Bay Shore Family Campground

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7124 Pymantuning Lake Road, Andover, OH, 44003

Bay Shore Family Campground is a campground located on 7124 Pymantuning Lake Road in Andover, OH. The site includes .

Last Updated: 10/13/2021

RV Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hook Up - 30 AMPS $43.00 $258.00
Hook up 30 amps $41.00 $246.00
Lake Front $49.00 $294.00
Tent Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
No Hook Up $37.00 $222.00

7124 Pymantuning Lake Road, Andover, OH, 44003
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Overall Rating: 2.3


Decent campground, on the lake, tree lined streets, bathrooms kept reasonable. Pool hours are ridiculous and unreliable, and there is no recompense for closed amenities. Hot tub is hardly ever opened. The owner of the parker must have a superiority complex that enables him to believe that because he owns the park, he owes no consideration or reason to the people that rent lots on his property, maintain these lots, and keep up with THEIR PROPERTY at his park and essentially pay his bills. Like the aforementioned reviews, if you fail to comply with his dictatorship and rules that are changed as the wind blows, you can expect to not be given ANY consideration, exception, or CONVERSATION, he is ABOVE that. If he does not like the style of your camper, or perhaps your camper appears too old, you may get kicked out of the park. If he does not like your personality or his friends don't like you, your investment into YOUR property and MAINTANENCE of HIS property has no bearing on him, he may just kick you out. There are far too many campgrounds with just as nice and perhaps even better amenities out there that don't have a dictator running them. I would suggest looking elsewhere for your investment.

On 8/14/21 Saturday we campers at Pymatuning State park just South of your park had to listen to your very loud rock concert from 8PM to 11PM!!! You advertised on your web site your a family oriented camping park but your very loud concert was inconsiderate to the family camping in the state park just South of your park. By the way quiet time in the state park is 10PM. Your loud music lasted to 11PM. If the local authorities issued you a permit to set off fire works and having a rock concert I hope they would deny your requests in the future...

Virginia A. Smith

An excellent park on the far eastern side. Full hookups and very, very clean. It sits on Pymatuning lake which is excellent for walleye, and catfish, but also a large variety of species. There are also several state parks to choose from. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group