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Proven Advice for Traveling Alone in an RV5 min read

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Going on a road trip alone isn’t for everyone. If you’re considering traveling alone in an RV, you have to be especially vigilant. There’s more that needs to be taken care of, and there’s more that could go wrong (we’ll cover this thoroughly). This is not to say, however, that when done right, a solo RV trip can’t be worthwhile. It absolutely can. Here’s everything you need to know to go traveling alone in an RV without a hitch (unless you’re hauling a trailer–then you’ll need one).

Tips for Traveling Alone in an RV


Precautions and Preparations (Before)

First of all, you should already be an experienced RVer before you try traveling alone in one. This should absolutely not be one of your first RV road trips. As an RVing veteran, you’ll know that a successful trip requires research and planning. Know the route you’re taking, where you plan to stop along the way, and where you’re staying. Don’t make distances between stops above what you can take. Do make things easier on yourself by reserving your campsites ahead of time.

Take your RV in to get its fluids topped off and its tire air pressure checked/filled. Also, be sure you pack enough drinking water, food, and clothing for your trip. Humans need those.

Before you go, tell friends and family members where you’re going, and check in with them regularly along the way. You only have to listen to a few serial killer podcasts to know that many of their killings could have been prevented with this simple step. Speaking of podcasts, you’ll definitely want to choose a few good ones to listen to while you drive, if you don’t prefer silence. Maybe choose a different podcast genre to listen to during this trip though…

Tell friends and family members where you're going on a solo RV trip, and check in with them regularly along the way. Click To Tweet

Another precaution to take before you leave is to invest in a spare set of keys as well as a magnetic box to hide them in on the outside of your vehicle. You don’t want to be left stranded outside your RV if lose your keys.

You’ll undoubtedly make new friends along your way. However, try not to advertise that you’re traveling alone when you can help it. RVers tend to be serial killers friendly and kind, but it’s still smart to exercise caution. Again, we’re not trying to say there’s a serial killer after you, but you never know (don’t look behind you).

Responsibilities (During)

Once you’ve embarked on your journey, your responsibilities have just begun. Staying safe is solely on you. Make sure you lock your vehicle and close the shades when you leave and at night. Mr. serial killer is always watching. Keep that bear spray in hand for bears and non-bears alike.

You should know how to take care of basic vehicle maintenance before you attempt traveling alone in an RV. This includes changing a tire, screen repair, and septic tank maintenance, to name a few. At the very least, keep an RV repair manual on hand for when you’re out of cell phone range. And that bear mace, keep that on hand too.

A tried and true tip you might not have thought of is to bring along extra fold-out chairs. First, it can keep that serial killer from targeting you as a solo traveler, as it gives the appearance you’re traveling with someone else. On a happier note, it can be a great way to meet other RVers traveling alone.

Another great way to meet like-minded travelers is to attend group activities and events that many RV parks offer. Join in on any hobbies you enjoy, like knot-tying techniques knitting, and you’re sure to meet someone you connect with. Outside of that, there are several “Solo RVing Groups” with regional chapters across the US. You’ll probably find a group at one or more of the campgrounds at which you stay.

If you’re not a people person, we recommend bringing your dog. Pets, in general, can make for great conversation starters with other pet owners. They can also protect you when a serial killer decides to strike.


This has been your guide for when things go dead wrong traveling alone. Hopefully, you never have to make use of the majority of these tips. It’s better to know them and never have to use them, however, than to not know them and wish you did.

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