Watson Lake Park

3101 N State Route E 89, Prescott, AZ, 86301

The Watson Lake Park is located in the beautiful town of Prescott, Arizona and is ideal for your next southwestern getaway. Onsite, travelers can look forward to a courtesy dock, boat launches, large turf area, picnic tables, barbecue grills, playground equipment, showers, restrooms and even a gazebo for group fun. For nature enthusiasts, there are a plethora of animals that call the area home, including brave bald eagles, bobcats, snakes, rabbits and blue heron. Visitors can expect almost endless acres of land for hiking, mountain biking, and ATV tours, and there are great attractions in the downtown Prescott area. Visitors can expect the Sharlot Hall Museum, Smoki Museum, Lynx Lake and several other excellent sightseeing locations. With such a breathtaking natural terrain and plenty of space for fishing, scenic viewing and stargazing, this lake is especially great for campers hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hope to see you soon!

Overall Rating: 1.0

John Ward

Well i wonder what it can be like as it says its in Parker ,AZ which should be warm there and sunny most of the time , seems this Watson Lake Park is in Prescott ,AZ along way from Parker and Very much colder they can get Snow here most of the winter Dec - March // I would not like snow when i am in AZ for the winter so i would have to say sorry Watson Lake ,bring your skates instead of ur suits ..!!

3101 N State Route E 89, Prescott, AZ, 86301