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RIPOFF WARNING - DO NOT STAY AT PECAN PARK RIVERSIDE RV PARK Pecan Park Riverside RV Park, owned by Jim Rowley and his son David Rowley, are nothing but a bunch of scammers and I warn anyone thinking about staying at their RV park to stay far far away. Not only is the staff rude and a bunch of RV Park Nazis who don't follow the rules themselves, they steal money from people who are good tenants. We wanted to stay for a couple of months and they made us sign a 6 month contract, which we did reluctantly. We paid the first month along with a $300 deposit and a $50 electric deposit. We are a quite, professional couple involved in the travel and tourism industry and paid our monthly space rent and electric bill on time every single month with absolutely no problems. However, when we were getting ready to leave, we talked to the staff and let them know that we would be heading out a couple of days early, let them know that we did not expect to be reimbursed for those 3 days and told them that they were more than welcome to rent out our space to make additional revenue for those extra 3 days. I was told that I would receive my entire refund back onto my debit/credit card used to pay the deposit that same day, minus the electric bill, which would be taken out of my $50 deposit and any additional amount if the electric bill was more than $50, which it was. It was $76. Instead of them taking the additonal $26 out of my $300 deposit, I got notice that a charge was placed on my debit/credit card and I did not receive any kind of refund. Upon inquiring about it, we were told that because we left 3 days early and that since our rv was not in the space we rented that we automatically gave up our deposit. I asked to speak to the owner and he was not there but was told that they would give him the message and have him call me back but he did not do so. This place is a ripoff and needs to be shut down. Their business license should be taken away. If you are looking for a place to stay for the weekend or long term with your rv, be warned that you should look else where or you to will end up being ripped off.

Review by Brent



Poor management and office employees. I was going to stay at the Pecan Park but then i had to cancel. They refunded all but one day non-refundable deposit. Who does that?? On top of that they charged me $600.00 to my credit card by mistake because they apparently keep it on file and are able to charge to at their discretion. Word to the wise, after making payment, make sure they destroy your personal information and credit card information. I asked to speak to the owners and they never were professional enough to speak to me one-on-one. Sad!

Review by Joe



One can really relax and stay calm at a place like this! Everything here really knows how to be calming and kind. There were a lot of great parking spots especially for my big RV. The utilities were good and nicely places throughout the park. The laundry mat was a little small at first, but then again when we are camping it’s mainly only one load. The park also offers a lot of great activities that was fun for everyone. I really enjoyed this park and look forward to visiting again. For the price we might be able to make this a habit and come more often. - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Review by Layna

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