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1720 North West 38th Avenue, Ocala, FL, 34482

Arrowhead Campsites & MHP is located just off US 27 (I-75, exit 354) in Ocala, FL. The central Florida campground includes RV and tent camping and offers amenities such as full hookups, storage area, TV, swimming pool, laundry room, and a multi-purpose community building; and is pet friendly (with some exceptions). Moreover, attractions like natural springs, state parks, golf courses, fishing spots, and theme parks (Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and Disney World are just an easy drive away!).

RV Sites

Swimming Pool - Large Swimming pool open year round

Picnic Areas - Two Picnic areas. One located by the pool with 3 outdoor charcoal grills, and a second picnic area in the back of the park. 

Laundry - We have a 13-unit Laundry (9 washers and 7 dryers) with table for folding and hanging rack for exclusive use of tenants.

Community Building - This building, which has been interior decorated for multi-purpose use, has a large recreation hall, commercial kitchen, card playing room for bingo games, and crafts. Pot-luck suppers and  get-together's take place regularly and on special occasions.

Pets - All pets must be declared & authorized by office. All renting arrangements subject to rules of the park. (sorry no Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Dobermans, or German Shepherds)


(Pricing for 30 amp sites when available. 50 amp sites do have 30 amp plugs, but 50 amp pricing will apply.)

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
30 Amp RV site $29.00 $175.00 $370.00 Choose Your Site
50 Amp RV Site $29.00 $175.00 $370.00 Choose Your Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Storage -- $50.00 Choose Your Site
Pop up Site

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Pop Up site $20.00 $140.00 $350.00 Choose Your Site
Tent Site

Tent sites are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights only.  Please do not request for nights other than these.

Options Starting Daily Starting Weekly Starting Monthly
Tent Camping $20.00 Choose Your Site

30 Amps

50 Amps

Big Rig Friendly

Cable Hookups

Community Restrooms

Community Showers

Dump Station

Gasoline Nearby

General Store

Laundry Facilities

Paved Roads

Pet Friendly

Picnic Table

Propane Refilling Station

Sewer Hookups

Slide Outs

Trash Service

Water Hookups



Swimming Outdoors

Overall Rating: 2.0

Kevin Daniels

This place is a nasty joke they prompt domestic violence. I have never seen so many drug addicts in one place all employees of this "RV" park the sexiest little man that runs this place like a dictator and get on his bad side and you will be threaten pushed around or pay for his anger. The girls in the front are rude no customer service and well belong in a dental office not a front office I would never ever stay in a place like this again and if any female staying there or stayed there and has had an encounter with the manager in a negative way please report to Marion county victim rights there are several compliments on him also and open case with no information but said it's under investigation at the present time. Please don't pay for this place to profit at the cost of women and families. Trust me this place is a hell hole we are not in the past it's about community and the people that become family in our community. What happened to the American Way.

omhp yuck

BBB Rating D+ Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating... Pictures of this park are ''TOTALLY" misleading. Park is an absolute wreck. Their ads are totally false. Yes, they do have WiFi, however, it is neither fast nor for everyone since it does not extend to the back half of the park and only ((when)) it's working. Yes, they have showers and laundry facilities but they are locked at 5 pm and you need a key to get in (which you have to pay for)...

Joni jai

Beware! This place not safe. Besides rats, they have prowlers and no safety measures in place. The place looks like hell and is overcrowded and getting worse every day. Restrooms and showers locked at night. Those paved roads advertised are non-existant. Children run wild. Greedy landowners are driving out the elderly with rent increase every year, no improvements other than to his pocketbook. If you put a mobile home on one of their lots don't expect to keep it, they will keep raising rent until you can no longer afford then take your home.

Fred Rains

Wow - what a gem! Instead of spending money on being flashy they spent it on a great facility with a lot of personality. Easy to get to. Clean bath house. Plenty of hot water. Well kept grassy sites with 50/30/20 amp power, good water pressure, and sewer caps that work. Plenty of restaurants nearby. Three or four campers were enjoying a quick get together and invited me over. Nice bunch of folks. I'll be going back.

