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2038 White Lake Drive, White Lake, NC, 28337

**We are currently closed for short term stays and reservations. Please see more below from the official bulletin that the Town of White Lake issued:**

 As part of the Town of White Lake’s continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to the Declaration of a State of Emergency, it is hereby ordered that all non-resident property owners or renters will be prohibited from entering the Town of White Lake beginning Friday, March 27, 2020 at 5:00 p.m

There shall also be a discontinuance of All Short-term Rental Operations including but not limited to, campgrounds, motels, and other rental properties.  Short term rentals shall be defined as a rental period of less than 90 days. Effective immediately: 

  • There will be no new rental occupancies of a duration of less than 90 days allowed within the Town of White Lake until at least April 30, 2020.  Any individuals currently occupying rental property on a short-term basis may fulfill the existing written contract period but in no event shall remain later than March 31, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Camp Clearwater is located in the beautiful town of White Lake, North Carolina, and is a great spot for a fun and relaxing camping trip. Campers can look forward to breathtaking scenes by the water, 1,300 feet of private white sandy beaches for exploring and clear skies for sunset viewing and stargazing. Look out for gentle slopes and easy access to South Carolina, Virginia and Florida for other great scenes for outdoor fun like hiking, biking, boating, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, shopping and kayaking. Just beyond the campground are a number of great local attractions like the Dublin Winery, White Lake Water Park, Goldston's Beach, Vineyard Golf and the Dublin Motor Speedway. Amenities at the park include: big rig access, pull thrus, tent sites, water, sewerage and 30/50 amp sites. Reservations are only accepted for the current calendar year.  Hope to see you soon at Camp Clearwater for your next North Carolina camping trip!

**Campground only accepts cash, check and money order upon arrival**

RV Sites

RV sites feature big rig access, pull thrus, water, sewerage and 30/50 amp sites. Sites also offer opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, shopping and kayaking. Plus, just beyond the sites are a number of great local attractions like the Dublin Winery, White Lake Water Park, Goldston's Beach, Vineyard Golf and the Dublin Motor Speedway.  Reservations are only accepted for the current calendar year.

**Campground only accepts cash, check and money order upon arrival**

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Premium Sites 1-17 & Corner Sites $60.00 $360.00 $720.00 Choose Your Site
Standard Sites $50.00 $300.00 $660.00 Choose Your Site

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Overall Rating: 4.2

Nicole king

Love this place!!!

Hailey Staley

Grew up at Camp Clearwater and now taking my own kids. I love it so much!

Robert Templeton

This place is a lot of fun. Great little Beach area and very friendly staff. One night the ice cream shop was closed but when they saw the nine of us walk up they reopened and took care of us without making us feel guilty. That's the kind of Staff they have there. The only two complaints I have is the sign at the front entrance is too small and you will pass it if you are not paying attention like I did. Also the people who stay in the campground sometimes forget that they are not the only people using the bath house, it was cleaned everyday but it never failed that some dirty little redneck would go in there and make a mess. Be prepared to clean up after other people's kids.

Crystal Sessoms

Nice and quiet! The people are extremely nice and willing to work with you. I do agree that there is several kids running around and golf carts without supervision.

Priscilla Tew

We love it there ❣️ Very friendly place to be, looking forward to a lot more camping trips there. We highly recommend Camp Clearwater

Thomas Winberry

We enjoyed our weekend stay. Campground was really clean. Will definitely stay again

Madeleine Deese

Clean camp sure with plenty of amenities. Nice beach area. Need to update to 21st century and take credit cards. Also a little load at night

Kambiz Aghaiepour

Though the camp was clean and the general experience was fine, it is really unclear to me why when I went to check in the receptionist asked me to pay $80 in cash (and she wouldn’t take credit card) for our reservation. Clearly the rate listed on the website is $40. When I said I only had $40 cash she said she would give me a 50% discount because my friends and I were racing in the White Lake Triathlon. I didn’t have access to confirm the rates on the website but it seems to me the receptionist was trying to take advantage of me. Could it be due to the fact that I look like a foreigner? (A brown skinned fellow). I was never even given a receipt.

