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3510 Bluegrass Park Drive, Louisville, KY, 40218

Last Updated: 01/23/2023

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Any mobile home or RV in the Park shall not be sublet without the written approval of the Park Management. In the event that a sublease is permitted, the prospective renters must be approved by the Park Manager in writing and pass the application process. If a mobile is approved to be sublet, the owner of the mobile is still responsible to pay the monthly lot rental along with any other fees.

Mobile Home Park Rules and Regulations

All renters in the Park must be given a Residential Tenancy Agreement prior to sub-leasing the home. This agreement MUST be completed and given back to PARK MANAGEMENT prior to the Tenant moving in. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform the prospective Tenant/Buyer to contact PARK MANAGEMENT to set up an appointment accordingly


All pets must have Park Management’s written approval to reside in the Park. i) Park Management MUST first meet and approve your pet before entering into the park. ii) You must complete our pet application form. *Breed restrictions are strictly enforced iii) Owners are responsible for providing the pet’s vaccination records on an annual basis to the Park Management. If vaccination records are not updated annually, the owner will be fined $100. iv) Each Tenant is allowed one (1) pet per household. Dogs must be kept under control at all times and barking must be kept to a minimum. The pet shall only be allowed on the Tenant’s property. The Tenant shall accept full responsibility for any and all damages to the Lot and the Park which are caused by the pet or by keeping the pet on the premises. The Tenant shall keep their Lot and any and all of the Park Owner’s property free of pet droppings and shall remove and adequately dispose of all pet droppings in such a manner as to keep the premises in a clean and healthy state. v) No dogs shall be left unattended for more than twelve hours. We have zero tolerance for animal negligence and cruelty. Dog runs, leads, and kennels are prohibited. vi) The Tenant understands that the Landlord, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to prosecute any Tenant whose animal may have caused injury or death to any other Tenant, visitor or Fort Bluegrass MHP LLC employee within the Park. *Vicious and dangerous dogs are considered to be dogs that have a tendency to attack without being provoked, or otherwise endanger, people or other domestic animals. Management has the right to deem any dog in the park as unsafe.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in the Park is 5 mi/hr for all vehicles. Pedestrians have the right of way. All vehicles and bicycles in the Park must follow the Motor Vehicles rules.


Any external decorations placed on the mobile home must not be too large and must not interfere with other Tenants’ right to peaceful enjoyment of the Park. Seasonal decorations (Easter, Halloween, Christmas and those alike) must be taken down within 3 weeks of the celebration, including Christmas lights.

Care and Use of Premises

Tenants are responsible for the overall appearance of the mobile home site. All mobile numbers must be visible from the road. The premises shall also be kept in an orderly, neat and clean condition and shall be free of litter and clutter. Tenants shall have the option of cable television as no antennas are permitted in the Park. Satellite dishes shall be permitted under the following conditions: prior to installation, the dish size and installation location must be approved by Park Management. Garbage cans can be put out no earlier than the night before and removed on or before the evening of the collection day. Any outside additions or renovations must be approved by the Park Management. This includes, but is not limited to: room additions, utility rooms or extensions, carport extensions, cement work, or any other major electrical or plumbing work. A sketch of the proposed improvements must be filed and approved by the Park Management prior to the commencement of any work. Any and all soliciting, commercial or otherwise, is prohibited. Illegal Drug use and activity is prohibited within the Parks. Tenants must conduct themselves in a manner that does not reasonably disturb neighbors or constitute a breach of peace. Tenants shall be responsible for any actions of any person on the premises with their consent.


Park Management has security Cameras installed throughout the park for the safety of our tenants. Each Camera is installed in such a way to allow Park Management visual access to the park property without violating tenant privacy. No camera will be installed where the interior of any home can be viewed. All cameras will be installed a minimum of 15 ft above ground and will be installed facing common park property (storage lots, roads, etc). These cameras are there for the benefit and safety of the entire park. Access to recorded content will be made available to law enforcement should it be requested.

Back Yard Inspections

These inspections will be conducted on an annual basis in order to ensure proper care and upkeep of each property. Expectations of the maintenance of the backyard areas are parallel to that of the front yard and driveway.

Quiet Enjoyment of the Park

Tenants and their guests shall refrain from creating excess noise which would interfere with other Tenants’ right to quiet enjoyment of the Park. No loud noise shall be permitted between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. No fireworks are allowed to be let off within park grounds. NO SHOOTING OF GUNS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.


Temporary guests may park in front of the Tenant’s property if there is no more space in the Tenant’s driveway. Any guests requiring overnight or extended parking must park in designated areas of the Park only. No large or oversized trucks and/or vans are allowed in the park at any time. No unlicensed vehicles are permitted in the park. All vehicles MUST be insured to drive on the roads. Storage of recreational vehicles including, but are not limited to the following are not permitted to be stored in the Park: trailers, campers, tent trailers, utility trailers, motor homes, boats, and golf carts unless they are approved by management and additional storage fees are paid. We allow a two night maximum for loading and unloading in preparation for camping, boating etc.

Loss and Damage

The Park Management & Owners shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by accident, fire, theft or any other cause. The Park Management & Owners shall not be liable for any accident or injury to any person or property through such person’s use of the Park. Tenants and their guests use the Park facilities at their own risk and assume liability for any physical damage or personal injury incurred as a result of such use. In the event of fire or other damage or destruction of the property, the Tenant shall be responsible for removing all debris from his property and or replacing the damaged property within thirty (30) days. During such time, the Tenant shall still be responsible for paying any and all rent and other charges.

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3510 Bluegrass Park Drive, Louisville, KY, 40218
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