Rose Jeffires

Very accommodating. Pleasant environment. I would stay again .

Mary Maney

No access to bath house after 5. Could only access with key from office.

Rick AdamsFromVirginia

I could not believe the negative reviews i just read here. All I can say to those people is - you are "camping" you are NOT in a Ritz Carlton. I've stayed at plenty of campgrounds / RV parks - and there are always the SNOBS that seem to live their life for the sole purpose of finding something to complain about. Arrowhead has NO SNOBS. ALL the folks are friendly. Most in the camp site area are snowbirds from PA, NY, Michigan etc and stay in the same site year after year / some have been coming here for 15+ years. And there are permanent residents in the mobile home section of the park. They're just fine and dandy too. Everyone helps each other out. I first stayed at Arrowhead on and off during the Winter of 2015/16. I was new to "RV" camping; had just retired from my job of 37 years and purchased a tiny 17' camping trailer. I found Arrowhead to be very quaint, rustic & friendly. Convenient to everything - Enough amenities for me. The only thing that surprised me was the scarcity of picnic tables. But....READ ON! I had serious medical issues in 2016 and in 2017 I was able to get back on the road. I returned to Arrowhead in 2017 and stayed Dec 2017 thru March 2018 . It's under new ownership. They were doing renovations, building more picnic tables, constant maintenance on the grounds, etc. Cable tv worked much better, staff was super friendly and helpful. Stayed there again last winter - Dec 2018 thru March 2019 - Even MORE awesome! No issues with cable TV. Staff is even MORE super friendly and helpful than before! Every site now has picnic table. Charlie is super helpful and seems to always be available. I asked him last year if he ever slept? ALL their employees are great and work hard. Trish does a wonderful job hold ing down the office! BTW All sites are pull-thru and quite roomy even for the "monster RVs". I'll be back there in just a few weeks - I've made many good friends there since 2015. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! In short - this park is awesome, friendly, quiet & unpretentious. Pretentious, unhappy snobs please don't camp near my site. Go somewhere else where you can find something to be miserable about with no merit whatsoever. (My apologies for the rant, but those unmerited negative reviews were off the charts.)

Michael Novak

Was a perfect place for us to stop for the night on our way north. Easy in and out pull through was large and not on top of neighbor. People were friendly and we had no problems. Cable for tv, no wifi that we know of. There was some road noise from interstate close by but we will stop here again.

Gary smith

I went there today to see if they had and lots available, they say no ..people in the office didn't look too friendly, not a good place to stay..

Ric Blair

I could see right away that this place is a dump! After reading the reviews, I see I was right! Stayed 1 night and got the hell out of there fast!!!

Connie Hardgrove

My only complaint with this place is they will not update tv and internet service. Last school year I could use WiFi late at night and early morning. I use it for work, not to play. This school year I can’t get it at all no matter the time of day. They shouldn’t put WiFi on their ad because it really isn’t available even when you are parked right next to the office. The TV is okay but about half the channels aren’t clear enough to watch. It’s nearly 2020, time to hop into this century and provide decent technology.

Lisa St louis

Druggies and homeless people and cops searching all hours of the night. Not a safe place for kids, the kids there run all hours, nothing for kids or adults to do, oh there is the pool, that now is open 8 to 5 pm,until thier grounds keeper returns in aug. We paid for the pool, then they cut the hours. Thier website is very decieving, Bathrooms you need a key, but can only get til 5pm, unless you pay for a key, they give some put, then others had to pay 5 others 10, they make up the rules to suit them. They charge for a background check, but there's no way in heck a background check comes back in 20 minutes, us there are guys who are felons that passed the check, hummm, makes one think the managers are pocketing the funds.. This is not an upscale park, It's cheap, for a night, but don't leave items left outside, if you still want them.

