RoverPass Outdoor Entrepreneur Scholarship

RoverPass was founded on an incredible love for exploration. Whether you're a spelunker, cross-country skier or deep sea diver, the outdoors offers experiences that transcend everyday life, and the RoverPass team wants to encourage a culture of adventure-seekers.

The Outdoor Entrepreneur Scholarship is based on RoverPass' founding ideals, with a mission to fund tomorrow's top outdoor industry entrepreneurs. Through this, our hope is to give back to the next generation of adventurers.

So, maybe you've started building your own off the grid sustainable tiny-house or you're passionate about the outdoors and got bit by the entrepreneurial bug - we're eager to help fund your dream. We're fixing the large and disorganized outdoor RV and camping industry, and will grant $1000 to any student we believe has the potential to change the world through entrepreneurship. If you are interested in starting your own business, we'd love to hear from you.

The scholarship will be won by one student each semester; entry for the Fall semester is May 1st to August 20th and for the Spring semester it's open from August 31st to December 31st. Winners will be announced on August 31 and January 2nd of the subsequent year.

Brontae is a freshman at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She is majoring in product design with a minor in advertising design and a concentration in business. She endeavors to start her own business as a product designer, and we're happy to play a small part in helping her achieve this goal.

  1. You're currently part of an outdoor organization on campus or plan on starting a business upon graduation.
  2. You're passionate and ambitious.
  3. You have the drive, work ethic and desire to build the next great business.
  4. You're a high school senior (who is going to pursue a college degree) or full-time college student enrolled in a two year, four year or graduate program. This scholarship is open to all majors.

If that sounds like you, you should apply!

Please send the following to :

  1. A copy of your transcript
  2. A copy of your updated resume
  3. A 500-700 word essay on the following topic: "What makes you passionate about building a business?"

After receiving all the above materials, we will begin the process of picking a winner. The recipient will be notified and awarded the $1,000 by the announcement date.