Bayou Bluffs

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9604 E 2350 N Road, Cornell, IL, 61319

Located on 9604 E 2350 N Road in cornell, IL lies the Bayou Bluffs. This campground includes laundry facilities.

Last Updated: 10/25/2019


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Tent Site $30.00

Dump Station

Laundry Facilities

9604 E 2350 N Road, Cornell, IL, 61319
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Overall Rating: 5.0

Karen Woods

The best camping experience I've ever shared with my family. The Gaspardo Family (Owners) are the best operator/owner campground in the midwest. It's a real family that extends its hospitality, into other campers, wishing that we all had families like theirs! Our kids actually learned work ethics and respect! Wow! Nice! They absorbed good behavior and good manners from other great campers who actually care about family values! Cheers Gaspard Family! You set the bar high! God Bless you all! We will be back......Very satisfied! Lovely grounds, and pool, showers, facilities.