Ed Cone

Awesome facility.

Troy Ricker

We love this place! The weekend dances and beautifull lake make it an amazing family campground.


Friendly staff! Easy manual use showers located at multiple sites through out the camp!

Tanner Crabtree

The staff is friendly and there are full hook ups, but that is to be expected. My review only gets one star for 3 reasons. First, the showers are motion activated. Good luck taking a shower while constantly waving your hand...that's fun. Second, the website says "big rig" pull thru sites. Yeah, right!!! This is the smallest camp site we have ever stayed at. We had to do a 3 point turn and move our neighbors picnic table just to get in. Once we were set up, our awning was 1.5' away from the next camper. If we had a slid-out, we would not have fit. And third, there are children driving golf carts everywhere!!!! When I say children, I mean 7 and 8 years old. They have no concept for the rules of the road nor do they care. They drive way way too fast!!! The signs say speed limit 10, but apparently that does not apply to golf carts. They tailgate me coming and going as I actually drive the speed limit of 10. There are no parents to be found for these children!!!! They fly up and down these tiny streets running me off the road and blasting their music. One of them almost ran my dog over when we were walking, just missing him by inches. These children are not going anywhere, they are just cruising around. The office does not seem to be bothered by any of this! Their policy states "...we believe you are able to determine what age driver is safe to operate your golf cart, since you are responsible for the damage it may cause...". Really Camp Clearwater?!?! Whats the going rate for a dead dog or injured little girl?!?! I grew up vacationing at white lake and was really looking forward to a nice vacation with my RV, but the kids with no parental supervision has ruined it for me. I will not be back.

Vern Posey

We had a great week. Everyone was so nice, the bathhouses were very well maintained and the entire area was so clean. We were concerned with the golf carts being driven by very young children. Walking our dog or when leaving in our truck it became hazardous with so many inexperienced and distracted drivers.

James Myers

We really enjoyed our stay at Camp Clearwater. The beach was beautiful and it was nice having some shade. There were lots of nice amenities and it's near eating places, the water park, etc. We will definitely be returning!

Cindy Jordan

Camp Clearwater is a fantastic place to stay. It is neat, clean and friendly. Our family of four really enjoyed it and will stay there again soon!

Crystal Sessoms

Great experience. It was quite with all the amenities. Management was very accommodating.

Lisa Davis

When we first arrived there was an issue with our reservation. They apologized but could not get us into the site we booked. They only had a smaller site available. Due to there mistake they did not charge us for the stay. The property is well maintained as were the bathroom and all common areas. I was concerned at how young some of the children were driving golf carts. No one was wreckless in anyway but some of the children couldn’t even see over the steering wheel. The lake was beautiful and we enjoyed our stay and will be back.

Niall Jernikin

My wife and I stayed here for the first time as overnighters this weekend. The campground is beautiful, the staff is friendly. Bath houses were well kept, and the campground itself is very clean. I only had 2 issues with the whole campground. 1. kids driving golf carts. It was somewhat hard to sleep when teenagers drove by at 11:00 blasting music. I also witnessed some kids that were just too young to driving. Some teenagers were completely fine, they drove like responsible adults, but others worried me. 2. The flags. This is probably just my opinion but I don’t believe political flags should be flown at a vacation spot. The American flag is fine, I mean this IS America. Any other flag can make people uncomfortable, and I just personally don’t believe it’s appropriate at a camp ground. But like I said, the campground is beautiful. My wife and I will 100% return to Camp Clearwater. We were sad to have to leave today.

sherry wilson

Awesome place...beautiful lake...

Judith Wareham

Very nice campground. Maintenance was very visible mowing, emptying trash cans, etc. Restrooms were clean.

Lizabeth Mcgee

We’ve camped all over the country so we have lots of experience ! The Lake is your best feature, what a wonderful area for families. Restrooms were very clean. Grounds maintained constantly. lol I’m sure most of that was because of the Holiday coming up. Thanks for the availability we had a great week.

