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3664 N State Highway 78, Bonham, TX, 75418-6881

Two Frogs RV Park is a family friendly RV park with 37 sites of which 7 are pull thru's. All sites are full hookups (20/30/50 amp electrical service) with large clean, nicely maintained yards and grounds. We have a fully stocked catch and release pond, trees, wildlife and close to Lake Bonham as well as many other lakes and fun activities. We located just minutes from downtown Bonham but quietly nestled in the country. Extended stay or short term welcome.

Last Updated: 03/30/2023

RV Sites Daily Weekly

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hookup - 20/30/50 Amp $40.00 $220.00 Choose Your Site
RV Regular Sites - Monthly

Back In Full Hook-up Sites 1-3, 11-14, 16-17, 31-36. Electricity is not included in the monthly rate; it will be an additional charge.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Regular Full Hookup - 20/30/50 Amp $40.00 $220.00 $375.00 See More Choose Your Site
RV Premium Sites - Monthly

Back In Full Hookup Premium Sites 4-10, 15, 18-22, 30, 37. Electricity is not included in the monthly rate.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Premium Full Hookup - 20/30/50 Amp $40.00 $220.00 $450.00 See More Choose Your Site
RV Pull Thru Sites - Monthly

Pull Thru Sites 23-29. Electricity is not included in the monthly rate.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Pull Thru Full Hookup - 20/30/50 Amp $40.00 $220.00 $450.00 See More Choose Your Site


Check-in time is 11:30 am and check-out is 11:00 am. Please call the office to make arrangements if you are checking in late. Quiet hours are from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am Sunday through Thursday. Quiet times on Friday and Saturdays are 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Please be respectful of your neighbors and other guests. Monthly guests, a 10-year RV rule will be imposed, manager can over-write upon review of photos of the RV. No campfires are allowed at sites. No sleeping at any time in any park facility. Children must be supervised in community areas. The pond is available for all guests for catch and release fishing ONLY. No swimming is permitted at any time. All children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult by the pond. No driving of any vehicle, dirt bike, or ATV around the pond


Rent is due on arrival whether you are daily, weekly, or monthly. Rent is due on the first (1st) of each month and on the first of the week (weekly tenants).A $50 Late Fee will be charged to all tenants starting on the fourth (4th) day of the month. Each day after, renter will be assessed a $15 per day late fee until rent is paid in full. After 10 days of delinquency and rent remains unpaid, then Two Frogs management will shut down water and electric immediately and any vehicle and/or RV will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense. Renter has two options of payment: Cash or Credit Card (3% processing fee will apply). If renter is unable to come into the office, there is a drop box in the office door in which renter may securely deposit payments. A receipt will be emailed to renter at the email address on file. Security Deposit – A one-time refundable security deposit will be collected. The deposit shall be refunded to the Renter at the address designated by Renter within 7 business days of Renter completely vacating the premises less any amount necessary to pay Two Frogs for: a) Unpaid electric usage b) Unpaid rent c) Remedying any damages to Two Frogs incurred to Renter’s default of any term(s) of this agreement. No refunds or credits for early departures. Our rates are subject to change. Guests opting for monthly stays are renting their spot on a calendar month to month basis. Owners may choose not to allow guests to extend their to the next calendar month


We reserve the right to refuse service to any RV based upon its appearance, age and/or condition. You must keep your RV in good working condition and clean at all times. Use RV jacks only. No steps other than attached to camper (unless approved my management) are allowed and no screened rooms or tents. Decks must be approved by management and may not be attached. Water is not permitted to leak from RV or hose. A pressure regulator must be used between your hose and the park water spicket and can be purchased from the office if needed. Campers must use a sewer ring and/or sewer connector. Sewer hoses must be elevated off the ground with a sewer stand. Draining, leaking or disposal of gray or black water is expressively prohibited. Leaks must be fixed immediately. Management has the right to assess a clean-up fee. To prevent electrical hazards or fires, no more than one power cord for your RV and two extension cords may be plugged into the meter base. No ATVs or 4 Wheelers allowed out of trucks or trailers on the property. Each guest is responsible for the care and cleanliness of their site. Site décor should be limited to no more than two banners/small flags, 200 ft of lights, and 8 potted plants. Site décor that is broken, worn, or faded must be removed. Anything deemed inappropriate or offensive by Two Frogs will be removed.


Storage of anything beneath, behind or on the outside of the RV is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, storage of boxes, trunks, wood, pipes, bottles, tools, mops, ladders, toys, paint cans or any item which is unsightly in appearance. No appliances, including but not limited to, water heaters, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, may be installed or placed outside of the RV at any time. Management reserves the right to ask any patrons to remove stored items from their site to include underneath their RV. Dog kennels, chain ink fences, exercise equipment, window air conditioners, pallets, garbage cans and storage sheds are NOT allowed. We must be able to mow your site without moving things around and then putting them back. NO digging, whatsoever, as we have cable, Wi-Fi, and other underground utilities throughout the park. This includes the addition of of a satellite dish. Don’t hang towels, clotheslines, and/or clothes outside your site. There are laundry facilities within the city of Bonham. We will be providing a laundry facility in the near future. **Washers within an RV must be reported and will be subject to an extra $25 per month for water usage. Management reserves the right to inspect your RV to ensure there are no washers in use** No stakes in the ground are allowed at any time due to underground utilities. Any damage and repairs will be at the renter’s expense. Washing of vehicles, RVs or trailers is not permitted on the premises. Bonham offers many nice car washes. No vehicle maintenance activities or fluid changes of vehicles are permitted. Service to your RV must be performed by a licensed, mobile RV repair company ONLY and management must be notified of the appointment. We operate on septic system, please do not flush anything but RV toilet paper. No objects that resist water (including, but not limited to, facial tissue, disposable diapers, paper towels, tampons, cotton balls, grease, coffee grounds) should be flushed or deposited into the system.


