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Blogger Spotlight: ShoreLooksNice.com3 min read

A lot of us dream of leaving our old lives behind and setting out onto the open road, speeding down the highways, venturing off onto the back roads, seeing sights we’ve never seen before, and experiencing the beauty of nature. Eric and Danielle Hannan have made this dream into their reality. In June 2014, they departed from their home in Southern California, leaving behind their corporate lifestyles and setting out to travel across the country as full-time RVers. And they’ve documented it all in their blog, ShoreLooksNice.com.


When it came time to profile their blog, I began with trying to get a general idea of what they wrote about. That proved difficult, because they write about practically everything when it comes to their ongoing RV trek across America. Looking to go on an adventure of your own and want to know the best RV park to stop at? They’ve got you covered. Want to know how to keep your relationship healthy while dealing with the stresses of the road? You’re in good hands. Want to know if you should sport a beard while RVing? Yep, they’ve got that info too.


Though their tips may be numerous and valuable, the stories of their travels are equally great reads. Whether you’re reading to get insight because you’re about to set off on your own journey or just reading for a good tale of adventure, you’re in luck. One story documents how the couple, with the assistance of pretty much every other motorist that drove by, helped out a family in Utah that had veered off the road and had become stuck in a snow bank. When coupled with breathtaking photos of the wintery canyon landscape, and more helpful tips that they just can’t help but give, this particular article was a good example of what the Hannans strive for in their blog.

dogAnother post I found very interesting was entitled “Beginning Photography Tips for RVers.” It began with the age-old problem of how to adequately capture the beauty of nature in a mere photograph. The tips ranged from very simple but effective—using the “Rule of Thirds,” or a 3 by 3 grid, to position the subject of your photo in the most aesthetically pleasing location; to more technical—shutter speeds and ISO for example. Check it out here, especially if you’re interested in getting the best photo documentation of your RV excursion.


So if you love RVing, want to take it up, or just love a good American on-the-road tale of adventure, head over to ShoreLooksNice.com and give some of their posts a read. From tips about how to get the most out of your journey, to stories about colorful people and even more colorful scenery, you’re bound to find something interesting!

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