Crockett Family Resort

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75 Dogwood Lane West, Crockett, TX, 75835

Crockett Family Resort is the ultimate getaway destination. With a variety of sites, there is a perfect spot for every type of camper. Spend the day splashing in the pool, playing a game of basketball, surfing the web with free wifi, paddle boating, and much more. With a great central location between Houston and Dallas, a pavilion, and large clubhouses, Crockett Family Resort makes a great gathering place for large groups and events. Book your spot today for an unforgettable Texan getaway!

Last Updated: 02/04/2023

75 Dogwood Lane West, Crockett, TX, 75835
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Overall Rating: 3.8

Scott Freeman

Responding to Eric's review- found out that this individual had several issues with management-was demanding never satisfied and unwilling to stay within community bounds hence his cold water review- A refugee from Hurricane Harvey I've lived at the Crockett Family Resort for TWO YEARS to the day (as of this writing-24 Sept 2019) I've found the community to be WELL MAINTAINED WELL MANAGED- Ive watched them upgrade the hookups the washateria and property as a whole the owners live close by and are not only hands on but often found on the property well untill the wee hours-ive found their response to their guests issues to be timely appropriate and compassionate-Im amazed that every one leaves their coolers cookers chairs fans etc out -unsecured-with ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR NO THEFT ONE OF THE FEW PLACES IVE KNOWN IN ReCENT YEARS WHERE I've FELT COMFORTABLE as to leaving the car unlocked- As to the pipeline guys we've had a small crew living here for the last 4 months (10 RVs) as well as 3-4 supervisors from the electric company.and I tell you a better group of neighbors you could not ask for- for the most part the crowd surge comes from family reunions fishermen and mostly familys getting out of the big city- lots of deer birds and Peace & QUIET Highly recommend Crockett Family Resort!

Evelyn Smith

This is a very nice family friendly place! We felt so welcomed when we showed up it was like we were family, or long term patrons. The place is a bit old but don’t dog on it for the age it has so many beautiful sights to see and has a lot to offer and very nicely maintained. We got all the amenities we could need and there were so many fun activities that were relaxing for the whole family. They had a plethora of different ways to camp which was nice to have options. I personally liked how easy it was to park our big rig! Overall great place! - Review provided by RV Park Recommendations & Reviews Facebook Group

Heather Westrum

great place great people love it! Spend July 4th 2016 here and everyone in my family had a great time. Cant wait to go back. Rooms very clean and reasonably priced. Thanks for a great holiday weekend.

Eric Erwin

The only thing true about “Crockett Family Resort”… is “Crockett”. Don’t let their online pictures fool you… I stayed at this place for over a year on work, and as a project manager, I brought quite a bit of business to this establishment. I have stayed in over 30 RV parks all over the country, and would not recommend this place to anyone with a family, or a couple looking for a weekend getaway. I’ve stayed in some rough places, and this one is up there. It wasn’t bad until a couple of pipelines came to town. I’ve witnessed suspicious activity at 4:00 am (probably drug use/deals), trashy, beer canned camp sites and domestic violence where the cops came out to people peeling out in sports cars at 5 am, and theft was also an issue, as my Yeti Cooler was stolen outside my 5th wheel while my family went in town for dinner. If you’ve seen it on COP’S, it has probably happened here, while you’re here. This park is basically a man camp for oil/gas workers, containing some shady people, with no one looking after the place after dark. With all the “oil trash” in the park, they should have a Marshall or someone policing the park, enforcing park rules… but they don’t. It would be the right thing to do for everyone in the park to help keep everyone safe. I am in the oil/gas business myself, and am ashamed of how some of these people act. If you ever need anything from the manager you will either get an extremely rude or very nice personality. She is overly passive/aggressive and lets you know that she is “in charge” in a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde demeanor if there is ever an issue or conflict. They run the place in a clutter of chaos, and it shows. When you arrive to the “Crockett Family Resort”, you will find a very sandy place to park your RV, with random spacing issues. My neighbor couldn’t even put his awning out all the way without touching my RV, and this is throughout the park in places. Awesome, huh? Beware of falling trees and branches, they happen quite often here. I’ve witnessed an old lifeless branch that I knew was old for a few months, where it finally fell and broke an RV’s AC unit. Laundry Room = FAIL! Take my word for it, and even if they do work, be prepared to stay in line listening to Spanish music for an oily washing machine, tagged in spray paint by the studious tenants, that will ruin your clothes. CHECK the washers before you ruin a load! You will also get to take your trash out to an overfilled, buzzard and fly infested dumpster station out in the open. Wow, you would think with all the business in the park, proper disposal arrangements would be made. Internet, yes it’s advertised… however, it never works! If you’re going to stay here for work, bring your own. If you don’t, you will beat your head against the wall. If you’re a fisherman, like myself, and want to stay here, please lock and cover up everything you have. I worked in town, and many of the locals had nothing good to say about this place when I told them where I was staying… that should tell you something. We have a larger job scheduled in 2016 going into 2017, and I will not have any of my crew stay at that place again. I would ship them from Palestine before giving this poorly ran establishment another dollar. Sad thing is this place has so much potential to be a decent place to return.