Casini Ranch Family Campground

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22855 Moscow Road, Duncans Mills, CA, 95430

Casini Ranch Family Campground is a family-owned and operated RV park and campground, open year-round since 1965. Set among beautiful hills, the campground is just minutes from the scenic Sonoma County coastline. The 110-acre ranch rests on a gentle meander of the Russian River, giving the campground a mile of riverfront property, and offering guests a memorable camping experience. Paddle the Russian River, feed the horses, spend the day fishing, or fly high on the jumping pillow. The park is adjacent to Willow Creek State Park, with miles of trails and stunning views. With extensive activities on the property and much to do in the surrounding area, you are sure to enjoy your stay at Casini Ranch Family Campground.

Last Updated: 07/23/2022

22855 Moscow Road, Duncans Mills, CA, 95430
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Overall Rating: 2.7

Douglas Satterfield

BE AWARE! This was my second time at Casini Ranch. There has been some changes I wasn’t aware of. I thought it was strange when I booked my site, you then have an option for an additional $30 in order to hold that site or you can be moved pending on their need. Second, if you have people visiting and it’s after 6pm ( I believe, could be 8) it is $22.50 per person. Not per vehicle. I was having friends over to my camp site for dinner and they arrived to find out it was going to cost them $50 just for a couple of hours. I had a heated conversation with the staff, because it was just so unreasonable. Even after I had apologized for my language due to frustration, I was evicted. They did refund me for my last day. Which is odd, they lost not only $50 because we refused to be trapped. They also lost $75 for my refund. They also have lost a lot more because I won’t ever go back, and I will share my story. My motivation to leave this review is to educate the RV/Camping family. Safe travels

Tina Darnell

Very disappointed with the security staff as they DO NOT enforce the rules...I had read reviews prior to our trip regarding noise issues not being addressed but already had a large group scheduled in advance. Sure enough, 2 large groups (on both sides) partying both Friday and Saturday nights kept us up until 1:00am. Several calls made to security Friday by multiple families, no response taken. Finally asked for courtesy myself which actually made matters worse by 1 of the drunken bunches. Asked for assistance Saturday to prevent reoccurrence that night and was told "you can tell me but I won't do anything about it". Manager never spoke with us as promised and that night was even worse. Unbelieveable! Why have any rules if you don't enforce them?? Nice campground itself but will never revisit as we were too tired to even enjoy it...

Falicity Williams

This is a park that I think every family should get to experience! They have so many wonderful family fun we couldn’t get enough! The staff was so cheerful and helpful. The park itself was nice in design and everything was easy to find. The facilities were nice and clean and in easy access. There were a ton of amenities for a very cheap price. Cable hookups are a big step up from just WI-FI (which wasn’t bad but not really wanted when there is so much to do outside in nature). They have a plethora of sites that overlook the water and are big enough for any rig. I can’t wait to get my family back out here. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group