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30-Day Membership: $30 ($1/day)

12-Month Membership: $50 ($4.16/month)

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Payments are one-time and do NOT autorenew

What You Get

6,000+ Bookable RV Parks

More campgrounds and RV parks to book thanks to our travel agents booking for you.

No Platform Fees

Save money by not paying convenience fees when you book through RoverPass. Out-of-Network fee still applies in some cases.

Priority Customer Support

You're supporting our company with the membership and using our product often. We don't take that for granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why RoverPass Unlimited?

We created our Unlimited membership for RVers making more than a couple reservations through our booking platform. When you join the Unlimited membership you are gaining a personal travel agent from our technology and customer support team. We are continually making the online booking experience better and more automated for you.

How do I know when a campground is bookable on RoverPass?

When you see the “Choose Your Site” icon as you browse our website, that tells you it’s bookable online through RoverPass.

Where are the 6,000+ bookable campgrounds?

Here’s the complete count, state by state.

State Campgrounds w/ Online Booking
Alabama 97
Alaska 66
Arizona 323
Arkansas 82
California 492
Colorado 183
Connecticut 44
Delaware 10
District of Columbia 0
Florida 547
Georgia 104
Hawaii 1
Idaho 117
Illinois 74
Indiana 98
Iowa 50
Kansas 60
Kentucky 54
Louisiana 76
Maine 155
Maryland 27
Massachusetts 64
Michigan 242
Minnesota 165
Mississippi 58
Missouri 167
Montana 101
Nebraska 37
Nevada 76
New Hampshire 107
New Jersey 58
New Mexico 154
New York 216
North Carolina 182
North Dakota 22
Ohio 150
Oklahoma 81
Oregon 210
Pennsylvania 233
Rhode Island 13
South Carolina 51
South Dakota 80
Tennessee 126
Texas 800
Utah 86
Vermont 48
Virginia 91
Washington 234
West Virginia 40
Wisconsin 218
Wyoming 52

What are In-Network campgrounds?

In-Network campgrounds are ones that are utilizing our free RoverPass Booking System. This is an ever growing list as more campgrounds hear about our free services. At these campgrounds, Unlimited members get the platform fee waived and there’s no out-of-network cost. For a $100 reservation, Unlimited members get a platform fee of $15 waived.

What are Out-of-Network campgrounds?

Out-of-Network means these are still bookable online but the campground does not use the free RoverPass Booking System yet. The platform fee is waived for these, however, there’s an out-of-network cost of 2.9% + .30 until the campground joins RoverPass. RoverPass does not make any profit from this fee. For a $100 reservation, Unlimited members get a platform fee of $15 waived and an out-of-network fee $3.20 is applied.

Do all 6,000+ campgrounds know who RoverPass is?

Not all the time. Our connection with campgrounds vary. Some use us to manage all their reservations (in-network campgrounds), others accept a handful of reservations from us each month, and some have yet to book a RoverPass customer as we expand our coverage (out-of-network campgrounds). For campgrounds that are out-of-network, our travel agents might work with one campground front desk employee to fulfill your reservation and then someone working the next day may not know of RoverPass. We are working to get these campgrounds fully setup on our platform. In all confirmed bookings through RoverPass though, rest assured, they know who you are and your reservation is in their books.

RoverPass is the RV industry's nationwide online travel agency.

RVers can search and book thousands of campgrounds thanks to a winning combination of software plus human travel agents and a stellar customer support team. We also supply campgrounds and RV parks with free tools and services to help them succeed online, including the free RoverPass Booking System to manage reservations.

Our Mission

The campground industry is a true all-American, small-business community. The family business atmosphere has a charm hard to find in other, commercially driven, travel sectors. An industry dominated by small businesses causes a unique technology problem, though.With less properties owned by corporations, there's less widely dispersed booking technology. That's why there isn't an Expedia for campgrounds and RV parks. RoverPass is here to solve this problem with easy-to-use, free software for campgrounds along with travel agents to help RVers.