Sheldon Lake Resort

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$50.00 USD per night, starting at.

Sheldon Lake Resort will be alerted immediately and will approve your reservation after checking availability.

16925 Crosby Freeway, Houston, TX, 77049

Your Base for On-Location Professionals

Sheldon Lake RV Resort brings balance to your busy lifestyle. Our serene, tree-lined property is located in the eastern Houston area, just 5 minutes from Sheldon Lake State Park and 20 minutes from downtown Houston. It’s a great and accessible location to come home to after a busy workday.

RV Camping & Cabins

Our 10.6-acre property hosts 117 RV pads, 5 cabins, 2 park models and 2 RV rentals with storage units and golf carts available for rent. Come meet new friends at our brand-new clubhouse or at our on-site BBQ pits, all decked out with picnic tables and games. Every RV site comes with full hookups and free Wi-Fi.



Last Updated: 07/01/2024

RV Site

$150.00 deposit for weekly and monthly stay which is refundable with a 3 day notice

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Full Hookup, 30 Amps, Back-In $50.00 $215.00 $595.00 See More Choose Your Site
Full Hookup, 30 Amps, Pull-Thru $50.00 $215.00 $595.00 See More Choose Your Site
Full Hookup, 50 Amps, Back-In $50.00 $235.00 $615.00 See More Choose Your Site
Full Hookup, 50 Amps, Pull-Thru $50.00 $235.00 $615.00 See More Choose Your Site

Security Deposit for each cabin is the same as monthly rent, refundable with a 30 day notice

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Cabin - One Bedroom -- $950.00 See More Choose Your Site
Cabin - Open Space -- $95.00 See More Choose Your Site
Park Model

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
One Bedroom, One bathroom -- $1,050.00 See More Choose Your Site
Storage 4x6 Units

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Storage Unit $5.00 $20.00 $40.00 See More Choose Your Site

Quiet Time

Begins daily from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM next day. If you have other plans, please check with management for an area that can be used. NO LOUD MUSIC AT ANYTIME.


Management is aware that many people travel with all types of pets. However, some are not acceptable without permission from the management. The only acceptable pets are cats and dogs (under 70 lbs.). Our guests must declare all pets at the time of registration. Guests are responsible to ensure their pets do not become a burden to other guests of Sheldon Lake RV Resort.   Dog breeds not allowed: Pit bulls, American Bulldogs, Bullmastiff, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Chows, and Presa Canarios. All pets are required to: 1. To be current on their vaccination shots and owners must provide proof of vaccinations. 2. To be on leashes or caged when they are outside, and owners must be home when their pets are outside. 3. Pets must be taken to a designated area for daily constitutions, owners are responsible for the clean up after their pets. 4. Please do not let your dog dig holes, owners will be responsible for any damages caused by their pets. If you leave for any length of time, please take your pet with you, or leave it inside your home. 5. If you are warned more than 3 times about your pet for any reason Sheldon Lake RV Resort management may require the guest to leave the premises.


1. Water, sewer, and garbage disposal services provided and are included in the rates. 2. Water: Provided from Sheldon Woods Municipal Utilities District. They are registered with the State of Texas and TNRCC. Guests should not have concerns about drinking the water. We request your help in conserving the water, each guest is responsible to make sure that all water connections have in line washers and that they are tight and secure. Our guests are responsible for all water leaks in their equipment. If water is leaking, it will be turned off at the faucet and guest will be notified. 3. Electricity: Service included 500 per kilowatt-hour Free, 11 cent per kilowatt-hour there after. 4. Sewer: Sheldon Woods Municipal Utilities District. Also provides sewer service. Although we are not using a septic system, everyone in our community should practice reasonable and responsible care. All guests must have sewer hoses in a rack acceptable to Sheldon Lake RV Resort management and connected with a proper seal ring. Sheldon Lake RV Resort is not responsible for damaged sewer lines, if they are not properly placed on racks when lawn maintenance is being done. 5. Garbage: Disposal dumpsters are also provided for your convenience. Each guest must place their household garbage in the dumpsters. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT GUESTS DO NOT ALLOW GARBAGE TO ACCUMULIATE AT THE PAD SITES. Without special authorization from management, dumpsters are to be used for household garbage only. No household appliances or mechanical items or industrial trash is to be placed in the dumpsters.