Campground Response

I am sorry that your stay was unpleasant, there is absolutely no charge for the bathroom key or the use of the pool. You live in an RV, you are supposed to be self contained, we do not have to supply a bathroom for you. EVERY resident has to pass a back ground check to live in this park. and those funds go to the owners of the park. The havoc that you caused to try to get your own way in the park didn't work, so now you resort to leaving false reviews on the internet. Have a safe trip to you new location. (Oh and I forgot to mention that you left still owing $105.30 for electric charges that you accrued, and you didnt return the free bathroom keys that we gave you to use at your leisure).

Tina Shute

Oh I forgot to mention they lock the bathrooms and showers. You're only allowed to use them from 7am to 9pm and only certain "tenants" are given keys. They play favorites! Our Cable has been out for OVER 1 month 100% and they refuse to fix it, yet admit to fixing other tenants cable. They play favorites. RUN WHILE YOU CAN! STAY AWAY

Campground Response

(Oh and I forgot to mention that you left still owing $76.18 for electric charges that you accrued, and refused to pay)

Campground Response

(Oh and I forgot to mention that you left still owing $76.18 for electric charges that you accrued, and refused to pay)

Tina Shute

The internet is non-existent, Cable doesn't work and the kids run wild. We use to walk the dogs thru the park, but the kids relentlessly teased the dogs, so we stopped walking them through the park and started only walking them on our little lot. The kids started circling our trailer like sharks. Hitting our trailer with balls, sticks, ect. When we complained to Denis Ouellette, Mgr about it, he told US to leave. What a joke.....If you like loud music, unruly kids, loud motorcycles at all hours of the night and Management who does nothing to better the environment, then this is the place for you! If I could rate it a negative 10 - I would. Penny Brown and Dennis Ouellette both are employees and rated it 5/5, which is why it rates higher than it should!

Campground Response

I am extremely sorry if your stay was unpleasant, however if you had made your stay more pleasant for everyone around you, you wouldn't have had so much to complain about. The ratings of other residents is also not your concern. Have a safe trip to your new location.

Jonn Smith

Be aware , I stayed at this park and majority of almost everything besides an old swimming pool old laundry room Rundown and bathrooms and showers only two roads are paved the rest are dirt Dusty and lots of trees that are rotted and falling this park is rather cheap but unsafe 4 people as well as their vehicles and RVs and this ad needs to be updated there's a lot of false in this ad this Campground is kind of friendly but there is nothing else to do but Park your RV and sleep and maybe swimming when the pool is clean there are no activities for children everybody pretty much stays to their own campsite it's kind of non friendly if something happens to your car or RV like a tree falling on it and hitting it the owner says he's not responsible it's an act of God . I would recommend seeking a different RV park spending a little bit more money for a good decent pool laundry room something that actually has a general store besides just a soda machine there is no Clubhouse really once in a blue moon it might open and something happens but other than that this is a very boring Park you literally have to drive an hour and a half to actually enjoy something fun so my opinion on Arrowhead Campground and RV Park it's a negative 100 because dealing with the Dust some grassy areas and a lot of dead trees that fall all the time it's unsafe four people safety they should change the name to Arrowhead RV Park and Campground enter at your own risk cuz the outcome and the end might be death from a tree falling on your RV or crushing a child or something , so people that want to stay in pop up tents be aware when you stay at Arrowhead Campground RV Park it's definitely not safe please spread the word I had an ordeal my RV got smashed and my vehicle and I'm out thousands of dollars enough said search Elsewhere for an RV park that actually has something fun to do and is safe and friendly

Campground Response

I'm sorry that your stay was not a good one. However we now have new management so you should try us again.

1720 North West 38th Avenue, Ocala, FL, 34482

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Pet Policy

sorry no Pittbulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Dobermans, or German Shepherds