Even though I've never heard of this in an RV park I agreed. Of course, I was a little concerned that an overnight or weekly RV'er was welcome without a background check. With that being said, I completed the online reservation request and received a call from Jennifer. Jennifer advised me they would need pictures of our rig, all sides and 2 emails because my husband and I both would need a background check, now we are up to $80, reluctantly, I said Ok because It was a much better monthly deal. Jennifer called back to say we were approved and then comes the surprises, the hidden charges and rules. 1) Monthly rent will begin June 1st even though reservations were from June 5 2) There would be a security deposit of $295.00, never had an RV Resort, campground or park charges a security deposit. With a refund if any was due being refunded in 14 days after departure. 3) Electric would be due on the 20th. So 10 days of electric would be taken out of our security deposit after the RV site was checked. 4) $50 for cable/satelite equipment, not sure which one, I was so flustered by this time, I'm not sure what she said. My issue, I was already down $80 for background check and now I hear all the hidden charges. I CANCELLED MY RESERVATION. Extremely poor business practice so beware.

Robert Brounty

Not a great place. Not kid friendly and really kind of a rip off. Josephine the gal who seems to be in charge is rude and very abrasive. Had an issue with the rent not being paid. When I was informed of this I immediately paid it. 660$ for a 14 day stay. I was supposed to be by the month at only 395$. Said I couldn’t afford the monthly payment of 395$ For a month but she was happy as hell to take 660$ for 14 days and then kick me out and threaten to have my rv impounded.

Cathy Campbell

Inexpensive. Background checks are good for me, as I travel alone. Must be able to tolerate tight spaces, chicken farm odors on hot days, severe dust for over a week from farm on one side. Laundry room is generally lacking in cleanliness. Had to pay extra $50 to park motorcycle in my site (not cool). Had to purchase bike rack as bicycles are not allowed on the ground. NO CABLE or WiFi “coming soon” is literally a joke. Bottom line...tolerable while looking for property.