RV and RV Spot

1. Please keep your site and RV clean. 2. No clutter or debris is permitted. 3. No personal pools or inflatables. 4. Please keep all hoses, cables and cords neatly bundled in grass area. Water is not permitted to leak from hoses or RV’s. If water is leaking, it will be turned off at the faucet and guest will be notified. Sewer hoses must have proper connections and elevated off the ground and supported on a sewer stand. 5. Keep grass free of all items so that lawn maintenance can be performed. 6. Sheldon Lake RV Resort is not responsible for damages to items left in the grass area. 7. Outdoor items must be kept to a minimum. NO large uprate storage containers, fires, exercise equipment, generators, refrigerators, freezers or gas cans to be stored outside of the RV. No screen rooms, canopies, tents or window A/C units are allowed at pad site. 8. Sheldon Lake RV Resort is not responsible for damages caused to property under any circumstances, i.e., weather, rain, wind, flood, theft, fire etc.

Parking Rules

1. Our spacious pad sites allow guests to park two (2) vehicles in the pad site area. All vehicles must be declared at the time of registration. 2. Each additional parked vehicle will incur a daily parking fee of $10.00. 3. Trailer parking needs to get management’s approval first. Additional fees may apply. 4. NO Parking on the grass area. 5. All vehicles are required to be: in good operating condition, no oil drips of any type. 6. Certain restrictions apply to guests working on their vehicles at the pad sites. Please consult the manager of Sheldon Lake RV Resort for designated areas. 7. No vehicle with chemicals will be allowed to be washed on property. 8. Vehicle and RV washes are $10.00 (for water usage) and must be paid to manager at time of wash. 9. RVs are always required to have wheels attached.


Unless otherwise authorized by Management, Guests may not install or permit any of the following in space, even temporarily: a spa, hot tub, trampoline, or any item which causes a suspension or cancellation of insurance coverage or an increase in insurance premiums. 1. Visitors: Guests may not permit any visitors to stay in the park overnight without management’s permission. Guests are responsible for the behavior of their visitors while they are on Sheldon Lake RV Resort Property. This includes loud noise, trash control, speed, electrical, water waste, etc. Guests will be responsible for any damages caused by their visitors. 2. Common Areas: Guests shall exercise reasonable care, not damage the common areas, and keep the common areas clean and sanitary. 3. Property Rules: Management may adopt rules to maintain and enhance the safety and appearance of the Property. From time to time, Management, at its discretion, may amend the rules. Guest agrees to comply with the rules as they may be amended. Exceptions or waivers must be authorized by Management in writing. 4. Without the express permission of Sheldon Lake RV Resort Management, pad sites: a. Are not to be modified. b. No outbuilding is to be erected. c. No outside structures are to be erected


1. At the time of the departure, guest will surrender the pad site in the same condition as when received. Guest will leave the site pad in a clean condition free of all trash, debris, and any personal property. 2. Management requires three days’ notice prior to leaving to receive your deposit refund. 3. If the site pad must be cleaned before others can move in, guest may forfeit part or all off the deposit depending on condition and cost of cleanup. 4. It is guest’s responsibility to provide Management with current mailing address. 5. If guest departs and does not place a change of address with the Post Office, it is not Sheldon Lake RV Resort’s responsibility to forward your mail, it will be returned to sender.

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16925 Crosby Freeway, Houston, TX, 77049
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A World of Excitement is Well Within Reach

Sheldon Lake RV Resort is close to it all! Downtown Houston is just 20-minutes away with shopping, attractions, dining and entertainment for all. If you relish the great outdoors, visit Sheldon State Park, a 2,000-acre wonderland just 5 minutes away, offering fishing, birding, boating, hiking and biking!


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We Make it Easy to Get to Work

Sheldon Lake RV Resort is close to many of Houston’s employers and employment districts. Take a short drive to your work site. We are close to Exxon, Chevron-Phillips, Covestro, Excel, Zachary Group, Shell, LyondellBasell and many others.

Overall Rating: 3.7

Julie Harvey

Clean campground but noisy campground close to industrial sites who work all night long.

Melvin Young

Nice place

Chloe Thompson

It was nice and quiet, the staff was nice, but there was sewage everywhere, even in the grass in our spot. We are in a van, and the bathrooms are only open from 10am-10pm so that was a huge struggle.