Please slow down…the speed limit is 10 MPH in the Park. Obey all traffic signs. Parking is allowed only in your reserved site. Maximum (1) RV and (2) vehicles per site. NO PARKING in the roadway, on the grass, on the dirt, or any other sites. If a guest will place you over the two-car limit, they must park in the front of the park in designated parking spaces. All vehicles must have current registration tags. Broken down vehicles are not permitted and will be towed at owner’s expense. Improper parking or unauthorized parking are subject to fees and/or towing at owner’s expense. Repeat offenders are subject to eviction from the park


We are a “Pet Friendly” Campground. Limit of two (2) Furry Friends per site. We do allow cats. However, cats are always to be left INDOORS unless the cat is leash trained. Non-house pets are prohibited under any circumstances. Pets are to be up to date on all vaccinations. Please note, an up-to-date shot record should be available as it may be asked to be seen by management at any time. All pets must be kept on a leash at ALL times; no exceptions. Pet deposits are required to be bagged and placed in trash container or designated receptables. Not picking up after your pet at your site, in the designated dog area, or anywhere on the property will result in a $25 fee. A repeat offensive can result in eviction from the park. We do have breed restrictions – NO aggressive breeds allowed in park. Guests with barking or disruptive pets may result in the camper being asked to leave without refund. Pets may not disturb other residents with barking, growling, and/or yipping. Continuously barking dogs will NOT be tolerated. NO dog fences, pet pens, crates, or unattended tethered pets. Pets are not to be left unattended at any time. Should the owner need to go inside the RV or leave the site the pet must be placed inside the RV. Owners are financially responsible for any damage caused by their pet. Pets are not allowed in any buildings which include the office, laundry room or restrooms.


Trash must be in proper garbage bags, and you are responsible for disposal of trash into the dumpster at the entrance of the park. Trash is picked up each Friday from the dumpster by our provider. No trash/trash bags may be left outside your RV at any time. Household trash only. NO BULK ITEMS such as chairs, mattresses, A/C’s, TV’s etc. You may arrange for disposal of these items by the office for a fee. Anyone caught dumping bulk items will be fined $75 and/or evicted.


Fireworks are prohibited. We do not permit open carry of a fireman on our premises. This is considered trespassing, and we will prosecute “Pursuant to section 30.07, penal code (trespass by license holder with an openly carried handgun) a person licensed under subchapter H, chapter 411 government code (handgun licensing law) may not enter this property with a handgun that is carried openly”


No Smoking is permitted in any of the park’s facilities. This includes restrooms, laundry room, community room and office. Please keep all cigarette butts off grounds, RV Sites, parking spaces and around park buildings. A courtesy warning will be issued, then 2nd offense will result in a $25 clean￾up fee. Continued offenses may result in eviction. No open fires are permitted in the park except in the designated areas. No Alcohol in public areas or any of the park’s facilities. Two Frogs is a drug free RV Park. Violators will be asked to leave immediately, and vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense


Actions by any person (as determined by Park Management) of any nature which may be dangerous or may create a health and safety problem or disturb others is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, any unusual, disturbing, or excessive noise, intoxication, quarreling, threatening, fighting, nudity, walking outside in underwear, immoral or illegal conduct, profanity, or rude boisterous, objectionable, or abusive language or conduct. The Property and Registered patron’s recreational vehicle shall be used only for private residential purposes, and no business or commercial activity of any nature shall be conducted thereon. Guests: Renter shall be responsible and liable for the conduct of his/her guests. Acts of guests in violation of the rules may be deemed to be in violation of the rules. No guest may stay longer than 7 days without the written permission of the owner.


We will strictly enforce all policies and conditions in our Rules and Regulations. We do not make exceptions. We have made every effort to provide our guest with a safe and comfortable experience, and as such, this park has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Refusal to abide by rules is grounds for eviction. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We reserve the right to refuse continued service. We appreciate your business and trust that you will have a pleasant stay with us.


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3664 N State Highway 78, Bonham, TX, 75418-6881
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There is a lot to see and in our area as we are centrally located, surrounded by lakes, state parks, a variety of outdoor and recreational opportunities and other points of interest within a very short distance. Some places to enjoy include Choctaw Casino and Resort, Bonham State Park, Bois d' Arc Lake, Red River ATV Park, NTX Safari Park, Under Pressure Escape Room, Neighbors Place Winery, Powder Creek Pavilion, Jenkins Farm, Kimball Ranch, Swamp Nasty Outfitters, Fannin County Historic Museum, and Sam Rayburn House State Historic Site. We are just north of downtown Bonham with its quaint one of a kind and antique stores, restaurants and the acclaimed Muddbones Hamburgers. We are also within 30 minutes of Sherman with its shopping and restaurants.

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