Kittatinny's K-Camp Campground

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3854 New York 97, Barryville, NY, 12719

Camping in New York doesn't get better than this! Just 14 miles south of the quaint village of Narrowsburg, K-Camp provides a premier camping and outdoor adventure experience on the Delaware River and Catskill Mountains. Offering 350 varied campsites on 250 wooded and riverfront acres, K-Camp is perfect for gatherings of friends, families and groups in the great outdoors. Fill your day with adrenaline-fueled adventure with many on-site attractions! Soar on one of the longest ziplines in the Catskills or compete in a fun paintball game. No camping trip along the Delaware is complete without a river trip. Choose from kayaking, canoeing or rafting. Or enjoy a lazy river float – Kittatinny is the largest tubing outfitter on the Delaware River!

Last Updated: 10/27/2022

3854 New York 97, Barryville, NY, 12719
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Overall Rating: 1.0

Stayed here during the summer and had the worse camping experience I've ever had. The first night there was extremely loud music and we politely asked our neighbors to turn the music down. Finally, at 3 in the morning, we yelled for them to turn it off. They eventually went to sleep a short time after. The next day I went to the office to let them know what we experienced the night before. Another camper interrupted saying he had the same experience. He was in a completely different area than we were. They made a "note" of it. We then went on the river for the day where my husband actually fell out of the raft and hit his head leaving him disoriented and with a concussion. When we made our way back to the campground, the manager, Lisa, was there having to tell our neighbors (the one's who we had issues with the night before) they had to get out of the water (a completely different issue). I then proceeded to tell her this was the same family we had issues with. She assessed their campground and attempted to take away their large speaker. They (neighbors) convinced them that they would put it in their car. While my husband was talking with Lisa, one of the family members started yelling at my husband telling him once 10PM hits, he is going to kick his @ss and they will be screaming and dancing on the tables as loud as can be. At that point, I didn't feel comfortable staying the night there. The option they gave us was to pack all of our stuff up and go to one of their cabins. They "tried" to tell them (neighbors) to leave and they refused. Instead, we were the ones that had to move, unreal. Remember, my husband also had a concussion. We then moved to the cabin which took us forever and then they tried to prorate the cabin. We weren't having it. They did credit us, however, I will never go back to one of these campgrounds EVER and will make sure to tell everyone not to go here. This place is a joke. If you want to have a relaxing weekend, go to a state park and enjoy the peace and quiet. If you want an all-night party, I guess this is the trashy place you should visit. THIS IS NOT CAMPING!