Cedar Mountain Campground

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20114 Camp Road, Culpeper, VA, 22701

Cedar Mountain Campground is a campground located on 20114 Camp Road in Culpeper, VA. The site includes .

Last Updated: 09/04/2023

20114 Camp Road, Culpeper, VA, 22701
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Overall Rating: 2.0

Aaron Roessner

The place is disgusting. Don't waste your money, or your time. Full of long term "residents". Really just one step above homeless drug addicts. Really just an illegal trailer park. That gets buy on regulations by calling its self a campground. Camper beware. Do not stay here.

Lot# 48

Where to start..... Water is disgusting, rusty and just bad for your skin. The owner is a piece of work. The people who are long timers don't do any wrong in her eyes. They are money hungry but never put any money into the property. Shower house is always disgusting and is never stocked with toilet paper. Previous maintenance man was a pain. They charge you for the wifi then complain that your using all the gigs to fast. (Barely ever worked anyways) they charge you if you have more than 2 vehicles. They charge you for visitors. They charge you $60 per extra person in YOUR camper. Place is a hell hole!!!!!!!

jackie debeaulieau

i don't know where you stayed but we just left there after a week bacause you can not even take a shower the water pressure is so low, the electric blinks all the time, horrible place their rates include one person and 60 dollars a month for second person and 72 dollars in tax, i am looking into trying to get some of our money back

Kevin Lee

Friendly quiet place stayed for 5 months. Everybody made me feel at home. Maintenance man very helpful. They are constantly trying to make improvements. Water is great with the new well and filter system they installed.