Susan Grass

We enjoyed our stay at Camp Clearwater this past weekend even though it rained a lot. Our parents used to take us camping here over 20 years ago and we always enjoyed our stay. Our parents (Sidney & Edith Webber) really enjoyed camping whenever they could before our Mom passed away. We hope to go back soon with more of our family to make lasting memories. Camp Clearwater has grown tremendously and we like all the upgrades plus the renovations that have been made. Next time we go we do need a golf cart to travel around in.....if we don't buy one we'll probably rent one.

Wendy Quick

Hank and I love Camp Clearwater. We enjoy the friendly greeters at the front desk and at the gate. During the night, we have never had any interruptions from noises or kids-- it's always peaceful and quiet. Other campers have been very nice and friendly as well. The only concern... the bath houses are so hot as though the A/C is not on... I can't shower and be comfortable afterwards due to it being so hot but I always shower in the camper. I need lots of AC due to being in my late 40's lol. We love going to the lake... and enjoy the gospel sings at night. Keep up the good work.. we love your set up!

Charles Packard

We thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay at Camp Clearwater. Attractive location, many amenities, clean facilities, with energetic and helpful staff.

Gina Brown

Camping sites are very small!!!

Michael Allen

Great place! Plenty to do and see, great staff and great people camping. If you’ve never been in have to go see it, one of a kind!

Jennifer Johnson

The camp ground was OK. When you have people who live on site and work with power tools until late of night is not so much fun when your trying to relax. Also the kids on the golf carts should have an age limit i know i seen kids around 8 riding by them self late at night.

Melinda Rovertson

This is a great campground if you love people that are not accepting of people that are different. A lot of the people in this campground are very against anybody who is a different race, or LGBT. I cannot speak for everyone, but the one time I visited I was shocked about how my daughter was treated by residents in the campground. I think it has amazing potential if it supported diversity.

Campground Response

“Camp Clearwater is a good neighbor park. Please treat your neighbors and other people as you would like to be treated.” This is our guiding principle. We encourage all our guests to be kind and treat others as you would like to be treated. We are so sorry your experience did not reflect this principle.

Jennifer Summey

We had a great time. The campground was very clean. The only negatives were to do what h the bath houses. They were nice but the water sprayed everywhere, the hot water wasn’t hot enough and the toilets were sometimes dirty. Maybe they weren’t cleaned as much as normal because it was a holiday weekend. Not sure. Everything else was really nice. We will be back.

Campground Response

Jennifer – Thank you for visiting Camp Clearwater. We’re so glad you had a great time and plan to come again. We adjusted the water temp today, as winter has arrived and a warmer shower is appreciated. Thank you for the reminder. We’re also checking/replacing shower heads to address the out-of-place spraying. We usually receive comments on how clean our restrooms are and we’re sorry you didn’t always find them that way. We’ll address any issue immediately if you call us, using our emergency number for after-hours/holidays. Our crew LOVES happy customers and will address concerns quickly. Thank you again for visiting! We look forward to seeing you again!

Linda Matthews

Had an awesome time. Love camp Clearwater!! Actually considering purchasing a permanent spot.

Davina B

My husband and I had a crazy good time here! We love lakes, and this one is beautiful and huge which was great because there were a ton of other guests there on the lake, but it never felt crammed. Alice and other staff members were so helpful and hospitable and the other RVers were pretty nice as well. We enjoyed spending time on the water and exploring the acreage around the sites, and everyday we spent some time offsite exploring the town. Some of our favorite spots were the Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery, Dublin Motor Speedway, Goldston's Beach and Vineyard Golf. There's also pretty great restaurants nearby which was nice because we didn't want to cook at all during our trip. We're definitely returning soon!

Campground Response

Thank you so much for your feedback, Davina. We can't wait for your next trip with us!

2038 White Lake Drive, White Lake, NC, 28337

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Below is a site map of Camp Clearwater:

Looking for great activities and attractions near the campground? Here are some camper favorites!

- Lu Mil Vineyard

- White Lake Water Park

- Goldston's Beach

- Vineyard Golf

- Cape Fear Winery

- Duplin Winery



**Campground only accepts cash, check and money order upon arrival**

Fire and Safety

Use only manufactured outdoor fire receptacles. Firearms and fireworks are prohibited.


