Free and Simple Reservation System

We’ve worked hard to make our booking system do its most important job of getting you more customers while keeping the cost as low as possible: free.

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When you sign up for our free reservation system, your campground gets a book now button on all of our exclusive marketing partners’ websites.

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No Double Bookings

Every reservation goes through you, so you know who’s making the reservation and when.

Call Center

Our reservation support team can call you to book reservations if you don’t feel comfortable handling online reservations or don’t have time to train every employee.

Choose Your Payout

You can get paid with immediate, secure direct deposit or through old-fashioned check. You pick which one works for you.

30 Minute Setup

Set up is easy and we take care of all the hard work. Just need you on the phone for about 30 minutes.

Customer Support

We have a customer support team to help you with any issues you have with reservations.

It’s Free

We make our money from the RVer to enable our free reservation system for campgrounds.

Works with Pen & Paper

Since our bookings go through you first, we don’t care if you’re just on pen & paper. In fact, we embrace it.

No Inventory to Update

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so we built a system that doesn’t require you updating inventory.

RoverPass offers campgrounds a powerful suite of products. Take advantage of each one.

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Free Website

Websites are incredibly important for RVers to quickly know everything about your campground. It’s your 24-hour storefront and we offer a free design to get you up and running.

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Free Marketing

A website is only one piece of the puzzle. We make sure you’re correctly listed and optimized on all the important websites RVers browse on.

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