Hidden Treasures RV Park

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3851 N Camino Del Rancho, Douglas, AZ, 85607

Hidden Treasures RV Park is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Located in Douglas, Arizona, with beautiful views of the Chiricahua Mountains and situated next to the expansive Douglas Golf Course. Stay in comfort with the newly renovated bathhouse and laundry facility, accompanied by spacious sites to fit any size RV. Don't leave your furry family member behind–this park is pet-friendly! Whether you're looking to enjoy nature and bird watching, rock hound in some old mining claim, explore the history of the area or enjoy a challenging round of golf, The Hidden Treasures RV park can put you in the center of it all.

Last Updated: 10/26/2023

3851 N Camino Del Rancho, Douglas, AZ, 85607
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Overall Rating: 3.0

Chris Chapman

I arrived here almost 2 months ago. I noticed the park had been a little bit neglected and took action as anal as I am about stuff like that. A month later I'm the camp host. The previous review of the park is completely inaccurate and untrue. Being the camp host I know about any and all problems that ever occur here and not one site had any problems with their power. I had my AC running with no problem, the people who were here and know me either by being here for the fair or the other long term residence had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with anything during that time or any time else. I'm not quite sure where this person came up with the review they had. The red ants... Um, I don't think so! I took care of all of them a month before the fair was even unloading any of the rides by a long time prior. I haven't seen a red ant on the property for a few months. This person may have been mistaken with the other RV Park at the golf course. That place is quite "less than pleasant" in my opinion. Now my review... as stated, I've been here for a couple months now. When I arrived I began my OCD actions of helping around trimming trees, taking care of any ant problems, being an electrician by career I've been checking and making any kind of electrical repairs (all ONE of them) as needed. I've just been cleaning up the park with no compensation until recently given the position of park host. Believe me... I would never give false info nor would I waste my time on a park that doesn't care about itself. (owners/management). This place is getting nicer with time but still isn't a horrible place, just needing some "prettying up" to trim things up kind of stuff. I strongly recommend here. It's quiet. Yeah the showers are a bit pricier than I remember some others being.I don't use them so I really don't know other prices but they are $1 for 3 minutes. Laundry is $2 each. I keep the rest rooms clean as i would keep my own, in my own luxury 5th wheel. There's a lot of upkeep, added amenities since there isn't any coming soon. I care. The owner cares. We both want the camp grounds to be tip top and it is getting closer every day.

Harvey Erin

This is by far the worst RV park I have ever stayed in. We have traveled by RV all over the country for 20 years mostly during summer and spring, and this is the worst place we have ever stayed. Mind you, this is Arizona. It's hot here. I've lived here for over 30 years, so I understand the heat of the desert. The RV Park is not able to accommodate the electrical needs for the amount of people staying at the park. Most of the guest this week staying here for the fair were not able to use their AC units. I had to leave three days early and find a new place to stay. This was a huge inconvenience. Since my child was showing animals all week. The Red ants were everywhere, they charge a dollar a minute to use the showers. The whole area is barren with few trees for shade. no outside tables. It was really disappointing.