Signs are to only be posted at the LP Resale canopy, at the end of horse shoe area or on your lot. Yard signs must be professionally made. We will remove any signs that do not meet policy specifications or are not in designated areas. Fines imposed for violators. Please do not damage, deface, remove, re-locate or alter lot markers. Offenders will be charged for repair or replacement.

Visitors and Subletting

All visitors must display a window sticker or mirror hanger visitor pass. Only the agreement holder, immediate family and close friends may use the unit. No subletting or assignment allowed.


Please do not damage or destroy property within the campground. Vandalism will result in immediate and permanent dismissal of the perpetrator and his/her entire family from the park.

Golf Cart Use

All golf cart drivers must carry liability insurance on all golf carts operated in Camp Clearwater. The drivers are responsible for paingy for any injuries or damage caused by my golf cart(s). If golf cart(s) is/are operated in an unsafe manner, it will be removed immediately from Camp Clearwater upon request of the management. Carts must be kept in good repair and must be issued a 2017 sticker by Camp Clearwater staff before use this year. Loud, disruptive, or profane music from golf carts, cars, or campsites is not permitted and if not corrected after one warning is cause for dismissal from campground and immediate removal of the golf cart, vehicle or camper. Carts must have headlights and tail lights or reflectors.

Alcohol Use

No alcoholic beverages are allowed off of your site regardless of what container they are in. They are not allowed on your golf cart


To allow everyone to enjoy the park, be courteous about your choice of music and volume. Profanity, vulgar lyrics, and excessive volume will not be allowed within the park. Offenders may be expelled and evicted from the park immediately and permanently.


Children may not be left unattended at any time. Driving age teenagers to immature young adults may not stay in the park unless a parent is present in the same unit.

Ramps and Responsibility

Guests may launch jet skis with a golf cart only – No cars/trucks allowed on ramp. No trailers parked on the beach area. Sometimes ramp is inoperable due to conditions beyond our control; please be patient is this happens. Camp Clearwater is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury occurring within the park.

Beach, Piers and Boardwalk

Cooking isn't allowed on the beach. Do not dive or jump from piers or boardwalks. White Lake is very shallow and guests can get hurt.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours - Midnight until 7:00 a.m. – All campers on their campsite by midnight, loud noise and music shall cease then.

Guest Conduct

Please promptly report problems to a Clearwater staff member and complete an incident report if the situation merits it. Utilities will be locked and/or disconnected and your unit removed from the lot to storage at you expense if the lot license fee is delinquent. (Moving and Storage charges are a minimum $100.00.) If you vacate the lot, or fail to make timely payment, Camp Clearwater reserves the right to issue the lot to another camper and hold and dispose of private property to satisfy the debt. Camp Clearwater reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to terminate this agreement at any time and remove your unit from the lot. If the conduct of the occupant or their guest(s) is dangerous to, or disruptive to others at Camp Clearwater, or is in violation of the park rules and regulations, or if the appearance or condition of the unit or the lot is not maintained satisfactorily, the occupant may be asked to vacate the lot immediately (remove the unit within 30 days). Occupants will be held responsible for the conduct of their agents and guest(s), and all guest(s) will be required to comply with all rules and regulations of the park. Any disruptive guest will be removed from Camp Clearwater immediately.

Pet Policy

Please keep pets on your site or on a leash, this includes all animals, not just dogs. Please do not allow pets in the water, on the beach, boardwalk or piers. Our dog park is located between Tenth and Eleventh Streets. Please clean up behind your pets, especially in the dog park. To avoid a problem with stray animals, anyone caught feeding them in the park will be fined. Excessive numbers of animals or dangerous animals are not permitted. We are pet friendly as long as pets are friendly.

Vehicle Policy

10 mph speed limit, and please be sure to protect children. There is a two (2) vehicle maximum per lot. Please park on your site and do not block neighbor’s lots or park in street. Do not park on vacant campsites. No electric scooters, mini bikes, 4-wheelers, ATVs, or gas golf carts.